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DIY Winter Wreath That’s Perfect for a Blistery January

This DIY winter wreath is the perfect way to keep your front door pretty and festive all January long!

It’s a great transition piece to fill the gap between Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

How to make a winter wreath!

DIY Winter Wreath That’s Perfect for a Blistery January

Confession: I actually made this wreath years ago.

Like way back in the beginning of 2014.

Like before this blog was even born.

As was the case with my Halloween ornament wreath that was also created BB (Before Blog), I don’t have a complete step-by-step tutorial with pictures like I usually do.

Whomp whomp. So sorry. My apologies.

Please forgive me (which is my way of pleading for no mean comments).

However, this wreath was so simple to make, I don’t think pics for each step are even necessary, so you’re in luck!

I had honestly forgotten we still had this wreath until my husband and I did a little organizing in our garage a few weeks ago right after New Year’s.

I thought it had been lost or destroyed when we moved into our current home in 2016.

However, it had just been hiding in the bottom of a plastic bin this whole time.

I tell you what, it’s amazing what you can uncover when you start going through your own crap.

Winter Wreath Supplies

Here’s all it took to make this winter wreath:

A Quick DIY Winter Wreath How-To

Ok, so here’s the run down of how I whipped up this winter wreath in no time:

  1. Wrapped chunky white yarn around a styrofoam wreath form until it was completely covered, using dabs of hot glue along the back to secure the yarn as needed.
    1. FYI: this yarn-wrapping project was waaaaaay easier than my Spring Easter egg wreath. I still have flashbacks about that… *shudders*
  2. Trimmed pieces of the faux floral stems off their larger pieces and hot glued them onto the bottom section of the now yarn-covered wreath form.
    1. I tried to keep things symmetrical and even.
    2. My pieces were silver and various shades of blue (for a chilly, snowy vibe) and included twigs, branches, pine cones/needles, leaves, and generic sequin picks.
  3. After I was happy with the way things looked regarding the faux floral pieces, I added a large silver hurricane-looking ornament/doohicky in the center to serve as the focal point (and to cover the joint of the left- and right-pointing floral pieces).
  4. Looped a piece of ribbon around the top, and now we hang it on our door and enjoy it every winter!

Our Finished Winter Wreath

And here’s how our winter wreath looks hanging on our front door!

Pretty cute and oh so seasonally appropriate, no?

DIY Winter Wreath That's Perfect for a Blistery January

It serves us well between having our Christmas ornament wreath displayed throughout the holiday season and our personalized red burlap heart wreath for Valentine’s Day up during February.

And since we live in Alabama, it gives us a nice snowy feeling that Mother Nature rarely provides on her own.

DIY Winter Wreath That's Perfect for a Blistery January
DIY Winter Wreath That's Perfect for a Blistery January
DIY Winter Wreath That's Perfect for a Blistery January

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

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