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The Cub’s Nursery Wreath

Since The Cub was born pre-blog, this is a PBP (pre-blog post) and therefore I unfortunately don’t have step-by-step pictures for this wreath tutorial, but it’s pretty simple.  Here I’ll walk you through how I made this cool and hip wreath for a baby boy….my Cub!

Here are the supplies that I used for this wreath along with a summary of the steps I took (If you’d like a longer description of how I made this, a more detailed explanation is below!):

Baby Boy Nursery Wreath


  • Chipboard wreath form
  • Gray yarn
  • Felt (orange, green, & turquoise sheets….I think I used one sheet of each color)
  • Orange & white baker’s twine
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Letter stickers
  • Triangle paper punch
  • Hot glue gun & sticks
  • Scissors

Steps to Make a Nursery Wreath for a Baby Boy

  1. Cover the wreath form with yarn (I needed two layers), wrapping a few loops of yarn at a time and interspersing with dots of hot glue on the back to hold the yarn in place.
  2. Cut out diamonds from felt sheets and glue along wreath, alternating colors.
  3. Make a bow tie out of felt and glue at bottom of wreath.
  4. Cut out strips of baker’s twine and glue in X’s across each diamond.
  5. Using a paper punch or scissors, cut out triangles for the bunting and then use scrapbooking stickers to spell out the name/phrase.
  6. Glue the triangles to longer strips of baker’s twine.
  7. Hang the bunting across the wreath, gluing the ends of the baker’s twine to the backside and voila!  You have a completed cute & hip little boy’s wreath.

Baby Boy Nursery Wreath

The Yarn Wrapping

I bought a chipboard wreath form from my local craft store along with some gray yarn and colored baker’s twine.  I already had the felt, chevron scrapbook paper, paper punch, and stickers on hand, and of course the hot glue and scissors.  To begin, I glued the end of the strand of yarn to the back of the wreath form and then started wrapping the yarn around and around (….and around and around….)…..

I would suggest loading up your DVR in preparation for this task as it took quite a while to cover the whole wreath form.  It was wrap, wrap wrap….dab of glue…pause and let glue harden….wrap, wrap wrap….and so on.  My right arm got a nice little workout.

I was hoping one layer of yarn would be enough, but nope.  I ended up doing two passes around, making sure to keep the yarn pulled nice and tight so there wouldn’t be any gaps, but you may be able to get away with just one.  This was quite a tedious task, but the end result looks very nice.


The Felt Diamonds

Next, I cut out the diamonds in the green and turquoise felt.  I wasn’t too concerned with measuring the exact size of each diamond or the total number of diamonds I would need to cover the whole surface…..ain’t nobody got time for that!  I just made some trial and error shapes until I had one that covered the width of the wreath from top point to bottom point.  Once I had a diamond with the correct eyeball measurements, I used it to trace out more diamonds and then cut out a handful in each color.  Then I started gluing them on the wreath, alternating the colors as I went.

Baby Boy Nursery Wreath


The Bow Tie

Since I didn’t measure in advance, I ended up with a gap at the bottom (whomp, whomp), so I just made a handsome little bow tie with the orange felt and popped it on to cover the gap.  Problem solved!

Baby Boy Nursery Wreath


The Baker’s Twine

I then took the orange and white baker’s twine and cut out strips that were five or so inches long and glued them in ‘X’s across each diamond.  Same thing here…no measuring.  I just eyeballed the placement so the X’s would cross in the center of each diamond and then again on the inner ring of the wreath.

Baby Boy Nursery Wreath


The Bunting

Next, I used my triangle paper punch and cut out ten triangles for the bunting.  I had originally wanted his wreath to display his full name “Rowan James” in two banners, one hanging above the other, but since both names are five letters long, it looked a little strange….the two even banners didn’t pass the mustard.  So, I ended up using scrapbook stickers to say “Rowan’s Room” instead to make it a little more visually appealing.  And I like it just as well.  I hung the top banner across the front and the bottom one from the back.

Baby Boy Nursery Wreath


The Finished Product: A Hip & Cool Wreath for a Baby Boy

We then hung the wreath on the door using a short strip of yarn glued horizontally across the top of the backside of the wreath and a small Command hooks (the same hooks we used to hang the tissue puffs above his crib).  I think it’s the perfect little addition to his nursery.  Cute but not too cute.  Perfect.

Baby Boy Nursery Wreath

Baby Boy Nursery Wreath


So have any of you hung a wreath on your little one’s door?  If so, I’d love to see them!

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