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Easter Wreath with Colorful Yarn-Wrapped Eggs that’s Perfect for Spring!

This DIY Spring Easter wreath is so inexpensive and easy to make!

All it takes is just some yarn-wrapped plastic Easter eggs, faux grass, and lots of hot glue.

It’s the perfect colorful addition on any front door to welcome spring!

Easter Wreath with Colorful Yarn-Wrapped Eggs that's Perfect for Spring!

Easter Wreath with Colorful Yarn-Wrapped Eggs that’s Perfect for Spring!

My Easter Wreath (P)inspiration

A few years ago while perusing Pinterest, I spotted this gorgeous yarn egg wreath by The Sweet Survival and immediately knew I wanted to make one for our home!

I decided to change things up a tad bit, however, by using five colors of yarn instead of four (I added purple in there with the blue, pink, green, and yellow).

I also added some blades of faux grass to give it some extra texture and dimension, and a sparkly pink butterfly, compliments of an Easter basket my grandma sent me (thanks, Mommo!).

NOTE: I started this wreath three years ago and finished it a year later, so this was completed loooong before the thought of this blog ever crossed my mind.

I therefore don’t have step-by-step photos for this tutorial…sorry!

I’ll do my best to describe the process in detail though, and there’s lots of photos of the finished wreath.

Plus, it’s not exactly rocket science. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve also since shared a DIY yarn ball ornament project that follows the same exact process on a much smaller scale, so you can check out that tutorial for all the nitty-gritty details. :)

Easter Wreath Supplies

Here are the supplies I used to make this DIY Easter wreath:

A Friendly Warning Before We Begin…

I always keep things real around here, so before I get into the full tutorial, let me just warn you that this project is not for the faint of heart.

This project is easy, but it sure ain’t quick.

I’d made a yarn-wrapped wreath for my son’s nursery door, so I started this Easter wreath thinking I’d knock it out in one, maybe two weekends, tops.


Little Boy Nursery Wreath!

This yarn wrapping is no joke and takes a significant amount of time, plus there’s more surface area to cover on the wreath form than one might think.

Now, with that being said, I looooove the way it turned out!

And hey, every craft and DIY project doesn’t have to be quick and easy for it to be worth it.

Sometimes your proudest achievements are the ones you really have to work for, even the crafty ones. :)

How to Make a Spring Easter Wreath

Here’s the quick run-down of how I made this yarn-wrapped Spring Easter wreath:

  1. Dab hot glue on egg
  2. Wrap with yarn
  3. Dab hot glue
  4. Wrap
  5. Dab hot glue
  6. Attach several yarn-wrapped eggs to wreath form
  7. Repeat

That’s it.

See…told ya it was easy!

Now for the more detailed step-by-step:

I first grabbed several bags of the regular-sized plastic Easter eggs as well as several of the jumbo, large-sized ones.

I also picked up my five skeins of cheap yarn and a 12-inch styrofoam wreath form.

Now that my supplies were acquired, I fired up my hot glue gun, picked up a plastic egg, and started attaching the yarn.

I used two different wrapping methods (and again, these are both gone over in detail on my yarn ball ornament tutorial):

  1. One was very orderly with the yarn spiraling up around the egg in perfect rows
  2. The other was crazy and haphazard, covering the egg almost like a bird’s nest

The wrapping of the yarn itself isn’t the rough part.

The problem is these plastic eggs are quite slick and well, egg-shaped, so I needed a lot of hot glue dabs to secure the yarn in place.

This was especially the case for the orderly, yarn-spiraled eggs.

Here’s a handy tip I’ve since learned from a reader suggestion on my yarn ball ornament: scuff up the eggs with a little sandpaper or nail file first so the eggs aren’t super slippery.

Simple but genius!

After covering several eggs in yarn, I then worked in small sections to cover the wreath form with the yarn-wrapped eggs.

Several eggs were covered in their various colors of yarn, then glued to the wreath form a few at a time, much like I do when I make my ornament wreaths.

Once the entire wreath form was covered in yarn-wrapped eggs, I glued strands of faux grass into some of the gaps to add some fun texture.

The Completed Spring Easter Wreath!

After adding a strand of yellow ribbon for hanging, my Easter wreath was finally complete and looking eggstra pretty, if I do say so!

Easter Wreath for Spring!

My grandmother gave me a little pink butterfly clip on my Easter basket last year (yes, I’m almost 30 and she still gives me an Easter basket), so I decided to add it on here instead of a bow.

I think it looks quite springy, indeed!

Spring Easter egg wreath!

Like I said, this was a doozy of a project, but I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out!

Easter Wreath with Colorful Yarn-Wrapped Eggs that's Perfect for Spring!

It’s so colorful and cheery, and definitely pulls our home out of the dreary winter blues. :)

Spring has sprung!

Spring Easter Egg wreath!

Yarn-Wrapping Update!

All this yarn-wrapping didn’t scare me for too long, because I’ve since shared two methods for creating a yarn ball ornament for any knitter or crocheter in your life!

How to Make a Yarn Ball Ornament: Two Methods! | Where The Smiles Have Been

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Wednesday 5th of April 2017

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