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Sleeping Baby Door Hanger Tutorial + FREE Cut File: Great Gift for a New Mom!

This sleeping baby door hanger is a great gift idea for any new mom, and it’s SO simple to make!

Grab the FREE cut file and make your own in no time!

Sleeping Baby Door Hanger Tutorial and FREE Cut File: Great Gift for a New Mom!

Sleeping Baby Door Hanger Tutorial + FREE Cut File: Great Gift for a New Mom!

It never fails: I put my son down for his morning nap, he squirms and sings and plays for several minutes, then he slowly and peacefully drifts off into dreamland…

…only to be rudely awakened by Mr. UPS Driver ringing the dang doorbell.

Every. Single. Time.

Ok, maybe not every time (I have been told I have a flair for the dramatic), but more times than I’d like.

Not only does this make for a grumpy, sleep-deprived toddler, it also makes for a grumpy Momma because now I have to deal with said grumpy toddler AND I just lost my crafting time.


So to try and avoid such fiascos and keep everyone happy, I decided to whip up a little not-so-subtle sign to remind all visitors to please announce their arrivals QUIETLY.

Here I’ll walk you through all the steps on how I created this sleeping baby door hanger AND you can snag the FREE cut file below to make one of your own!

Sleeping Baby Door Hanger Supplies

Here’s what I used to whip up this sleeping baby door hanger in no time:

The beauty of this project is that it is not only exceptionally quick and simple to make, but it’s also so inexpensive!

That’s because I used one of my favorite craft supplies as its core: a cereal box.

Yep, I love me some cereal boxes.

They’re my crafting BFF.

I’ve made signs out of them as well as faux aged copper snowflake ornaments and faux rusted metal state ornaments!

You can read more about why I love them so very much in this tutorial or this one.

[On a side note: I used my Silhouette Cameo for this project, but you certainly don’t *need* a cutting machine (although it’s my favorite crafting tool in the history of ever and I highly recommend everyone grab one of their own!).

This project could just as easily be made with scissors and scrapbook stickers instead of vinyl.

It really is so simple!]

Simple + Inexpensive + Needed = Great Gift Idea!

This sleeping baby door hanger would be the cutest little accompaniment to a baby shower gift for any new mom!

As a matter of fact, this door hanger would also go great with a DIY newborn stats door hanger for hospital and home or a ‘Hello, my name is’ newborn onesie!

You could also easily personalize it too, or add something else to the back, like “No Visitors Please” for when the whole family needs some peace and quiet.

Other Possible Door Hanger Sayings

Here are some other sayings I considered slapping on this door hanger.

Yes, some are {slightly} snarky, but so am I *wink*:

  • You ring that bell and I’ll ring your neck!
  • New Baby = Go Away
  • NO VISITORS. Leave the goods and GO!
  • We’re all tired and won’t hear you knocking anyway.
  • No knocking or ringing please. New baby inside!

This door hanger could also be used for many different purposes, not only at home but also at school or the office.

You could easily adapt the saying to cover things like:

  • Meeting In Progress
  • Testing In Progress
  • Sorry, we can’t play right now!
  • Class is in the Library

Step #1: Prep & Load Cereal Box

I first grabbed a pair of scissors and cut a large panel off of my cereal box.

Then I placed it onto my cutting mat and loaded it into my Silhouette Cameo.

How to cut a cereal box to make a sign!

Step #2: Cut Out the Door Hanger Core

I downloaded a free cut file for the door hanger from Bird’s Cards (this is a great site for lots of free cut files…I recommend giving it a looksie some time!).

I then used the ‘Coverstock’ settings in Silhouette Studio and cut it out.

[For a full detailed tutorial on how to cut out a design from a cereal box using a Silhouette, check out this or this]

Sleeping Baby Door Hanger Tutorial & FREE Cut File!

Step #3: Cut Out the Panels

A cereal box isn’t the prettiest of things, so it needed to be beautified.

I could have painted it like I did for signs that I made for several wreaths (my deco mesh Pumpkin Wreath, my NFL ‘House Divided’ Ornament Wreath, or my Monogram State Fall Burlap Wreath), but I decided to take the easy route and just slap some scrapbook paper on it.

To make the scrapbook paper panels back in Silhouette Studio, I duplicated my door hanger and flipped it horizontally so I now had two shapes (one to cover the front of the cereal box and the other to cover the back).

I then loaded a 12″ x 12″ sheet of scrapbook paper onto my mat and cut out both panels.

Cutting scrapbook paper with a Silhouette Cameo.

Step #4: Cut Out Vinyl Words

Back in Silhouette Studio, I created my design with the saying “Please knock softly. The baby is (finally) SLEEPING!”

Subtle enough? :)

I then loaded up my cutting mat with some white vinyl and cut it out then weeded (or removed) the excess vinyl.

[Once again, if you don’t have a Silhouette Cameo, no problem!

Just use stickers or stencils, or you could even write the words on by hand.

My handwriting is not nearly pretty enough for that, so vinyl to the rescue!]

Cutting vinyl words for a sleeping baby door hanging with a Silhouette.

Step #5: Attach Scrapbook Paper Panels

It was now time to assemble everything.

I first needed to attach the scrapbook paper panels to their respective sides of the cereal box core.

To do this, I grabbed my trusty can of spray adhesive and blasted one side of the cereal box cutout then applied its panel.

Then I flipped it over and did the same to the other side.

How to make a Sleeping Baby Door Hanger Tutorial and FREE Cut File!

Step #6: Apply Vinyl Words

The last step is applying the vinyl words to the door hanger.

For this, I first slapped some transfer paper over top the vinyl decal and gave it a good scraping with my scraper tool, then slowly peeled it up off the backing.

Next, I eyeballed its placement on the door hanger, gave it another scraping, then removed the transfer paper.

Sleeping Baby Door Hanger Tutorial and FREE Cut File: Great Gift for a New Mom!

The Finished Sleeping Baby Door Hanger!

And my sleeping baby door hanger was now complete!

Sleeping Baby Door Hanger Tutorial and FREE Cut File: Great Gift for a New Mom!

I am happy to report that this message has been received LOUD & CLEAR by visitors!

Since displaying it during nap times, we have had ZERO ding dongs and accompanying grumpy tots (and mommas).

Mission accomplished!

The tricky part is just remembering to hang it on the door during each nap time…my memory is nothing to be envious of!

Sleeping Baby Door Hanger Tutorial and FREE Cut File: Great Gift for a New Mom!

FREE Sleeping Baby Door Hanger Cut File!

If you’d like to make one of these sleeping baby door hangers as a nice gift for a new mom (or one for yourself…why not?), feel free to download this free cut file that I created.

It’s a Silhouette Studio .studio cut file.

Just click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ graphic below and you’ll be taken to a Dropbox folder where you can download the file to your computer.

Enjoy and happy crafting!

Download this FREE printable and/or cut file from Where The Smiles Have Been!

{THE FINE PRINT: This file is for PERSONAL NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. That means you are free to use it on things for yourself or as gifts, but not for any commercial purposes. So don’t use it on anything you’re selling, and don’t sell or redistribute the file or download link. Thanks!}

Sleeping Baby Door Hanger Tutorial and FREE Cut File: Great Gift for a New Mom!

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HI there, Wouldn't taking the file into photoshop and adding the words work just as well? Think I will try this and do one side for the UPS man and one side the 'we cant play' for the neighbors lol


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