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How To Cut A Cereal Box With Silhouette (A Tutorial, Tips, & Ideas)

EXCITING NEWS TODAY!!!  It’s my very first time guest posting {ever}, and it’s at none other than SILHOUETTE SCHOOL!!!  Ahhhh, I am just so thrilled that I can’t stop typing exclamation points!!  Squeeeee!!  Ok….deep breath now, Christine.  {*inhale….exhale….*}  I’m slowly regaining my composure….sort of.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, Silhouette School is generously allowing me to share some insight on one of my favorite craft supplies: cereal boxes!  Yes, yes, I’ve talked about my love for them here before, but this post gives a little more detail as well as some added tips and ideas.  Check it out here, and leave some love at Silhouette School too!

How To Cut a Cereal Box with Silhouette


Here’s my guest-posting happy dance:


How To Cut A Cereal Box With Silhouette (A Tutorial, Tips, & Ideas)

One of my favorite craft supplies to use with my Silhouette is not an actual craft supply at all….it’s a cereal box!  Yep, an everyday, run of the mill, weekly grocery store grab is an excellent substitute for chipboard or even wood.  Here are some of the reasons why I love using cereal boxes for crafts:

  • FREE craft supplies! You buy the cereal and the box is an added free bonus….what a great two-for-one!
  • It’s an easy way to be green and upcycle.
  • They cut nicely with a Silhouette and also take paint (both spray and craft paints) very well.  They also can easily be covered with scrapbook paper, vinyl, or other materials if you don’t feel like painting.
  • They are lightweight and easy to hang but still firm and sturdy.

No chipboard?  No problem!  Your Silhouette machine can transform a cereal box into a variety of projects: additions to wreaths, holiday decor, Christmas ornaments, door signs, gift tags, wine charms, scrapbooking features….the possibilities are nearly endless!

I love using cereal boxes to make custom signs and holiday decor (especially for wreaths). Recently I created a custom monogram state sign for a fall burlap wreath (I’ll spare you all the details on how I added my monogram to my Sweet Home Alabama state.  Just check out my tutorial here or Silhouette School’s recent tutorial for creating a custom monogram pumpkin…..both will give you a great step-by-step.).

How To Add a Monogram or Word to Any Shape in Silhouette Studio


I will, however, be sharing with you here how I cut out this design and turned it from blah to beautiful….now on with the tutorial!


#1 Prepping the Cereal Box:

Disassembling The Box- After creating my design in Silhouette Studio, I of course needed to prep my cereal box for cutting. Using a pair of scissors, I cut along all of the box’s seams to remove the large front and back panels. I made sure to pay extra attention to the edges and trim up all of the folded seams.

How To Cut a Cereal Box with Silhouette


#2 Loading Your Box Panel:

Consider Which Side of the Box You Want To Use- You need to consider which side of the box you want to be the front of your project…the sides have different textures and take some mediums (i.e. paint) differently.

Since I was going to be painting my final sign with craft paint, I chose to place the box panel with the outside facing down on the mat.  This is because the outside of the box is shiny and smooth, and sometimes can be difficult to cover with light-colored craft paint (spray paint usually works just fine at covering it though).  The inside of the box is textured and holds paint better, usually needing only one coat for complete coverage.

Painter’s Tape Is Your Friend- I always use some painter’s tape to help hold my box in place while being cut.  Since it’s a thicker material and will have a double cut (more on the cut settings later), it can easily shift during cutting.  Just a couple strips of tape around the edges, though, keep it nice and snug on the mat.

I would suggest being strategic in where you place the strips of tape, however, because sometimes they can peel up some of the box when being removed.  You don’t want part of your design being peeled away right after a successful cut!

How To Cut a Cereal Box with Silhouette


#3 Cutting The Design:

Resize Your Page- Now that my cereal box was loaded and ready, it was time to finalize my cut settings. I first went to the Page Tools window in Silhouette Studio and resized my page to the dimensions of my cereal box (they were 6.5″ x 10.5″).  Then I resized my design as large as possible to fit inside the boundaries.

[Yes, I’m still rocking Version 2. Maybe someday I’ll get around to updating!]

How To Cut a Cereal Box with Silhouette


Silhouette Cut Settings- When cutting a cereal box, I always use the ‘Coverstock’ option from the list of materials, and more times than not, I leave all the defaults as is:

  • Speed: 1
  • Thickness: 33
  • Blade: 7
  • Cutting Mat: Checked
  • Double Cut: Checked

Test Cut- I also always perform a test cut just to make sure everything is a-okay….a cereal box is obviously not a standard craft material and different brands have different thicknesses.  Sometimes I adjust my blade to 8, but like I just mentioned, usually the default settings are spot-on.

In this case, a test cut revealed the default settings were perfect, so I hit ‘Cut’ and let the magic happen!

How To Cut a Cereal Box with Silhouette Cut Settings


Prepare To Wait- If you have only ever cut paper or vinyl on your Silhouette, be prepared for a little waiting game here. Since this setting has a Speed of one and performs a double cut, it can feel like it takes forever for this to finish cutting.

If you can pull yourself away from your Silhouette for a bit (I feel like I have to be right next to it at all times, sending it encouraging words and positive vibes for a successful cut!), make yourself a cup of coffee, do some laundry, or read a chapter in that book you’re in the middle of, because trust me, you’ll have some time.

How To Cut a Cereal Box with Silhouette


#4 Embellish Your Project:

Get Creative!- Now that your box is cut, you can get creative in what you want to do with it next: paint it, spray paint it, slap some scrapbook paper or vinyl on it, glue little doodads to the front, maybe add some ribbon, twine, or hooks and hang it, use it in a scrapbook feature or part of a card….so many options!

Like I mentioned, this particular project is going to be hung on a burlap wreath I made, so I chose to (finger) paint it with some metallic gold craft paint.  The print on the inside of the box was easily covered with one coat, whereas the shiny frontside (which is now the backside of my sign) needed three coats to be fully covered (see what I mean about being strategic on which side you place face-up on the mat?).  I also made sure to cover all of the side edges with paint as well.  I then hot glued a couple hooks that I fashioned from some floral wire onto the back for hanging on my burlap wreath.

I’ve noticed that if a box starts to curl up a little while being painted, it will usually flatten itself out once dry (so no need to panic).  If not, placing it under a heavy pot or book will do the job just fine.

How To Cut a Cereal Box with Silhouette


And voila!  My cereal box transformation is complete.  You can’t even tell this cute monogram sign was the previous home to some super healthy (and from what my husband tells me, only moderately delicious) breakfast cereal.  Hooray for upcycling!

How To Cut a Cereal Box with Silhouette

How To Cut a Cereal Box with Silhouette

How To Cut a Cereal Box with Silhouette


If you’d like to see how I made this burlap wreath, you can check out my step-by-step tutorial here!  It’s super quick and easy!

How to Make a Burlap Wreath


Here are some other projects that I’ve made with cereal boxes:

3-Letter Monogram Sign (spray paint)

How To Cut a Cereal Box with Silhouette


Pumpkin Wreath (craft paint)

Pumpkin Wreath via Where The Smiles Have Been


NFL ‘House Divided’ Ornament Wreath (craft paint)

House Divided Ornament Wreath via Where The Smiles Have Been


Sleeping Baby Door Hanger (scrapbook paper & vinyl)

Sleeping Baby Door Hanger via Where The Smiles Have Been


Not Just for Cereal Boxes!- Cereal boxes are obviously not the only boxes in your house you can use with your Silhouette!  Just about any other thin box laying around the house can be used: other food/snack boxes, tissue boxes, household items, etc.  So think outside the box for your craft supplies!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with some tips for using cereal (or other) boxes in a Silhouette project:

  • Use a family-size box for a large design.
  • Look for a box that isn’t too beat up or damaged, especially the corners (yes, I scope out the condition of my cereal boxes more than the nutritional information).
  • Be mindful of which side of the box you want to use (the shiny outside or the textured inside) and place it accordingly on your mat.
  • Unless you have a brand spankin’ new mat that is super sticky, use some painter’s tape to help hold the box in place on your mat while cutting.
  • Place your painter’s tape strategically on your box….it can pull up and tear some of the box when removing.
  • Do a test cut!
  • If painting your project, don’t forget to paint the edges.
  • If your box starts to curl a little after being painted, just place it under a heavy object and it should flatten right out.
  • Obviously, recommended use is indoors only, although you may be able to seal it to use outside….if you try this, let me know how it turns out!

Thanks so much for checking out my tutorial!  I hope you’ve found it helpful and that it has inspired you to raid your pantry for something other than an afternoon snack. :)  Happy crafting everyone!

Where The Smiles Have Been

robin eiseman

Monday 29th of August 2016

I found a treasure map online and wrote a verse on the front where there was open space, but I cannot get it to cut so that it's only tracing outer edge. i've been playing with threshold,etc.It cuts the font out. I read to select no cut which i did, but it's still picking up lines and the font and cutting them. i'd appreciate any help you could give me.


Wednesday 18th of February 2015

"(I feel like I have to be right next to it at all times, sending it encouraging words and positive vibes for a successful cut!),

This made me laugh out loud. I thought I was the only one who did that! Love the blog.



Wednesday 18th of February 2015

Haha, Nicole! Glad to hear we're fellow Silhouette-babyiers! ;) Everyone (and thing) needs a little tenderness and encouragement. Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday 9th of October 2014

Love the idea...I'll have to grab some "cardboard" from our next cereal box! Thanks for sharing...and do you happen to have a tutorial or link for the door hanger? That's super cute and probably a handy gift for new mamas!!


Thursday 9th of October 2014

Hey Holly! I'm glad you found this tutorial helpful! I currently have a tutorial up for designing the monogram state sign and (obviously) how to cut it out and decorate it here. I'll be posting a tutorial soon for making the actual burlap wreath and the door hanger too. Look for them in the next week or so (I can only put off laundry and dishes for so long before my husband starts to grumble)! :)