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Hilariously Perfect Christmas Card for a Toddler!

They say that time moves faster as you get older, and boy, I’m truly starting to believe it!  The holidays totally snuck up on me this year, way more than usual too.  I feel like I was just rushing to finish my son’s Halloween costume….how is Christmas only a few weeks away?!?

Normally I’m a true DIYer through and through, including making homemade Christmas cards from scratch (hey, I’ve always been an over-achiever).  Last year, I created some dual-sided photo ornament cards, with matching return address labels AND Silhouette-addressed envelopes….yep, I apparently had way too much free time on my hands last December.  Haha, those were the glory days!

This year, not so much.  While I totally love the cards I made last year, they were A LOT of work!  As in, I’ll probably never do that again.  It took waaaaay too much time and energy, which is now in short supply thanks to my rambunctious toddler continuously zapping my reserves.

Luckily, this year our Christmas cards were a breeze thanks to Staples!  Not only was it incredibly quick and easy to select and customize our holiday cards in their online store, but they also had the PERFECT design!  I mean 100% accurate for our son (and probably most toddlers out there).  We also were able to get some adorable customized photo gifts too….Staples Copy & Print is really a one-stop holiday shop!

And psssst…..keep reading for some great coupon codes so you can save on holiday goodies too! :)

Hilariously Perfect Christmas Card for a Toddler! Where The Smiles Have Been #MoreThisHoliday


Hilariously Perfect Christmas Card for a Toddler!

And here’s the card we’re sending out this year to all our family and friends!  It couldn’t be more perfect.  Staples has lots (and lots!) of great holiday card designs to choose from, but as soon as I saw this one, I knew it was the one for us!  There were different color combinations to choose from and many different ways to customize the wording and fonts, and I was impressed by how user-friendly the design process was.

The Terrible Twos are out in full force in our house, so it is a daily toss-up if Rowan here is being naughty or nice. :)  Ok, he actually is a really great kid and the naughtiness is few and far between, but boy, he sure does have his moments!

Plus, with the card’s playful greeting coupled with that mischievous smirk, the saying on his shirt, as well as that adorably goofy hat, it all just comes together so brilliantly!  I also love the rounded corners and those cute red snowflakes printed on the back of each card….how fun!

Hilariously Perfect Christmas Card for a Toddler! Where The Smiles Have Been #MoreThisHoliday


Photo Stickers

I always like to add a little embellishment to the envelopes of our holiday cards, so I also got a set of coordinating photo stickers.  These make the cutest little envelope seals….and they’ll probably make all the postal workers chuckle as the cards are en route to their final destinations!

Hilariously Perfect Christmas Card for a Toddler! Where The Smiles Have Been #MoreThisHoliday

Hilariously Perfect Christmas Card for a Toddler! Where The Smiles Have Been #MoreThisHoliday

Hilariously Perfect Christmas Card for a Toddler! Where The Smiles Have Been #MoreThisHoliday


Photo Gifts

I normally think of Staples more for copies, supplies, and typical office needs.  I’ve used them before for my son’s first birthday chalkboard poster engineering print as well as some DIY wedding invitations, but not really for photo needs.

However, I was surprised by the wide selection of photo gifts that they offer: canvases, mugs, coasters, phone cases, luggage tags, puzzles, pillows, and more!

I decided to grab a dual-sided ceramic ornament customized with a couple photos from Rowan’s first birthday photo session.  I’m huge on personalized keepsakes (see my Project Gallery for lots of proof), but somehow we hadn’t yet made any ornaments from this big occasion.  Say whaaaat?

On one side is a black-and-white shot of his cute little face, and the other side has an adorable image of him digging into his smash cake.  This makes the perfect cute keepsake that I know we’ll cherish each Christmas for years to come!

Custom Photo Ornament Gift | Where The Smiles Have Been | #MoreThisHoliday


Staples also offers lots of options for special photo prints, so I snagged another photo keepsake.  This one was a 5″ x 7″ photo panel with easel….no frames and no glass!

I used a photo from Rowan’s first Christmas when he was only four months old (just look at that gummy grin and budding fauxhawk!) and he met Santa for the first time!  I love this image, and now we have the perfect way to display it on our mantel each holiday season.  Gaahhhh, so cute (and festive)!

Custom Photo Panel with Easel! Where The Smiles Have Been #MoreThisHoliday


More This Holiday!

So here’s a recap of all the holiday fun I was able to get thanks to Staples.  Pretty cool, huh?  I can’t wait for our friends and family to open up our Christmas cards this year….I’m sure it’ll bring them all a hearty chuckle! :)

Hilariously Perfect Christmas Card for a Toddler! Where The Smiles Have Been #MoreThisHoliday


Save 20% at Staples Online!

If you’d like to save some money on quality holiday cards and photo products from Staples, you’re in luck because I’ve got some discount codes for you!  Both codes are good through December 26th, so do more for less this holiday season with personalized cards and gifts at great prices! :)


Thanks so much for stopping by!  Merry Christmas!


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Sam @ DIY Just Cuz

Tuesday 22nd of December 2015

We couldn't help but share one more of your posts in our Mega Christmas Guide. The season is all about the kids so this was perfect, I absolutely love the design you chose :) Thanks again for such good posts!


Thursday 31st of December 2015

That's so great! Thanks a bunch, girls! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! :)


Thursday 10th of December 2015

This design is too cute. And you are right - perfect for a toddler!


Friday 11th of December 2015

Thank you so much, Kim! I'm totally in love with this card just fits my little man so well! ;)