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First Birthday Chalkboard Poster Idea

It seems like everyone is doing a first birthday chalkboard poster (and smash cake) for their little one’s bash, so of course, I wanted one for my little man.

I actually started working on it when Rowan (aka The Cub) was about seven months old, and just added things and tweaked it little by little here and there until it was finally complete.

And it was so easy too!


First Birthday Chalkboard Poster Idea

First Birthday Chalkboard Poster Idea | Where The Smiles Have Been #firstbirthday #birthdaychalkboard #photoprop


How to Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster

If you’d like all the juicy details on how I made this poster, you’re in luck! I’ve finally been able to find time and put together a full tutorial for making one of these bad boys…..check it out here!

How to Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster | Where The Smiles Have Been


First, I did a Google image search for a chalkboard background and downloaded one that had a large resolution (there are plenty of free ones out there in different colors and varying amounts of chalkiness….if you’d like more details on how to find one, check this out!).

Then I downloaded A TON of free fonts.  Like a bazillion.  I wanted most to look like (sort of) real chalk handwriting, and some that were whimsical and fun, and others that were dingbats that I could use for the frames, brackets, and images (like the tooth and cake).

Check out some of my favorite fonts in the collections below!

Free Chalkboard Fonts    50 MORE Fabulous and Free Chalkboard FontsAwesome Free Dingbat Fonts for Chalkboards    The Best Free Fonts for Birthday Chalkboard Posters! | Where The Smiles Have BeenHere's a collection of some GORGEOUS hand-scripted chalkboard fonts! | Where The Smiles Have Been

You can even turn your very own handwriting into a font for free, too!



From there, I fired up Photoshop Elements and just played around with the different tidbits of info about The Cub.  There was lots of editing, but then again I could probably play around with it forever, continually making adjustments and tweaking this or that, never fully satisfying my OCD tendencies….

Once again, I’ve since put together a full tutorial for how to make a birthday chalkboard poster!


I made two versions…..a black and white version that I printed out and used as a decoration at his party, and then a colored version with his updated height and weight statistics.  I also changed a few items in this version as well….how did I forget to include his love for the Big Bang Theory’s theme song and TV remotes???  Silly mommy.

First Birthday Chalkboard Poster Idea | Where The Smiles Have Been #firstbirthday #birthdaychalkboard #photoprop


The reason I left it as black and white for the party was because I wanted to print it as an engineering print, which can only come in black and white.  I had it printed at Staples as an 18″ x 24″ by uploading the file to their website and selecting my local store for pickup.  It was ready the following morning, so The Cub and I hopped in the car to get it….and it was only $1.85 (including tax!).

If I had printed that same size in color as a poster print it would have been much, much, MUCH more, probably at least $25 or so.  No way was I spending that!  So the colored version will be printed out as a measly 8″ x 10″ at home and awarded a page in his baby book.  Maybe I’ll frame one and hang it is his room as well.


UPDATE!! I’ve since had another little boy, and I naturally made him a first birthday chalkboard too. This go-round, however, I went with a colored poster instead of an engineering print. They’re super affordable now. Woot!

You can read all about Mr. Brayden’s poster as well as how to make a birthday chalkboard photo prop here!

How to Make a Birthday Chalkboard Photo Prop | Where The Smiles Have Been #birthday #chalkboard #smashcake


The plain Jane black and white version worked just fine for The Cub’s party though.  I had some foam board on hand already, so I just trimmed it down to size and used some spray adhesive to attach the print.  I had also purchased some super cute dinosaur washi tape since The Cub’s party was dino theme, so I used that to make a simple and colorful frame.

First Birthday Chalkboard Poster Idea | Where The Smiles Have Been #firstbirthday #birthdaychalkboard #photoprop


Dinosaur Washi Tape


Here’s another first birthday chalkboard poster I made for my niece….hers is in the style of Classic Alice in Wonderland!

Classic Alice in Wonderland First Birthday Chalkboard Poster


And here’s another one I made for her second birthday….this one is zoo-themed and has her picture, too!

Zoo-Themed Birthday Chalkboard Poster | Where The Smiles Have Been


No Photoshop?  No problem!

Are you wanting to make a chalkboard poster for your little one’s birthday?  Do you have a Mac but don’t have Photoshop?   If you answered “yes” to these questions, then fear not….you can make your own chalkboard poster using Preview!

I even wrote up a tutorial showing you just how easy it is, and you can check it out here.

How To Make Your Own Chalkboard Poster on a Mac


I just LOVE this poster for The Cub’s first birthday.  I love how it’s solely about Rowan and is his personality in print.  All him.  These are the little things that we can look back on and smile at years from now.

It will be fun when he’s older and asks “What’s ‘Boots & Pants’ mean??” and I can tell him about a Geico Insurance commercial that used to air on TV that had a talking pig sitting poolside who beat-boxed “Boots & Pants” over some dub step music, and that would make him break out in the biggest smile and do the cutest little head shimmy from side to side.  See, little things.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Thursday 24th of December 2015

Love this tutorial it has been great!! I have a quick question about the type of font you used on your sons? The font at the bottom where you described his favorite things. I would love to use that on my sons. Thanks and Happy Holidays!


Wednesday 11th of November 2015

Great Blog! Wondering where you had it printed? and what size you would suggest?

Karen Holden

Thursday 8th of October 2015

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I've just finished creating a birthday chalkboard for my son's 1st birthday....and it's thanks to your site and blog that I did it!!


Saturday 3rd of October 2015

Where can I find the blank tooth at?


Wednesday 7th of October 2015

Hey Amanda! Check out my post of the best fonts to use on birthday chalkboard posters. I have a link to it there.


Friday 25th of September 2015

Hi, Your blogs are very wonderful, detailed and useful. It has inspired me to create chalkboard for my daughter,s bday. Can you please eloberate on how to add particular symbols from symbolic fonts and write text on those? Thanks


Tuesday 29th of September 2015

Hey there, Kavita! Dingbats are really easy to use once you get the hang of them. I explained how to use them including how to find particular ones you're after in my tutorial for how to make a birthday chalkboard banner, which you can find here:

Please check that out then let me know if you still need some assistance. Good luck!