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The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

Learn all about the BEST way to organize vinyl scraps!

This simple and inexpensive tool will be a game-changer for your crafting life, whether you have a Silhouette, Cricut, Brother, or other cutting machine!

Plus, FREE cut files are available so you can make your own!

The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

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The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

Here are several interesting facts about me:

So, what do you get when you combine all of these things??

This very scraptacular organizer!

Now, I realize it’s a little presumptuous to declare this method as being the absolute BEST, however, it is for me!

Yep, just like with my original vinyl organizer for my large sheets of vinyl and other Silhouette supplies, this little booklet has been a crafting game-changer.

I hope you find it helpful too, which is why I’m also sharing my FREE cut files so you can make your own!

Supplies to Organize Vinyl Scraps

Here’s what I used to organize all of my vinyl scraps into a simple and cute tool:

Simple Vinyl Organizer

Earlier this year, I shared my method for storing and organizing all the supplies that I use with my beloved Silhouette Cameo, and it’s still one of my most popular posts!

All it is is simply an 18″ x 24″ artist portfolio, and it has been a true lifesaver (craftsaver??).

You can find out all the deets about it here (and grab the free cut files for the “Addicted to Vinyl” decal and colorful organization labels, too!)

I’m also sharing TWO MORE free cut files below, including a new decal and an updated set of labels.


How to organize vinyl & TWO Free Cut Files!

When I put together that vinyl organizer, my collection of scraps was very minimal since I’d only had my Silhouette Cameo for about six months, plus my scraps consisted of only vinyl.

I had yet to discover the wonderful worlds of HTV, stencil film, or contact paper.

Boy, was I missing out!

I was therefore able to easily fit everything into a simple 8.5″ x 11″ plastic folder…

The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

…and it worked nicely in the Scraps page of my large organizer.

How to organize vinyl!

Well, fast-forward ten months and this is what my Scraps page had turned into:


The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

Yikes, indeed.

Everything was just shoved in there together…

Vinyl with HTV with glitter HTV with miscuts with contact paper with stencil film with random specialty sheets with a hodge podge of seemingly everything else.

That made it super hard to find things when getting ready for a project, and resulted in wasted money since I’d either miss a scrap I could use, or pieces would get bent, creased, and/or stuck to themselves or others.

Grrrrr to wasting time AND money!

So, when my husband asked why I had purchased a new smaller portfolio when I already had a large one, all I had to do was whip this page out and he quickly understood.

His exact words were “WOW…that is a *horrendous* mess. Yep, good call on the small one.”

How to Organize Vinyl Scraps

So here’s my new miniature portfolio that is solely for scraps!

It’s 9″ x 12″ and is the perfect size for scraps of all kinds, even the tiny little bits that I just can’t bring myself to throw away.

And since it’s so compact, I can easily slide it onto a shelf in my craft WorkBox 3.0.

(I’m a visual person, so I placed a pencil next to it to give a little perspective on its size.)

The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

The Vinyl Scraps Organizer Decal Mockup

Just like with my previous vinyl storage organizer, I of course needed to add a cute little decal to the front.

Helloooo, this is for vinyl after all, and what better way to use up some of those aforementioned scraps, amiright?

Plus, I love cute office supplies.

I first created my mockup in Silhouette Studio with the punny little saying “and she lived scrappily ever after.”

I’d also be adding some cute polka dot paper to decorate the spine, but more on this in a bit.

The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

The “Scrappily Ever After” Vinyl Decal

I then cut out the saying in two different colors of vinyl (white and pink) with my Silhouette Cameo.

And how cute is that “scrappily” font??

I mean, seriously.

Those swirls are so fun, and you can find it here!

After adding some transfer tape to the top, I carefully applied all three vinyl pieces to the front of the cover.

(If you’d like a complete tutorial on how to cut out and apply vinyl decals, check out my Project Gallery. I’ve got lots of ’em, including one on how to create layered vinyl decals!)

And she live scrappily ever after vinyl decal.

The Vinyl Organization Labels

Ok, now back to the vinyl scraps organizer!

What good is organization if it’s not labeled, right?

Cute labels would be just the trick to make finding all my various scraps a breeze once slid into the pages.

Luckily I already had a set of labels made from my original vinyl organizer, but I modified them a bit by adding some new ones (like Stencil Film and Glitter HTV) and removing some (like Scraps…duh!).

I just printed them out on some glossy photo paper, cut them out with my Silhouette, then attached them to the portfolio’s pages using some double-sided tape.

The complete set that I have now includes:

how to organize vinyl with vinyl organization labels.

To avoid recreating the wheel, I’ll spare you all the details on how I made and cut out these labels, again with my Silhouette (it’s my crafting BFF).

You can find all that enthralling information (including how to modify and edit them to fit your own needs) in my original vinyl storage organizer post.

And if you’re after a complete run-down of how to use Silhouette‘s awesome print & cut function (it’s quite incredible), check this out.

how to organize vinyl with vinyl organization labels.

I left these labels the same size as my original set since I’m offering them as freebies and readers may want to use them for a different size organizer.

However, they would have stuck out too far if I applied them to these 9″ x 12″ pages in the same manner…boo.

Soooo, for this mini organizer, I just used my scissors and snipped off the bottom portion of each label, added some double-sided tape to the inside of both sides, then sandwiched it around its corresponding page.

Worked like a charm!

The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

The Polka Dot Spine Insert

To amp up the cuteness factor of this vinyl scrap organizer even more (because, why not?), I cut out a new insert for the portfolio‘s spine in some adorable white and silver polka dotted gift wrap.

I snagged it ages ago from one of Michaels’ dollar bins, so this would be the perfect time to finally use it.

Luckily, the insert that came in the portfolio listed its exact dimensions (3.7″ x 12.7″…thanks Itoya!), so it was a breeze to cut out a perfect replacement with my Silhouette.

The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

Now I had my cute and punny decal on the front, the colorful labels applied to the pages, and the polka dot spine slid into place.

All that was left was to separate my scraps and introduce them to their new home!

The Completed Vinyl Scraps Organizer!

And here’s everything put together to create the BEST vinyl scraps organizer in the entire universe!

Ok, ok, I know that’s a little much. :)

The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

The fun saying on the cover coupled with the playful polka dots just puts a smile on my face.

Cute organization and office supplies set this nerdy girl’s heart aflutter.

The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!
The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

Being able to quickly flip through the pages and easily find what I’m looking for is icing on my crafting cake.

You just can’t beat cute organization that saves you time, frustration, and money!

The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

Here are views of all the pages I currently have.

Pretty neat, huh?

The front of the portfolio has a handy dandy pocket, so I went ahead and placed the several extra labels in there until I need to add them to the pages.

How to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

These labels are so cost-effective (thank you photo paper), plus I can easily adjust them if needed as my scrap supplies change.

Also, I still use the Scraps page in my original large organizer for things that are too big for this Scraps-only one, which for now includes large pieces of contact paper and stencil film.

This mini one, though, is super handy for the majority of those vinyl scraps that I just can’t bear to part with!

How to organize vinyl scraps!

Get Your FREE Vinyl Organization Cut Files!

If you feel like making yourself one of these handy dandy organizers for all your vinyl (and other) scraps, feel free to download the files I used to jazz up a portfolio of your own!

I’m sharing both the “Scrappily Ever After” decal and the organizing label files for FREE!

Just click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ graphic below and you’ll be taken to a Dropbox folder.

Then download the file(s) and get your vinyl organization on!

Download this FREE printable and/or cut file from Where The Smiles Have Been!

{THE FINE PRINT: These files are Silhouette Studio Version 3 .studio cut files and are for PERSONAL NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. So don’t use them for anything you’re selling, share the files, or share the download link or folder directly. Thanks!}

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Thursday 16th of July 2020

Found you on Pinterest! Thanks for the great idea--I ordered two (one for vinyl and one for htv)! Can't wait to organize my hot mess office!


Thursday 26th of July 2018

Love this idea!!! Definitely will be doing this with my scraps and other craft project materials and stencils I have. I love how you personalized the portfolio - that just makes it even better and happier!!!!

Kim Gaede

Friday 13th of April 2018

I love your cut files for organizing your scrape vinyl, for both the large portfolio and scrapes. However, I use a Cricut and the studio files can not be used with Cricut. Is there anyway to get the files in .svg format? Thanks


Thursday 28th of December 2017

Thank you!


Wednesday 6th of December 2017

Just found your blog. I am in love!! Spent all day reading! What font is your name up above in?