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Make Your Own Portrait with these Awesome DIY Portrait Creators!

Make your OWN portrait with these DIY portrait creators!

They make it easy for anyone to create a personalized and custom illustration in no time at all!

Portraits of yourself, family, friends, weddings, as well as babies/kids can easily be created…NO drawing skills required!

Make Your Own Portrait with these Awesome DIY Portrait Creators!

Make Your Own Portrait with these Awesome DIY Portrait Creators!

I love me a good personalized and custom piece of artwork, and what’s more adorable than a personalized PORTRAIT?!

I’ve previously shared how I made a personalized family portrait of my adorable quad squad (using this portrait creator, which is also included in the round-up below).

Make Your Own Illustrated Family Portrait - No Drawing Skills Required!

I also included a simplified version of this family portrait on a school excuse notepad I made for the boys.

How to Make a Semi-DIY Personalized Notepad for School Excuses!

I whipped up another festive family portrait for a Christmas card one year…

Illustrated Family Portrait Christmas Card!

…aaaand I’ve even done a couple solo portraits that I use on some of my social media platforms.

All super cute, no?

Illustrated Self-Portrait - No Drawing Skills Required!
Illustrated portrait of blond woman in winter gear.

Make Your Own Portrait with Portrait Creators, You Say?

The best part is all these personalized portraits were SO EASY TO CREATE, even with my lack of drawing skills.

In fact, ZERO drawing was required on my part whatsoever!

Yep, thanks to some extremely talented artists sharing their skills with the rest of us, there are bunches of portrait creators available in all different styles that anyone can use.

All it takes after downloading is some clicking and adjusting layers, colors, or patterns, then a little accessorizing and…BOOM.

Your custom, personalized portrait is ready to go for printing, gifting, or just sharing across the interwebs.

Make Your Own Portrait with these Awesome DIY Portrait Creators!

Since I’m always on the prowl for ways to create cute and custom pieces of art that are EASY to use (because I’ll be the first to admit that my artistic abilities are, umm, well…lacking, to say the least), I decided to round up some of my favorite portrait creators!

Below you’ll find DIY portrait creators for:

  • Male and female characters
  • Families
  • Couples
  • Brides and grooms
  • Friends
  • Babies, kids, and teenagers

So LOTS of options to choose from.

Oh, and this collection is by no means all-inclusive and I plan on updating it as I find more creators that tickle my fancy, so check back often!

Pssst! One more thing: Make sure you double-check which software program(s) are compatible with each portrait creator so you know you’ll be able to access and use all the included goodies!

DIY Portrait Creators





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