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Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal

This modern farmhouse gallery wall is the perfect way to greet guests into our home. The mix of woods, metals, rust, florals, and other special trinkets (not to mention all those sweet family photos) create a welcoming combination of refined rustic beauty.

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal | Where The Smiles Have Been #farmhouse #modernfarmhouse #gallerywall #wallart


Our Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. The lady behind THIS blog has a modern farmhouse style house??

In a word, yep! :) My real house is out in the country and full of comfy neutrals, whereas my online “home” features bright modern colors. What can I say. I love both styles.

And my colorful craft room is anything but farmhouse…it’s my blog come to life!


The Blank Before

When we moved into our home two years ago, every wall AND ceiling was painted the same boring beige. Every. Single. One.

Talk about monotonous.

Here’s how the wall looked pre-galleryification. A big blank area of BLAH.

Since we hadn’t yet decided to paint our main living area (but it’s finally going to happen next month…stay tuned!), I thought a gallery wall featuring lots of different photos of our little family as well as some other cute farmhouse touches would be the perfect way to jazz this space up.

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal | Where The Smiles Have Been #farmhouse #modernfarmhouse #gallerywall #wallart


Planning The Gallery Wall Layout

I’ve designed quite a few gallery walls for this house (like my craft room’s as well as the mini woodland one in my son’s nursery), and before we actually start hanging anything, I always lay out all the items on the floor in advance.

This is just to make sure I’m happy with each item and their placements, and so my husband can SEE what I’m talking about instead of just trying to picture it in his head. “Show me,” he says. So needy.

I hijacked Brayden’s nursery floor, and below is the final layout I came up with. What you don’t see just off to the right of this photo is all of the discarded frames, signs, and other trinkets that I decided didn’t quite work for this collection. Dozens of leftover goodies!

That’s why having options is important…you never know what you’ll end up liking until you start trying different things. At least that’s what I tell my husband when he complains why I had to buy another frame or use another Michaels coupon. Options, honey!

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal | Where The Smiles Have Been #farmhouse #modernfarmhouse #gallerywall #wallart


Hanging the Gallery Wall

Once I had given the final layout a good night’s sleep to think it over, we were finally ready to start hanging. Woot!

We taped off all four corners first, then added the four corner frames. Next, the bottom row was completed, followed by the top row, then lastly, the middle row.

Most of the items were hung using Command strips. I love using them because there’s no damage to your walls, plus they give you a little wiggle room when you’re placing them and lining everything up.

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal | Where The Smiles Have Been #farmhouse #modernfarmhouse #gallerywall #wallart


Our Completed Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall!

And here’s how our completed modern farmhouse gallery wall looks today! I am just over the moon with how it turned out. It’s not perfect by any means, but overall, I think it’s gosh darn pretty (and not just because I’m slightly biased at seeing Kodak moments of my little family).

I love how it’s not too matchy-matchy (it’s farmhouse, after all), but everything still goes together and feels balanced. The different types of wood mixed with metal and rust, plus the floral touches, all lead to the loveliest rustic-but-still-refined vibe.

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal | Where The Smiles Have Been #farmhouse #modernfarmhouse #gallerywall #wallart


You might notice that some items are a little different than they looked in my layout photo above.

The “B” up top is now rusted instead of plain black (you can check out this easy DIY method here). It’s so much cooler and more interesting now.

The round mirror is also different too. That’s thanks to my then three-year-old’s errant toss of a football (despite my constant reminders of “No throwing balls in the house!”).

Kids, I tell ya.

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal | Where The Smiles Have Been #farmhouse #modernfarmhouse #gallerywall #wallart

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal | Where The Smiles Have Been #farmhouse #modernfarmhouse #gallerywall #wallart


My favorite part of this gallery wall is the center. It houses the largest photo, and this particular print was from Brayden’s six-month photoshoot (even though he was actually eight months old….Momma here dropped the ball on scheduling. Whoops!).

We had so much fun on this shoot because…gasp!…both boys actually cooperated. I guess the stars were aligned.

Plus, I am in love with the large aged bluish gray frame. I scored it at a local Salvation Army thrift shop probably five or six years ago for only $3 (!) and held onto it until I found the perfect use, and this was it.

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal | Where The Smiles Have Been #farmhouse #modernfarmhouse #gallerywall #wallart


And you might be wondering why we have framed prints of a horse and lobster hanging in our home when we live in Alabama. I know, I know. It doesn’t make much sense.

Here’s the backstory: I’m from Kentucky and my husband is from Maine, so I thought it would be a nice way to pay homage to our home states by including them in this collection. Plus, we’re a little weird so our wall should reflect that part of us too. They sure are conversation starters!

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal | Where The Smiles Have Been #farmhouse #modernfarmhouse #gallerywall #wallart


Here’s a little wider perspective. This wall is in our main living area just inside our front door and between our dining room (look for a post on its bold blue makeover soon!) and kitchen.

I think it’s the perfect way to welcome guests into our home.

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal | Where The Smiles Have Been #farmhouse #modernfarmhouse #gallerywall #wallart


Source List

Here’s a list of where each item came from:

  • All photo prints | mpix
  • 8 x 10 frames | Target, Dirt Cheap, & Michaels
  • 5 x 7 frames | Target
  • Large rusted “B” | Kohls/DIY (It was originally black but I rusted it using this and this with this tutorial)
  • Mirror | At Home
  • Small rusted square frames | Target/DIY (They were originally a 3-pack of cheap plastic frames from One Spot, so I rusted them using the same method as the “B”)
  • Horse & lobster prints | DIY
  • Topiaries | Target
  • Small floating shelves | Dirt Cheap (Originally from Target)
  • Large bluish gray frame | Salvation Army thrift shop
  • Cotton wreath | Magnolia Market
  • ‘Home Sweet Home’ sign | DIY (FREE cut file too!)
  • Lamp | Joss & Main
  • White table frames | Home Goods
  • Carved wooden bowl | My buddy James from Southern Boy Woodworks
  • Decorative bowl filler | Old Time Pottery
  • Candlesticks | Joanns Fabrics
  • Pillar candles | IKEA
  • Rustic console table | Furniture Row
  • Distressed metal bin | At Home
  • Basket | At Home (Navy & beige crochet blanket DIYed by my very talented mother-in-law, and the folding is constantly messed up by my one-year-old)
  • “4” decorative box | At Home


Before And After

How about a little Before and After, eh? Quite the transformation!

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Reveal | Where The Smiles Have Been #farmhouse #modernfarmhouse #gallerywall #wallart


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Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Thursday 15th of December 2022

I love this! Can you please tell me what the sizes are on everything you have on the wall?


Saturday 17th of December 2022

Thank you so much, Amber! I don't have specific measurements for everything, but the photos in the corners are 8x10" and the portrait frames next to them are 5x7".


Friday 4th of January 2019

LOVE this!!! I need to recreate this in my home, thanks for sharing