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Easy Minecraft Valentine Box: Don’t Fear the Creeper!

See how easy it is to make a Creeper Minecraft Valentine box!

It takes just a few basic supplies and your kiddo will be ready for their school party this February!

Easy Minecraft Creeper Valentine box!

Easy Minecraft Valentine Box: Don’t Fear the Creeper!

I’m a mom who loves her kids, obviously.

I also love Valentine’s Day, so I therefore love making things for my kids for Valentine’s Day.

This has come to include lots of DIY Valentine projects for their school parties.

I made this fun ‘Our Class Is Full of Sweethearts’ photo backdrop for Rowan’s Pre-K Valentine’s party, and here are some other homemade Valentine’s Day card boxes I’ve created for my boys:

And here are some Valentine’s Day cards I’ve made and shared…and you can also snag the FREE printables and/or cut files for your own kiddos to hand out to their friends this year!

Minecraft Creeper Valentine’s Day Box Supplies

My younger son, Brayden, decided he wanted a jumbo animal cookie Valentine’s Day card box, while my oldest, Rowan, went in a different direction.

Both boys are huge gamers and are obsessed with Minecraft, so Ro said he’d like a Minecraft Valentine box this year, specifically a Creeper box.

So, it was Momma to the rescue again!

Here are the supplies I used.

The best part is…I didn’t have to buy a single item!

Yep, the boxes were scavenged from closets while the rest of the items came from my WorkBox 3.0 craft cabinet.

Supplies to make a DIY Minecraft Valentine box!

Step 1: Wrapping the Body Parts

After cutting out an opening at the top of the cube box to allow for the Valentine’s Day cards to be put in and taken out, I got to wrapping both of the boxes in some green gift wrap.

I also cut out the four feet using a styrofoam disc and an X-Acto knife.

After doing this step, it dawned on me that I have a bunch of gift card boxes from Amazon that would have worked perfectly as well.


Any small squarish shape container (perhaps jewelry boxes from the dollar store??) would work well for these tootsies.

Boxes wrapped in green gift wrap for a DIY Creeper Valentine box.

Step 2: Adding the Black & Light Green Pixels

Now it was time to turn these green shapes into a Creeper’s distinctive body parts.

To do this, I used a sheet of black construction paper and cut out the eyes and mouth as well as the stripes on the bottom of the feet.

A whole bunch of small square “pixels” were also cut out of light green construction paper.

As you can see below, I used Rowan’s Funko Pop Creeper as a model for our jumbo Valentine box.

It served as the perfect petite muse.

Making a DIY Creeper Valentine's Day card box.

Step 3: Assembling the Creeper

After adding the light green squares to all the sides of the Creeper’s head, I glued all of the components together.

Then I proceeded to add squares to all of the other body parts until our fella was fully covered and looking very pixelated and Minecrafty.

Step 4: Final Touches

The last step in Operation Creeper Valentine Box was adding a couple final touches.

I glued a metallic green pipe cleaner around the edge of the box’s opening, just to add some extra festiveness and to hide a few imperfections in the corners where the green gift wrap didn’t cover all of the cardboard.

Ya gotta love a double duty decoration!

Finally, Rowan wrote his name on the top so all of his classmates would know that this was HIS box.

Top of a Creeper Valentine box.

Finished DIY Minecraft Valentine’s Day Box: Creeperific!

And here is Rowan’s Creeper Valentine box!

We think it turned out SO great, and I can’t believe how easy it was to throw together!

Easy Minecraft Valentine Box: Don't Fear the Creeper!

To keep the Minecraft Creeper theme going, Rowan decided he wanted to pass out some TNT boxes filled with tasty treats for all of his classmates.

I found this free Minecraft TNT printable cube online, and I personalized each with a festive Valentine greeting as well as the names of Rowan’s friends.

They turned out so cool too!

Easy Minecraft Valentine Card Box: Don't Fear the Creeper!
Easy Minecraft Valentine's Day Card Box: Don't Fear the Creeper!
Minecraft Valentine Box: Don't Fear the Creeper!

Rowan is super pumped to take his Creeper Valentine box and TNT treats to his class party tomorrow!

Minecraft Valentine Box: Don't Fear the Creeper!

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Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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