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Letter from Santa: How to Get One Personalized for Your Child!

Get a letter FROM Santa personalized for your child, grandchild, student, or special youngster in your life!

It includes details only St. Nick would know as well as magical reindeer food to really bring that holiday spirit.

Double Christmas bonus: it’s for a worthy cause!

Letter from Santa: How to Get One Personalized for Your Child!

Letter from Santa: How to Get One Personalized for Your Child!

Everyone knows that kids all around the world will soon be sending their Christmas wish lists and letters TO Santa Claus very soon.

However, did you know that your child can also receive a letter FROM Santa??

I know! So cool!

Why Letter FROM Santa?

Yes, I’m a DIY blogger, but first and foremost I’m a mom.

A mom that happens to be slightly obsessed with both Christmas and keepsakes.

Like most parents, I try and make the holiday season as magical as I can for my two boys (within reason of course because it’s the end of the year and Momma’s tired).

Every holiday season for the past several years, my boys have each received a personalized letter FROM Santa, and they are super easy for Santa’s Little Helper (i.e. me) to acquire.

One less thing I have to DIY or worry about…a true Christmas miracle!

We all look forward to seeing these letters show up in our mailbox because they’re so adorable and just bursting with the magic of Christmas.

My boys’ faces truly light up as we read the words that Santa wrote, especially after hearing they both have claimed solid spots on the Nice List (and that’s something because honestly it’s a toss up every year). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Letter from Santa: How to Get One Personalized for Your Child!

Why This Letter from Santa?

These letters from Santa help keep the spirit of Christmas alive for my boys, but they actually have a bigger purpose.

They’re done as an annual fundraiser for United Cerebral Palsy of Huntsville & Tennessee Valley (UCP).

Each letter only costs $5, and all proceeds are used for client services.

I think this is a steal of a deal, especially considering it’s for such a great cause AND done with so much thought and detail.

(Oh, and I am not affiliated with UCP in any way. I’m just a mom that utilizes their letter from Santa service every holiday season for my kiddos and wanted to spread the word.)

Letter from Santa: How to Get One Personalized for Your Child!

What’s Included with the Letter from Santa?

Each letter from Santa courtesy of UCP includes the following:

  • Super festive holiday stationery
  • Envelope stamped from the North Pole and addressed to your child
  • Child’s name mentioned several times as well as his/her home city
  • Acknowledgment of an accomplishment the child recently achieved
    • Potty trained, counts to 100, able to tie shoes, doing well in school, etc.
  • Mentions a specific gift the child is sure to receive
    • UCP only sends the letter…the actual gift is all up to Santa’s Little Helper
  • Signed by Father Christmas himself
  • A packet of magic reindeer food to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve

Plus, the stationery and contents of the letter are changed every year to keep them as fresh as a December snowfall.

Holiday Magic + Special Keepsake + Worthy Cause = Take My Marshmallow World Money

Two boys sprinkling reindeer food outside for Santa on Christmas Eve!
My boys sprinkling their magic reindeer food on Christmas Eve!

Where to Get Such Happy Holiday Mail?

Don’t be a Scrooge and hurry over to order your letter from Santa courtesy of UCP!

NOTE: The deadline to order a letter from Santa is usually the second week of December so they can arrive in your child’s mailbox by Christmas Eve.

For 2022, the deadline is December 9th, so do as the Chipmunks sing and don’t be late!

Letter from Santa: How to Get One Personalized for Your Child!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

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