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Home Sweet Home Sign with FREE Cut File!

Learn how to make a Home Sweet Home sign with this FREE cut file!

It will make a nice addition to any home as well as a great housewarming gift idea!

Home Sweet Home Sign with FREE Cut File!

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Home Sweet Home Sign with FREE Cut File!

We’re currently in full-fledge house hunting mode.

So far we’ve visited about a dozen properties in person and have viewed no less than a bazillion online (only slightly exaggerating).

Just a few days ago we actually made an offer on one!  Wahoo!

It’s a short-sale so who knows how long it’ll take the bank to get back to us, but our fingers are crossed!

UPDATE: We got the short-sale and have moved into our wonderful new home sweet home!

I’ve been dreaming of the day where we finally move out of our tiny little house and into one more suitable for our growing family, and of course that means thinking of ways to decorate it and really make it our own.

Now since we haven’t yet closed on a new place yet, I can’t do too much dreaming, since ya know, I have no idea what it will look like or the type of space we’ll have.

But a cute little sign is just perfect since it’ll work anywhere!

Home Sweet Home Sign Supplies

How to Make a Home Sweet Home Sign

Below I’ll go into detail on how I made this Home Sweet Home sign (or any sign really), but here are the quick steps at a glance:

  1. Sand a wood board (or you can go the reverse canvas route!)
  2. Stain or paint the wood board
  3. Create your own design or just download my FREE Home Sweet Home sign design below!
  4. Cut the design out in vinyl
  5. Apply vinyl decal to wood board

Step 1: Sand a Wood Board

So here are the supplies that I used for the first part of this project:

Wood sign staining supplies.

The wood is from the same type of board that I used for our family growth chart ruler.

I first put on my work gloves and got to sanding the board.

My electric orbital hand sander took care of the two large sides in no time, then I grabbed a piece of sand paper and did all the edges by hand.

Once everything was as smooth as my son’s cute little hiney, I then wiped it all down with a damp paper towel to remove all the dust.

Sanding a wood board.

Step 2: Stain or Paint the Wood Board

Now it was time to get my stain on!

I grabbed the can of stain that I had left over from my recent personalized IKEA Lazy Susan makeover as well as a foam brush.

Then I put on a pair of disposable gloves and started applying the stain, going with the grain of the wood, then hit all the edges.

Staining a wood board.

After about ten minutes, I started wiping the stain off with a clean staining rag.

The board wasn’t yet as dark as I wanted, so I repeated the process another time.

I then let it dry completely overnight.

Staining a wood board.

Step 3: Create Your Own or Download my FREE Home Sweet Home Design

I created my design in Silhouette Studio since I’d be cutting out the vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo.

Plus, it’s super simple to knock out a mockup there.

With nearly every sign or door hanger I make, I always have an internal struggle…

Do I just slap a vinyl decal on, or should I cut out a stencil and paint the design on??

Oh, decisions, decisions.

I’ve done both (and you can check out examples here in my Project Gallery), but with this particular sign, my laziness won out and I just decided to stick some vinyl on the board.

You could very easily cut this design out as a stencil though and paint everything on, or even make a reverse canvas!

And since with every project I share, people invariably ask for the names of all the fonts, so here you go!

It’s good to know there are fellow font junkies out there. ;)

FREE Home Sweet Home cut file!

Step 4: Cut Out the Home Sweet Home Design in Vinyl

Next, it was time to cut out the vinyl design, so I grabbed my most favorite crafting tool in the history of ever: my Silhouette Cameo.

I also pulled a sheet of white vinyl from my vinyl storage organizer and placed it on my cutting mat, then loaded it into my Silhouette.

Cutting vinyl with a Silhouette Cameo!

For vinyl projects, I usually just go with the default Vinyl cut settings in Silhouette Studio, but will sometimes bump the speed down for small or intricate designs:

  • Blade: 2
  • Speed: 4
  • Thickness: 9
FREE Home Sweet Home Silhouette Studio cut file!

A few minutes later, my vinyl decal was cut!

So I trimmed it up and weeded (or removed) the excess vinyl.

Oh, and you’ll notice that I have a separate cut of the ‘M’ in the bottom ‘HOME.’

I, uhhhh, got a little too excited while weeding and accidentally snagged that letter with the vinyl as I was removing it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No biggie though.

I just cut out another ‘M’ and added it last.

So forgive my Home Sweet Hoe decal. ;)

Home Sweet Home vinyl decal for wood sign!

Step 5: Apply the Vinyl Decal to Wood Board

Now it was application time!

I slapped some clear transfer tape over top the vinyl decal and applied it to the board using the hinge method with some painter’s tape.

You can read more details about this super awesome method of application here.

Applying a vinyl decal to a wood board using the hinge method.

All that was left was removing the transfer tape and my sign was complete!

Applying a vinyl decal to a wood board using the hinge method.

Our Completed Home Sweet Home Sign!

And here it is!

I just love how the bright white vinyl POPS off the dark wood, as well as the mix of the formal and script fonts with the vine doodles (I love me a good dingbat font).

This will make the perfect addition to our future home, which will be very sweet indeed. :)

Home Sweet Home Sign with FREE Cut File!
Home Sweet Home Sign with FREE Cut File!
Home Sweet Home Sign with FREE Cut File!

UPDATE: Here’s how it looks hanging up in our modern farmhouse gallery wall.

Such a perfect addition. :)

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall!

Snag the FREE Home Sweet Home Cut File!

Go ahead and download this FREE Home Sweet Home cut file and create a sign for your own abode!

I think this would make a lovely housewarming gift idea too.

Just click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ graphic below and you’ll be taken to a Dropbox folder, then just download the .Studio cut file.

Download this FREE printable and/or cut file from Where The Smiles Have Been!

{THE FINE PRINT: These files are for PERSONAL NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. So don’t use them with anything you’re selling, share the file, or share the download link directly. Thanks!}

Home Sweet Home Sign with FREE Cut File!

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Monday 17th of September 2018

Love! Love! Love! I am a newbie with a Silhouette Portrait. Everyone shows how to print/cut the designs, but I don't know how to retrieve them to place in my Silhouette. Any advise for a newbie? Thank you!

Rustic Charm: 15 DIY Wood Signs to Hang in Your Home – chuckiesblog

Wednesday 11th of July 2018

[…] wherethesmileshavebeen […]


Wednesday 20th of December 2017

i can't download it says doesn't have program to support it i don't know what this mean don't have problem with other files


Thursday 21st of December 2017

Hi Alma. I just tried it and don't have any issues downloading the file. It just says that it can't show a preview (since it's a Silhouette file and not a standard file like a .jpeg). All you need to do is click the blue 'Download' button. Bellow is a screenshot of what shows up on my screen. Hope this helps!


Monday 24th of October 2016

Your projects and tutorials are AMAZING!! I am so glad I found you! I love how you put in the settings for the silhouette! That is so helpful! I am having trouble finding the judy ornaments (vines) font used in the home sweet home project. I am not making that sign, but want to use the vines for a welcome sign for my door! Thank you so much!!!


Sunday 9th of October 2016

Christine, I LOVE this sign! I want to make one for my house, but when I try to download the file to my Mac, it says "There is no application set to open the document". I am new to the Silhouette, so I was wondering if you knew what I need to do to open it? I noticed the file is a ".studio3" file and I believe the software I have for my silhouette is just Silhouette Studio. I would think it would allow me to use the Silhouette Studio program as an application to open the document with, but it does not give me the option to use it.

Thanks for sharing!