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Handprint Flower Pot: An Easy & Adorable Year-Round Keepsake

This DIY handprint flower pot makes the sweetest keepsake that can be displayed year-round!

It’s not only useful and adorable, but it is also so EASY and FUN to make!

And psssst…it would make a great Mother’s Day or Grandparents Day gift too!

DIY Handprint Flower Pot!

Handprint Flower Pot: An Easy & Adorable Year-Round Keepsake

I’m a mom who loooooves her keepsakes and using her green thumb.

Therefore, it only made sense to combine these two passions into this adorable handprint flower pot keepsake since my younger son is all about helping me outside in the garden and with my flowers.

Plus, unlike other handprint/footprint crafts that are more holiday-specific (like this DIY clay footprint ornament) or kept tucked away in a memory box (a la this newborn stats canvas), a flower pot can proudly be displayed year-round with some pretty indoor or outdoor plants.

Other DIY Planter Ideas

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Handprint Flower Pot Supplies

This adorable keepsake was so easy (and fun) to make!

It would also be a great DIY gift idea for Mother’s Day or Grandparents Day.

Here are the supplies we used for this sweet handprint flower pot:

Painted flower pot supplies!

Step 1: Add Handprints, Footprints, and/or Fingerprints

We started off adding the major print elements first.

I chose to keep the flower pot its original terracotta so the flowers and other painted items would really POP and be the stars of the show.

This step was all very haphazard, flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants, and not really sure what we would end up with.

BUT, the final plants and garden-friendly critters turned out so cute!

Here’s what we ended up having included around the flower pot:

  • Handprint flowers and cactus
  • Footprint butterfly
  • Finger- and thumbprint bees and ladybugs
Child with green paint on his hand while making a handprint flower pot!

There was lots of giggling as the cold(ish), wet paint was applied with the foam brush (especially in between those tiny toes).

Luckily, Brayden has had lots of practice with painted handprint crafts thanks to all of his years at preschool, and his yearly back-to-school handprint shirt that I add his growing handprint to every August.

Back to school shirt with handprints!

Step 2: Paint Extra Details

After all of the main elements were added and fully dried, I drew on some fun little details with colorful paint pens.

Painting details on a flower pot with paint pens!

I previously used these paint pens for my painted rock garden markers and travel tic-tac-toe rocks and they worked great, so I pulled them out of my craft cabinet and put them to good use yet again.

Easy DIY Painted Rock Garden Markers.
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Brayden also signed his name along the flower pot’s rim and his 5-year-old handwriting looks OH SO ADORABLE.

Child's handwriting on a DIY painted flower pot!

Step 3: Seal Flower Pot

After all of the paint was dry, I took our now beautifully decorated flower pot outside for a blast of some sealant that’s designed for outdoor use.

This would add a subtle shine, help protect the painted elements from being chipped/scratched, and also prevent fading or yellowing from the sun’s rays.

Sealing a handprint flower pot!

Our DIY Handprint Flower Pot!

After adding potting soil, water-storing crystals, slow-release fertilizer, and of course some colorful flowers, Brayden’s handprint flower pot keepsake was officially on display!

Painted handprint flower pot!

This one-of-a-kind hand-painted flower pot looks so sweet sitting on our front porch steps.

Each of the elements turned out so stinking cute, and the flower pot looks great from all angles.

I even included a four-leaf clover for some extra good luck.

Handprint and footprint flower pot ideas!

He loves checking on the soil’s moisture level and watering it when it’s time.

An added bonus is this is helping him gain responsibility since these are his flowers in his flower pot.

Plus, he’s now starting to really get bit by the gardening bug too and maybe developing a lifelong passion.

Start ’em young!

Small boy watering flower pot!

I’m so glad I now have all of my youngest’s tiny prints coupled with his adorable signature permanently saved in such a sweet and useful flower pot that I get to use again and again. :)

Painted flower pot with child's handprints, footprints, and thumbprints!
Handprint flower pot!

Other Handprint & Footprint Ideas

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