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Colorful ‘Grandkids Make Life Grand’ Wood Sign Photo Display

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Grandkids make life grand, and what grandparent wouldn’t want to show off their grandbabies to the world?!

That’s why I made this fun wood sign photo display for my mom. Now she has the perfect spot to showcase cute photos of her grandkids.

It was so easy to make, too!

Colorful 'Grandkids Make Life Grand' Wood Sign Photo Display.


Colorful Grandkids Make Life Grand Wood Sign Photo Display

I always struggle with getting gifts for my parents and grandma. They have everything, and whenever you ask them what they’d like, they always respond with “Nothing.”

Gee guys, thanks for the help. *eyeroll*

One of the many good things I’ve noticed though since becoming a mom is that personalized gifts from/about their grandkids are always a winner!

How convenient too since I am, ya know, kinda crafty. *wink*

That’s why I created this colorful Grandkids Make Life Grand wood sign for my mom last Christmas (and yes, I’m just now finally getting around to posting about it. Only six months late!).

It’s not only a DIY gift from her favorite (and only) daughter (*bonus points*), but more importantly, it also acts as a unique way to display all those photos of the adorable grandkids.

Needless to say, it was a big hit on Christmas morning!

I’ve seen variations of these signs floating all over the interwebs for quite a while. I mean they’re everywhere, so this is far from an original idea.

I of course put my own spin on this one and designed it to go with the rest of my parents’ decor…with a little bit of colorful funkiness too, naturally.


Grandkids Make Life Grand Photo Display Sign Supplies:


Painting the Wooden Board

I first sanded a spare board that was kicking around our garage (the same kind of board I used for my ‘Making Spirits Bright’ Christmas sign).

My parents have a huge mantel above their fireplace where they like to display the grandkids’ photos, so a big board like this that can stand on its own would work perfectly…and hooray for not having to add a hanger!

I then gave the whole thing a couple light coats of some tan craft paint with a foam brush, not being too OCD about coverage (for once).


Cutting the Vinyl Decals

While the paint was drying, I got to cutting out the design in vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo.

Oh, how I love thee. ♥

Since my parents have a very neutral decorating style, I thought a dark brown vinyl would work well with the tan wood.

A nice POP of various brightly colored vinyl with the final ‘grand’ word that would coordinate nicely with the mini clothespins I’d be attaching in a bit would then complete the design.

Oh, and if you’re a font junkie like me, here are the two fonts I used:

Deciding on the fonts was honestly the hardest part of this project!

Wood photo sign with vinyl decals to be applied.


Applying the Vinyl

Once the vinyl words were cut, I added some transfer tape to the top of each piece and applied them to the board using the hinge method (which you can read more about here…it’s pretty amazing!).

I then glued a handful of some brightly colored mini clothespins to the top of the board.

These would make swapping out photos a breeze, while also jazzing up the design and room.

NOTE: For more in-depth tutorials on how to use a Silhouette Cameo, cutting and applying vinyl, making signs, ect., please visit my Project Gallery. I’ve already shared dozens and dozens of full tutorials, so there’s no sense in recreating the wheel here. :)


The Completed Grandkids Make Life Grand Sign

And with that, all that remained was adding some pics of two adorable tots!

I printed out some wallet-size photos of my son and niece, but you could certainly stick larger 4×6, 5×7, or really any other keepsake in these clips.

I love how easy it is to swap out pics as the kiddos grow!

Colorful 'Grandkids Make Life Grand' Wood Sign Photo Display.

Colorful 'Grandkids Make Life Grand' Wood Sign Photo Display.

Colorful 'Grandkids Make Life Grand' Wood Sign Photo Display.

Colorful 'Grandkids Make Life Grand' Wood Sign Photo Display.


If You Enjoyed This….

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Thanks so much for stopping by!  Stay crafty!

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