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FREE Embroidery Journal Template (Two Font Options)

Grab this FREE embroidery journal template and start your own journal in no time!

There are two different font options to choose from: one fancy and one more simple.

Print one out or trace from your device’s screen and get your craft on!

FREE Embroidery Journal Template with TWO Font Options!

FREE Embroidery Journal Template (Two Font Options)

Previously, I’ve shared allllllll the details about what an embroidery journal is as well as how to start one of your own.

Be sure to check that out for lots of need-to-know as well as fun-extra-to-have information.

How to Start an Embroidery Journal!

Now I’m back with a FREE printable embroidery journal template to help you get things started in no time!

It’s the standard pie-shape template with one “slice” for each of the twelve months.

I’m actually sharing TWO different versions (because if you’re like me, you enjoy having options):

  1. One with the months written in the same fancy script font that I used in my embroidery journal
  2. Another file with the months abbreviated in a simpler, blocky sans serif font
How to Start an Embroidery Journal with this FREE Embroidery Journal Template!

How to Use this FREE Template

Use this free printable template to get a jumpstart on your embroidery journal journey (whew, say that three times fast).

Besides having two font options to choose from, another cool thing about these templates is that you can use them two different ways: either PRINT the template and trace from the paper, or TRACE DIRECTLY FROM YOUR DEVICE’S SCREEN.

The first step is downloading your selected file below (look for the colorful ‘DOWNLOAD’ graphic).

IF PRINTING: Adjust your printer’s scale settings so the template gets printed to fit the size of your embroidery hoop (this may require more than one sheet of paper).

I used a 12-inch hoop and printed the template off on two sheets of paper, then trimmed and taped them together.

From there, I just laid my fabric across and got to tracing the lines and months with my eraseable fabric marker.

You can also use a light box to help see the design through the fabric, or just tape it to a window and let the incoming sunlight be your guide.

Embroidery hoop showing a free embroidery journal template printed off and ready for tracing.

IF TRACING FROM DEVICE: If you’re going to trace directly from your device’s screen (like an iPad), you saved yourself the hassle of paper and ink cartridges and temperamental technology! Wahoo!

All you need to do is open up the PDF and resize it so the design fits inside your embroidery hoop, lay your fabric across your screen, start a-tracing, adjusting the design and fabric as needed.

How to trace a free embroidery journal template onto fabric using a device screen like an iPad.

THE CENTER: The small area in the center is intentionally left blank so you can add the year (or your initials or title for whatever type of journal you’re creating, a la “Books”, “Baby’s First Year”, “My Year Abroad”, etc.).

If you want the center space to be bigger, just don’t trace the lines all the way to the center. Or leave the lines out completely for a more “go with the flow” journal.

Remember, there are no rules and no one is perfect, so just have fun with it! :)

THE FONTS: In case you’re curious (or you’re a font junkie like me and want to add your own title in the same font), these are the fonts I used for the script version and the sans serif version.

FREE Embroidery Journal Template Download

Just click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ graphic below and you’ll be taken to a Dropbox folder where you’ll find two different PDF files:

  • One with the fancy script font called Free-Embroidery-Journal-Template-SCRIPT.pdf
  • One with the sans serif block font called Free-Embroidery-Journal-Template-BLOCK.pdf

Both files are sized the standard 8.5 x 11″ for easy printing, but resize as necessary based on the size of your hoop.

Download the file then print it for tracing, or open the download and trace directly from your device.

You can add the year/title in the center in any font you’d like, or just wing it by hand!

Download this FREE printable and/or cut file from Where The Smiles Have Been!

{THE FINE PRINT: These files are for PERSONAL NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. So don’t use them for anything you’re selling, share the files, or share the direct download link. Thanks!}

Use this FREE Embroidery Journal Template to start an Embroidery Journal of your own!

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