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Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!

Here is an easy Christmas porch decor idea to spice up your festive curb appeal this holiday season: TOPIARY SNOWMEN!

Just a few items transformed these basic year-round porch staples into adorable holiday accents!

Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!

Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!

The holiday season is upon us yet again, and that means it’s time to go crazy with the Christmas decorations!

Garland and lights and bows, oh my!

I admittedly am more of an indoor decor fan, but I’m trying to step up my outdoor decor game too.

This year, I threw together a super simple but oh so cute Christmas porch decor creation: TOPIARY SNOWMEN!

We’ve had these topiaries on our porch for several years now (harvest fall porch, anyone?), and during the holiday season, I usually just add a red bow to each and call it a day.

Good enough is good enough, ya know?

However, last year when I spotted some jumbo top hat tree toppers that are designed to adorn a traditional Christmas tree, a lightbulb flashed on in my head: turn the topiaries into snowmen!

So simple but so festively effective.

Right up my alley!

Easy Christmas Porch Decor Supplies:

So here’s what I used to throw together these festive topiary Frosties:

The only new purchases were the lights, top hats, and carrots, and the rest I already had on hand. Woot!

The Boring Before

I started putting up our regular Christmas porch decor then realized I needed to snap a proper Before pic for this post, so here are how the topiaries looked pre-snowmanification.

ALSO, make sure you check out how I painted our porch in rollable stone coating AND how I repainted those metal porch railings.

Both are super easy DIY home improvement projects that you can knock out in a weekend! 

Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!
Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!

The Easy Christmas Porch Decor How-To

Here’s a rundown of how I whipped up these topiary snowmen to jazz up our Christmas porch decor:


What is a snowman without a carrot nose, amiright? 

Like I mentioned earlier, I thought of this project last December, so I planned ahead for this holiday season and grabbed some faux carrots from Target this spring when all their Easter goodies arrived.

Thank you, One Spot!

These bad boys are lightweight and just twine-wrapped styrofoam.

To turn them into the perfect snowman snouts, I yanked off the green felt leaves, unwrapped a little of the twine, then sliced off a small section of styrofoam.

In order to get them to stay put on the front of the topiaries, I used a small piece of floral wire, bent it in half, and stuck the two ends inside the styrofoam.

The rounded other ends would then be inserted through the topiaries’ leaves and inside the cores, thus creating the perfect carrot noses.

Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!


To really amp up the festive factor, the first step in assembly was adding some Christmas lights to each of the topiary balls.

I grabbed some battery-powered white dew drop lights that had green wires, and added one strand to each ball (so I used four sets of lights in total).

I also added a fifth set of lights to the wreath on our front door so everything would match and be all aglow.

Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!

The battery packs are nicely hidden: the top ones sit comfortably underneath the top hats, and the bottom ones rest around the back.

These lights also have timers, so they automatically come on every day at dusk and turn themselves off several hours later.

Ahhh, the wonders of modern technology…

Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!


Now that the lights were added and the carrot noses were ready, it was time for snowman assembly!

This is all pretty straight-forward and oh so simple.

I just tied the bows around the center poles with a little floral wire, inserted both noses, and sat the top hats on their perches.

I actually bought some black and red buttons for the rest of the face and to give the impression of a jacket on the lower balls, but ultimately decided less was more, so I left them off.

And wham-o!

Two decorative faux botanical snowmen were born.

What a Christmas miracle!

The Final Christmas Porch Topiary Snowmen!

Here’s how my Christmas topiary snowmen look on our front porch!

Super cute, no?

Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!

They really are one of my most favorite and most simple Christmas creations I’ve ever made…and I’ve made many.

Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!

Now to put up the rest of our Christmas decorations…

Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!

Oh, and if you’re wondering how these guys are standing up to the weather, the answer is just fine!

They’ve been on our covered porch for a few weeks now, and nothing has been blown off by the wind or rain, and the lights are still shining brightly!

Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!

A little Before-and-After, shall we?

Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!
Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!

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Easy Christmas Porch Decor: Topiary Snowmen!

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Thanks so much for stopping by! Merry Christmas!

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