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Easter Mantel Decor That’s Perfect for Spring

Spring has sprung and here’s a simple Easter mantel decor idea for above the fireplace!

Full of color and whimsy, as well as lots of natural greenery and cute touches, this Easter mantel is the perfect way to welcome the warmer weather (and Peter Cottontail himself).

Easter Mantel Decor That's Perfect for Spring!

Easter Mantel Decor That’s Perfect for Spring

Now that the weather is finally turning warmer, the daffodils are blooming and the leaves are returning to the trees.

That inevitably means that the Easter Bunny will be making his annual appearance as well.

My dad always says that you can tell it’s springtime when you hear motorcycles and smell skunks again, but I prefer my telltale signs instead.


As such, it’s time to decorate our fireplace mantel to shake off those winter blues and add some color and FUN back to our home.

Keep reading for all the details on our simple but fun Easter mantel decor, as well as a full item source list!

Easter Mantel Decor That's Perfect for Spring!

Other Seasonal Mantel Decor Ideas

Before we begin, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and look back on some other festive seasonal mantels I’ve shared…

Fall is the best time of the year and Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I admittedly go a little crazy with our decorations, indoors and outside.

Here’s how my first attempt at a Halloween mantel turned out many moons ago.

(And apologies for the dinginess of these old photos…phone cameras and filters sure have come a long way over the years!)

Halloween Mantel Decor: Pumpkins and Spiders and Bats! Oh My! | Where The Smiles Have Been #Halloween #HalloweenMantel #HalloweenDecor #pumpkin

Here’s an updated version from Halloween last year.

Several new decorations have been added (especially new pumpkins…I tend to grab one or two new ones every year, much to my husband’s chagrin) while others have found new spots elsewhere in our home.

And for a family of arachnophobes, we sure love us some giant fuzzy spiders…

Halloween mantel decor

I also love decorating for Christmas, so of course our festive fireplace mantel holds a place of prominence right next to the Christmas tree.

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Our Springtime Easter Mantel Decor

This Easter mantel has gradually come about over the years, grabbing a few items here and there every Spring.

Plus, there’s been a lot of “shopping our home,” where I steal a piece of decor from its normal spot to include in our holiday displays (especially true for the potted indoor plants that are scattered around the house).

A decorated fireplace mantel for Easter and spring!

The focal point of our Easter mantel decor is two-fold: the moss-covered bunny door hanger that I shared several years back (don’t miss the easy tutorial!) as well as a funky flamingo pink birdhouse.

My DIY yarn-wrapped egg wreath adds a splash of color to our front door, while this moss-covered bunny looks great inside hanging on the fireplace’s round mirror.

A moss-covered bunny and pink birdhouse displayed in an Easter mantel decor above a fireplace.

The birdhouse was a last minute addition to this Easter mantel after I needed one final item to bring it all together.

My husband and I bought it last summer while we were perusing a home decor store on a rare date night (yep, that’s the wild life of a couple who’s been together for 20 years).

It is supposed to be added to our backyard at some point, but since it’s been taking up space in our guest room closet since we brought it home, I decided to see how it looked as an indoor decoration.

Luckily, it fits perfectly here and adds a great POP of color that completes the whole collection, especially since we already had those adorable stuffed birdies.

A pink birdhouse and two stuffed birds arranged as the focal point of an Easter mantel decor for spring.

I bought the birdies to represent the hubs and myself (notice the crown atop Queen Mommy’s head), and also found two little stuffed boy bunnies in honor of our two kiddos.

One bunny portrays my youngest, pushing a wheelbarrow and always eager to help…

Easter Spring fireplace mantel decor.

…while the other bunny embodies my oldest, who prefers to lounge and watch his younger brother work.

Easter Spring fireplace mantel decor.

One of my favorite elements in this Easter mantel decor is the colorful faux flower arrangement that’s actually a Lego set.

I know!

Easter mantel decor that's perfect for spring!

This was a Christmas gift for me last December and it’s been on the mantel ever since.

Unless you’re right up on them, you can’t even tell they’re Legos, and who wouldn’t love perpetually colorful flowers that never wilt and die??

Yep, next year I’m asking Santa for all the floral sets

LEGO flower arrangement.

Scattered around the mantel are several jumbo eggs (cuz what’s a springtime Easter display without eggs and bunnies?).

One just screams “HAPPINESS” with its colorful floral design painted all over…

Painted Easter egg and 'bunny crossing' sign as part of Easter mantel decor for spring.

…while the others are yarn-wrapped in various springy shades (these would actually be pretty easy to DIY, too).

Yarn-wrapped Easter egg and 'Carrot 10 cents' sign as part of Easter mantel decor for spring.

Rounding out the main elements of our Easter mantel decor are a couple mini topiaries on either end that have speckled colored eggs scattered within their boxwood leaves, as well as a trio of festive tiny Easter-themed signs that really pack a whimsical punch.

Easter mantel decor that's perfect for spring!

The final addition I’d like to highlight is the felt ball garland (what my husband lovingly refers to as “dingle balls”).

This is the perfect little pastel touch, and a decorated fireplace just isn’t complete without some type of garland, amiright?

While we can’t having it dangling too low because cats, the small swags paired with the suspended carrots are just muah! *chef’s kiss*

The carrots also make the perfect little noses for snowmen topiaries on our front porch (and you gotta love cheap decor that completes multiple projects!).

Pastel felt ball garland and faux orange carrots that's perfect in an Easter spring mantel!

Our Easter mantel certainly isn’t showroom-worthy and it will never grace the glossy pages of a magazine, but I love it.

It’s colorful, playful, cozy, and most importantly, springy.

It makes me happy, and that’s how home should feel.

And since we’ve got fall and winter covered, and now spring is taken care of as well, I guess that means I need to whip up a summertime mantel soon too!

Stay tuned… :)

Easter Mantel Spring Decor with a moss-covered bunny wreath on a mirror, pink birdhouse, stuffed birds and rabbits, potted plants, colorful eggs, and more!
Easter Mantel Spring Decor with a moss-covered bunny wreath on a mirror, pink birdhouse, stuffed birds and rabbits, potted plants, colorful eggs, and more!
Easter Mantel Spring Decor with a moss-covered bunny wreath on a mirror, pink birdhouse, stuffed birds and rabbits, potted plants, colorful eggs, and more!

Easter Mantel Decor Source List

In case you’re interested (and of course you are or else you wouldn’t be reading this ;) ), here’s where I found all of the items that are used in my Easter mantel decor.

Most of these were either purchased years ago and/or were shopped from around my house, but I’ve tried to direct link to anything still available.

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Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy Easter!

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