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Easter Hat: A Gravity-Defying Basket’O’Eggs!

Learn how to create a gravity-defying Easter hat that’s perfect for parties or parades!

It features a classic fedora, upside down Easter basket, lots of colorful plastic eggs, and metallic Easter grass!

Easter Hat: A Gravity-Defying Basket'O'Eggs!

Easter Hat: A Gravity-Defying Basket’O’Eggs!

If you’ve been following along these parts, you know I’m a new Kindergarten mom.

It’s a whole new world, y’all!

As we’ve been moving through the school year, I’ve had to experience a host of new things for the first time, right along with my five-year-old, Rowan.

Things like a Vocabulary Parade and 100th Day of School celebration were events we’d never heard of before this year.

Now that it’s springtime, here’s yet another project we needed to conquer: creating a hat for the Kindergarteners’ Easter hat parade!

Yep, all of the Kindergarteners were asked to buy or make a decorated hat to wear during their annual hat parade.

It could be Easter-themed, or showcase their favorite hobbies.

Instead of doing a hat around his favorite hobbies of Minecraft (like his Creeper Valentine box), Roblox, or basketball, Rowan said he wanted one that was allllll Eastery, so here’s what we came up with!

Rowan’s Easter Hat Must-Haves

After brainstorming possible Easter hat/Easter bonnet ideas, we thought a tall, gravity-defying basket that was pouring eggs down and around the hat would be a fun and unique idea.

The only question was, how in the heck would I go about creating it???

I mean, I’m no engineer, buuuut I am pretty decent with a glue gun. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In order to survive a day and parade at Kindergarten, Rowan’s Easter hat needed to be all of the following:

  • Structurally sound: That bucket better defy gravity and not start to droop!
  • Not too fragile: Eggs popping off would be bad.
  • Lightweight: This is being worn on Rowan’s *head* after all.
  • Safe: See above.
  • Balanced: A must for walking during a parade.
  • Cute: Naturally. :)

Easter Hat Supplies

After hitting up Target, Dollar Tree, and my WorkBox 3.0, here’s what I ended up using to create Rowan’s Easter hat:

Easter hat supplies!

Adding the Main Support & Basket

Just like with Rowan’s Love Train Valentine Box, I went into this project with a general idea in my head of how the finished project would look, but no real solid plan.

This was truly a flying-by-the-seat-of-my-crafty-pants project.

The first thing I needed to do was get that basket upside down and high in the sky.

I cut a piece of picture frame wire (which is pretty heavy duty), folded it in half, and hot glued the folded end to the inside of the basket.

The two pointy ends of the wire were then poked through the top of the fedora (which came from Target’s One Spot), flattened, then secured with more hot glue.

I ultimately also added a small patch of felt over the dried glue because Rowan said it was tugging at his hair a little while wearing it.

Gluing the hat's support.

After some wire bending and adjustments, here’s how it looked.

It was actually working!

Attaching the basket to the hat with wire.

Adding The Easter Grass

Next up came adding the Easter grass to the inside of the basket.

Instead of using hot glue for this step, I decide to just blast the inside of the basket with some spray adhesive

Spray adhesive.

…then stuffed a good chunk of grass inside.

Faux grass added into the basket.

Adding the Plastic Easter Eggs

Now it was time for adding the plastic Easter eggs.

One by one, globs of hot glue were added to the eggs, and then they were secured to the inside of the basket.

It was starting to come together, y’all!

Adding the plastic Easter eggs to the hat.

Additional Support & Dangling Eggs

Since the basket was now installed and filled, I needed to add a second piece of support wire to keep it and the entire hat balanced and upright.

For this, I used another piece of picture frame wire, wrapped it around where the first wire was glued to the basket, and attached the other end to the opposite side of the fedora.

It was just glued to the outside of the fedora since I’d be covering it with eggs soon.

I also thought it would be fun to have some eggs dangling so they’d move as Rowan walks.

For this, I grabbed some clear jewelry wire, strung it through the holes on either end of the egg, then attached the eggs to either the wire supports or (at the end) the rim of the fedora.

How to make an Easter hat.

Easter Hat Final Touches

After all the eggs were attached and the support wires were hidden, the final step was adding in some more of the metallic Easter grass.

I just grabbed small bunches of grass, folded them in half, added a wee bit of hot glue to the folded sections, then stuck them in the gaps between the eggs here and there.

Adding the final eggs.

Rowan’s Final Easter Hat!

And here’s how Rowan looks wearing his basket’o’eggs Easter hat!

It turned out great, didn’t it?

Easter Hat: A Gravity-Defying Basket'O'Eggs!

Definitely has a little Mary Poppins vibe to it too since there’s no way that many eggs would actually fit in that small basket.

But hey, that just adds to the fun and quirkiness!

And most importantly–it’s STAYING UPRIGHT!

I sure let out a hallelujah to the crafting gods for this one.

Easter Hat: A Gravity-Defying Basket'O'Eggs!
Easter Hat: A Gravity-Defying Basket'O'Eggs!

When he first saw himself in the mirror wearing it, and after letting out a hearty chuckle, Rowan said “Mom, you make the BEST inventions for me!”

So, I am no longer calling myself a crafter, and hereby declare that I am an inventor. ;)

Easter Hat: A Gravity-Defying Basket'O'Eggs!

Here’s how our DIY Easter hat looks from all sides.

Rowan is just SO excited to wear it to school soon!

Easter Hat: A Gravity-Defying Basket'O'Eggs!

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Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy Easter!

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Thursday 14th of April 2022

Hi there!

Just a quick note to thank you for sharing this! I just did one for my son's Easter Bonnet Parade and it came out perfect and was pretty easy to make. Thank You!


Wednesday 4th of May 2022

Oh, Rhea, that makes me so happy to hear! I'm glad this project worked out well for you and your son! Thank you so very much for sharing! :)