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Baby Shower Game Free Printable: Name That Rockin’ Lullaby!

Who doesn’t love a good baby shower?!  The tasty treats, the adorable onesies and other teeny tiny clothes, all the ooohing and ahhhhing at the precious gifts….and of course the GAMES!

I’ve been to my fair share of baby showers (haven’t we all?) and have taken part in plenty of different games.  Some were actually really fun and enjoyable….and let’s just say I couldn’t wait for others to be over. #zerofunchristine

Today I’m sharing with you a game that I’m pretty sure will be a hit at any baby shower shindig….I mean, how can you go wrong when partying with (tot-appropriate versions of) Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, the Boss, and Madge, among many, many others?

Oh, this post is also a part of a fun VIRTUAL baby shower in honor of a good blogging buddy of mine, and you’ll also find LOTS of other blogger creations related to all things baby shower.  Keep reading to see all the fun!

Baby Shower Game Free Printable: Name That Rockin' Lullaby! |

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Baby Shower Game Free Printable: Name That Rockin’ Lullaby!

What You’ll Need:

  • Copies of the FREE printable….find the link to download below!
  • Rockin’ lullaby music & a way to play (smart phone, computer, iPod, etc.)
    • My fave is to just play the free samples from iTunes or Amazon on my iPhone….gotta love free!  All the deets are below.
  • Pens or pencils


How This Game Came About: Pillow Talk!

Now I’ve never actually played this game at a true baby shower (I know, say whaaat?).  I came up with this one Saturday morning several years ago while my husband and I were laying in bed having a little pillow talk.  I was pregnant with my son, who’s my first child, and I had nothing but BABY THINGS on my brain.  So, our conversations tended to always revolve around the topic of tots, even first thing in the morning.

Oh, and itty bitty baby things are once again a topic of constant conversation for us because….I’m pregnant with our second baby! :)

Some Exciting News To Share: WTSHB is Expanding! Sort of.... ;) |


Ok, back to the story!

I grabbed my iPhone off the nightstand, opened up the iTunes store app, and searched for lullabies.  That’s when I discovered all these super adorable lullaby versions of rock and pop songs that everyone knows!

My husband and I began quizzing each other in the Name That Tune style (this was before the days of streaming, so we just used the 30 second free preview….that small amount of time made it even more challenging!).

Since there are no lyrics and it’s just instrumental music in the style of classic lullabies, it’s actually harder than you might think!  The chorus is what always saved me.

There are several different brands or lines that specialize in this area, but my personal favorite are the Rockabye Baby ones.  I just think they’re the most well-produced and identifiable….and that cute little croaking frog gets me every time!

My husband gravitated toward the rock groups he loves:

I challenged him to more of my faves that are more poppy (and let me just say, I kicked his butt):

Now these are just some of the ones we browsed through several years ago.  There are TONS more available from all kinds of artists, and in the time since then, lots more stars of today have been added, like Taylor Swift, Adele, Rihanna, Pink, and Fall Out Boy.  So many great tunes to choose from!


How the Name That Rockin’ Lullaby Baby Shower Game Works

Ok, so here’s how the game could work in a real baby shower setting with multiple participants:

  1. Print off copies of the printable (found below) and pass them out along with pens or pencils.  There are spaces for ten challenges, each with the name of the song as well as the name of the artist/band.
  2. Either purchase some songs in advance, use the available free previews, or use a streaming service and play a small snippet of your selected songs WITHOUT telling your guests what they are in advance.
    1. I know these songs are available on Amazon Prime Music (free trial too!) or Apple Music.  They may also be available on other streaming services too like Spotify or Tidal….I’m not sure.
  3. The guests then jot down their guesses on the printable.
  4. Score how ever you’d like: One point for a complete correct answer (need song AND artist/band), or one point for either correct answer (song OR artist/band).  Or any other way you can think of!
  5. Pass out a fun prize to the winner! :)

Baby Shower Game Free Printable: Name That Rockin' Lullaby! |

Baby Shower Game Free Printable: Name That Rockin' Lullaby! |

Baby Shower Game Free Printable: Name That Rockin' Lullaby! |


Name That Rockin’ Lullaby Baby Shower Game FREE Printable!

Feel free to download this printable and use at the next baby shower you’re hosting!  Or during some weekend pillow talk with your honey. :)  I hope everyone has a good time with it!

To download the printable, just click this link which will open up a Dropbox folder.  In the folder you’ll find two 8.5″ x 11″ JPG files: one is the fun, colorful version shown above, and another is a plain black and white version (just in case you want to save some money on printer ink).  Download either file and print off how every many copies you need!

{THE FINE PRINT: Both files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  So don’t sell them and don’t sell or redistribute the files themselves or share the download link directly.  Thanks!}

Baby Shower Game Free Printable: Name That Rockin' Lullaby! |


Lauren’s Virtual Baby Shower!

As mentioned above, this game is part of a virtual baby shower being held by a group of us crafty bloggers in honor of one of our good buddies, Lauren Lanker of The Thinking Closet!  She and her husband, Mark, are expecting their first baby – a precious little girl – this June…..awwwww.

You're Invited to a Virtual Baby Shower! |


Every blogger has contributed something different to our shower, and we have all the elements covered: food, décor, games, and gifts.  So grab a cupcake and stay for a while!

1.Chai Latte Cupcakes with Cupcake Toppers by Two Purple Couches
2.Guacamole Shrimp Bites from Katie’s Cucina

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4.Baby Shower Decoration Ideas by Southern Couture

1.Onesie Making Station by unOriginal Mom
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4.Name That Rockin’ Lullaby Baby Shower Game + Free Printable by Where The Smiles Have Been

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7.Knit Bow Baby Headband by It Happens in a Blink
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9.Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Onesie by Sew Woodsy


Thanks so much for stopping by!  And congratulations, Lauren! :)


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Wednesday 4th of May 2016

Christine, this is an awesome game idea! I threw a baby shower back in February and this would've been a perfect game. Already pinned in case I ever throw another one ;)

Eff @ Whatcha Workin' On?

Tuesday 26th of April 2016

What fun. I had no idea there were lullaby versions of these songs. Can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing the idea. And congratulations!!!

Jessi @ Practically Functional

Monday 25th of April 2016

Sounds like a ton of fun, and I love the cute printable!