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100th Day of School Shirt Idea: Clowning Around!

This 100th Day of School shirt idea is the perfect way for any class clown to celebrate such a fun milestone!

Easily incorporate your kiddo *into* the shirt design instead of just wearing one!

100th Day of School Shirt Idea: Clowning Around!

100th Day of School Shirt Idea: Clowning Around!

100th Day of School Ideas

My youngest son is currently in kindergarten, and they’re celebrating their 100th Day of School soon (yes, that’s a thing nowadays).

As such, his teacher sent home a letter detailing many different ways the kiddos could choose to participate in the 100th Day of School classroom festivities, including:

  • Dressing up like a 100-year-old
  • Making a poster/art project with 100 items
  • Writing 100 words or numbers 1 to 100
  • Getting 100 autographs
  • Cutting 100 words from a magazine or newspaper and gluing them to a sheet of paper
  • Completing a 100-piece puzzle
  • Compiling a list of things you would buy with $100
  • Putting 100 fingerprints on a sheet of paper
  • Drawing a Dalmatian dog and adding 100 spots
  • Creating a shirt, hat, necklace, or vest with 100 items on it

Since we already have lots of experience with making shirts and other goodies for the boys’ school year fun, we decided to continue with the tradition and knocked out a suuuuuper cute clown shirt for Brayden to rock.

We thought it would be a fun idea to incorporate Brayden *into* the design itself.

That way, he’d be a part of the shirt and not just wearing it.

After brainstorming different themes, we all agreed that Brayden wearing his own sweet face while sporting a colorful clown’s wig comprised of 100 pompoms would not only be easy to make and wear, but also totally adorbs.

And if you’d like to make one for your own kiddo, keep reading for the full tutorial!

Other Fun School Year Celebrations

My older son, Rowan, is now in the fourth grade, but when he was in kindergarten, they also celebrated this fun 100 Days of School milestone.

We DIYed him a creepily festive “Bugging my teacher” shirt in honor of his 100th day of school!

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Brayden’s class likes to party, so they also celebrated their 50th day of school this past October, and we made him a colorful snake shirt for the big day!

Bugs, snakes, clowns…maybe we have a thing for slightly creepy themes??

Life as a boy mom I guess…

50th day of school shirt idea!

100th Day of School Shirt Supplies

Here’s what I used to create this DIY 100th Day of School clown shirt for my son.

The best part: I had most of the items on hand and only needed to purchase the t-shirt and pompoms, so I only spent around $8 on this project!

Step 1: Print Out Face

The first step in making this ‘clowning around’ 100th Day of School shirt was to print out Brayden’s face on a sheet of printable heat transfer paper.

I first guesstimated the size and printed out a quick black-and-white draft version on regular printer paper, just to make sure the proportions of face-to-pompom-wig would work.

How to make a 100th day of school shirt!

Luckily, my guess turned out to be perfect, so I then proceeded to print a color version of Brayden’s sweet grin on an inkjet printable heat transfer paper sheet.

This was my first time using this brand of ink-jet iron on transfers.

I’ve previously used a different type of printable HTV that’s thicker and more fabric-like, and it worked out great for my older’s son ‘Ambivalent’ Vocabulary Parade costume.

However, since this was such a small and simple project, I opted to try out this Avery kind that was gifted to me last year after my dad did some much-needed deep cleaning of his house.

Ya gotta love free craft supplies!

Ink jet fabric photo transfer paper.

After trimming it to size, I used my Cricut EasyPress and ironed it onto a freshly washed and dried white t-shirt.

Applying an ink jet photo transfer sheet to a shirt.
Applying a photo transfer sheet to a shirt.

Step 2: Add Pompoms

Since Brayden’s face was now cheesing it up as if he were starring in a toothpaste ad, it was time to give him a trademark colorful clown wig.

I first placed the pompoms into position, making sure the colors were evenly distributed and that it was roundish and wig-like.

Then I fired up my hot glue gun and got to securing all 100 pompoms (I added the super tiny ones last to fill in any gaps).

Hot gluing pompoms onto a shirt.

Step 3: Add HTV ‘Clowning Around’ Saying

The next step in this 100th Day of School shirt was adding the punny ‘Clowning Around for 100 Days’ saying.

After scrolling through all of my font choices in Silhouette Studio, I decided to go with this simple but cute font, then got ready to cut everything out.

For this, I pulled out three different colors of HTV from my vinyl organizer and cut out the respective words with my Silhouette Cameo.

Cutting out heat transfer vinyl for a 100th Day of School shirt!

Since they needed to be added to a small area above the pompoms, I used my Cricut Mini EasyPress to apply them to the shirt.

Applying heat transfer vinyl to a shirt with a Cricut Mini EasyPress!

Step 4: Add Red Clown Nose

I didn’t have enough time to purchase a clown costume’s red foam nose online, and after not being able to find one or a decent substitute in town at several different stores, we decided that a red felt ball would work just fine.

It was an extra one from a DIY video game garland project that I made for my older son’s bedroom.

Maybe I’ll get around to sharing a tutorial about it one day…

Anyway, it ended up being perfect for this project too, and it was easily applied with just a dab of hot glue.

With that, Brayden’s DIY 100th Day of School clown shirt was finished!

Finished DIY 100th Day of School Shirt!

Here’s how our finished 100th Day of School ‘Clowning Around’ shirt turned out!

So stinkin’ cute, I know.

And SO easy to make!

100th Day of School Shirt Idea: Clowning Around!
100th Day of School Shirt Idea: Clowning Around!

Needless to say, Brayden was super excited to wear it to school on his 100th day and show it off to his classmates and teacher.

100th Day of School Shirt Idea: Clowning Around!

And as you can see, the theme of this shirt fits Brayden’s personality perfectly. :)

100 Days of School Shirt Idea: Clowning Around!
100th Day of School Shirt Idea: Clowning Around!
100 Days of School Shirt Idea: Clowning Around!
100th Day of School Shirt Idea: Clowning Around!

Other Fun School Ideas!

Don’t miss these other DIY ideas for fun throughout the school year!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a good one!

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