Where to Find the Best FREE Digital Resources: Fonts, SVGs, Clip Art, & MORE!

I love playing around in Photoshop and with my Silhouette Cameo.  Oh, and I also have a blog….just in case you couldn’t tell. ;)  That means I’m always on the hunt for great digital resources, and few things make me happier than scoring an awesome find for FREE!  Double points if it can be used commercially as well.

I decided to compile a roundup of all my favorite online joints that offer freebies because I know lots of you are like me: creative folks who enjoy quality free goodies, some of which you’ll be able to sell or use on your blog if you so decide.

Where to Find the Best FREE Digital Resources: Fonts, SVGs, Clip Art, & MORE! | Where The Smiles Have Been

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Where to Find the Best FREE Digital Resources: Fonts, SVGs, Clip Art, & MORE!

Now, I know there are TONS of sites around the interwebs that claim to have free digital goods for downloading.  This list is by no means all-inclusive.  Also, I don’t use some resources very often, such as vectors, stock photography, blog templates, or mockups, so those aren’t featured much in this collection.

These are just some of my favorites that I feel offer some really high-quality stuff, and I’ll be updating it periodically as I come across new ones.  If you know of any other valuable resources that I’ve missed, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

Below are some high-level categories, and there’s also quite a bit of overlap, so a site listed in one category may also offer resources from another….make sure you check them all out!  Oh, and they’re also listed in no particular order….I’m not that OCD.

***NOTE: All of the information listed below is accurate as of post publication.  Please make sure you read each site’s and file’s terms of use before downloading/using.  And if you happen to come across a broken link, holla at cha girl and I’ll try and fix it/find a new one.  Happy creating!***


Designer Grab Bag

LOTS of free goodies on these sites for all things graphic design.  Most also sell amazing resources, too….I sometimes snag their bundles that have incredible deals!

>>>**High quality** fonts, vectors, clip art, backgrounds, patterns, textures, mockups, Photoshop brushes, actions, icons, digital papers, etc.  BONUS: Some are free for commercial-use too!<<<



Free SVG files that are great for use with Silhouette Cameos/Portraits or other cutting machines!  For a lot of these sites, I’m subscribed to their email lists and/or follow their Facebook pages so I get notified whenever they have a freebie available.

***Check out my Project Gallery for some free Silhouette cutting files I’ve shared!



There are tons of free font sites out there, but some of them are a little fishy and like to sneak in viruses and malware with the downloads.  These are some of my favorite (and safer) ones that I frequently use:

***Check out my All Things Chalkboard series for several collections I’ve shared featuring my favorite fonts and dingbats to use on digital chalkboards!

All Things Chalkboard Series!


Scrapbookers Delight

All the backgrounds, frames, embellishments, alphas, digital papers, etc. a scrapbooker could ever want!



There are tons of printable sites out there for all different areas.  These are some of my favorite ones for artwork, images, organizers, and kid stuff.

  • Vintage Printable: LOTS of public domain printables
  • Feed Your Soul: Cute stuff!
  • IHeart Organizing: Great lists, trackers, calendars, cards, kid activities, etc….basically, if it can improve your life, it’s here!
  • Love vs. Design: Super cute printables for weddings, parties, kids, gifts, cards, tags, etc.
  • Emily Ley: Very minimalistic and chic tags, cards, lists, organizers, holiday fun, meal planners, etc.
  • Snapfish: Party & holiday printables, coloring pages, educational worksheets, calendars, etc.

***I’ve offered several free printables of my own in my Project Gallery!



Lots of great educational resources, including fonts, clipart, digital papers, frames, etc.


Where to Find the Best FREE Digital Resources: Fonts, SVGs, Clip Art, & MORE! | Where The Smiles Have Been


If You Enjoyed This….

Make sure you check out my Project Gallery for all of my other creations including some FREEBIES of my own, as well as more digital resources!


Thanks so much for stopping by!  And my apologies if you end up spending countless hours browsing and downloading from these sites like I do! ;)


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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing, it will take a while to go through the different sites but its pinned for future references!!

    P.S. – Deal Jumbo Link is broken….

  2. I especially love The Hungry JPEG! Seriously, this is an awesome, awesome list! I will be fully exploring every link! Thank you!

    • They’re one of my faves too, Gigi! Their freebies are awesome and their monthly bundles always have great fonts. Have fun exploring all these goodies! :)

  3. Thank you so much Christine for making this super helpful resource! I found you on Pinterest & repinned you to my Free Clip Art board. I also have an educational site. It’s geared towards PK-2 & everything’s FREE. Hope you catch a moment to stop by to grab some fun.
    D :-)

  4. What a great resource you compiled. I know it will be helpful this fall for projects. Pinned for later. Feel free to drop by and share this at the weekly parties with our readers if you like.

  5. Hi Christine! You are my MM Featured post this week! Have a great week! Love the post!

  6. Christine, this list is AWESOME! I haven’t even heard of some of these before. Pinning for future projects!

  7. Thanks for compiling this list complete Christine! Wow, I’m set for life! :) Thanks for partying with us at Talented Tuesday. Hope you are having a great day!

  8. Thank you for sharing this great list. I am a bit font obsessed so I was excited to see the list of sites that offer free fonts!

  9. I have just started using my Cricut machine, so finding good files to use with that has been on top of my list. Thanks for linking up at the Bloggers Brags party, I pinned your post to our group board on Pinterest.

  10. Such an awesome collection!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. I’m definitely bookmarking this one! Thanks for sharing all of these awesome resources with us :D

  12. Thanks for sharing your blogging and resource tips at the #SundaysDownUnder linky party! I’ve pinned your post and shared on social media. This must have taken ages to compile-thank you!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  13. Lynn Ripley says:

    I just ran across your blog tonight and I am in awe! What a great fun space you have here!!

  14. Ahh I’m going to have to stop coming here ;) it’s just enabling my addictions!! Haha of course I’m kidding–this list is great! I absolutely love Creative Market, and I just recently bought a bundle from the Hungry JPEG but a lot of these I had never heard of. I love all the SVG freebies! Thanks for posting this!

    • Sorry that I’m such a bad influence, Brittany. ;) Yes, Creative Market is a favorite of mine too! I also frequently snag the bundles that are offered there and at Design Cuts and The Hungry JPEG. I love digital goodies, especially when they’re free (or at least on sale)! :)

  15. I was just thinking about what a great resource Creative Market is this morning when I downloaded some of the weekly freebies. Thanks for compiling this list!


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