Valentine’s Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple’s Monogram

Ahhhh, it’s almost Valentine’s Day….a day of lovey-dovey goodness (and let’s not forget the chocolate!).  What screams “Valentine’s” more than a pretty red heart adorned with a couple’s initials intertwined into an elegant monogram??  Not much!  Ok, maybe a chubby little cupid, but I’m not crafty enough to make one of those guys!

Here I’ll show you how I made this red burlap heart wreath with a monogram of my and my husband’s initials….romantic indeed!  (And oh so easy!)

Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple's Monogram

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Valentine’s Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple’s Monogram


This looks like a bunch of supplies, I know, but I promise it’s really not!  Most of these are just little minor bits, and you don’t even need all of them.

  • 12-inch heart-shaped box style wreath form
  • Two rolls of 5.5-inch x 15 ft. red burlap ribbon
  • 4-inch monogram
  • White spray paint or craft paint
  • Paperclip
  • Wire cutters
  • 18ish-inch strand of ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors


The Burlap Heart Wreath

I made this wreath a couple years ago, loooooong before the thought of having a blog ever crossed my mind.  Therefore, I don’t have any step-by-step pictures for making this actual wreath itself (sorry!).

However, I do have a tutorial showing how I make my burlap wreaths, so check that out if you’d like all the juicy details….it’s super quick and easy!

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Because I have an obsession with wreaths, burlap, and making wreaths out of burlap, I decided to carry the theme on into Valentine’s Day.  I picked up a heart-shaped box style wreath form from Hobby Lobby (Michaels only carried the grapevine forms), along with a couple rolls of red burlap ribbon.

The process of making this wreath is the same exact method I used in my tutorial that is linked above.  I just pulled the red burlap ribbon through the wreath form, making little poofs as I went around.  That’s it!  For this wreath, however, I didn’t use any floral wire to attach the burlap to the wreath form.  Instead, I just tied the ends of the burlap on and then tucked them under once finished.

30 minutes later, my heart wreath form was filled in red burlap and looked oh so romantical!

I’ve left this wreath as is for the past two years, but I recently decided it needed a little personalization to spice it up a bit….

Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple's Monogram


The Couple’s Monogram (Ours!)

Also a couple years ago, I purchased this wooden monogram with my and my husband’s initials.  It’s 4-inches tall, about 4.7-inches wide, and 1/8th-inch thick.

I bought it, not really knowing what I’d be using it for….I just knew that I loved it and would eventually think of a project to utilize it in (that tends to happen in these parts….).

I first thought about incorporating it into a wreath that we’d display in our anniversay-month of August, since we don’t really have any decorations for that time of year.  Well, two years later, there’s still no anniversary wreath.  Ha!  However, this Valentine’s heart wreath was looking a little lonely, so I pulled this puppy out of my craft stash and decided to use it here….and it worked perfectly, once I got it painted, of course.

Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple's Monogram


Make Your Own Monogram Out of a Cereal Box!

I didn’t get my Silhouette Cameo until last spring, so if I hadn’t already purchased this wooden monogram, I so totally would have just made my own out of a cereal box!  Yep, I love getting my craft on with cereal boxes, especially making signs for wreaths out of them, like I’ve done for my pumpkin wreath, my NFL ‘House  Divided’ wreath, and my state monogram fall wreath.

So, if you have a Silhouette or another die cutter (or even if you want a true DIY and cut the monogram out by hand), just purchase the Vine monogram font or download some other free monogram font and make your own!  I even have a tutorial showing you all about how simple (and awesome) cereal boxes can be when used as craft supplies.

How To Cut a Cereal Box with Silhouette


Painting the Monogram

The monogram came sanded and ready to decorate, so I grabbed my trusty can of white spray paint and headed outside to get my paint on!

I first did one light coat on the backside, then once it was dry, flipped it over and did a couple light coats on the front.  I also made sure I covered all the edges as well.  If you don’t have spray paint, craft paint and a brush would work just dandy as well.

Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple's Monogram


Hanging the Monogram on the Burlap Wreath

Now that my monogram was painted, it was time to get it ready to hang on the wreath.  All I did was grab a paper clip, bend it in half, cut it in half with a pair of wire cutters, then trim off the sharp edges.  Voila!  Instant, inexpensive hooks.

If you don’t have any wire cutters, you could just use two paper clips and leave them as is, gluing the small, inner portion to the monogram and then using the larger loop as the hook.  You could also use some floral wire (like I did here and here) or even an ornament hook as well.

Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple's Monogram

Next, I put two small globs of hot glue on the backside of the monogram’s middle initial (one higher than the other), and placed the longer side of each paper clip piece into the glue.  Once the glue hardened, I gently tugged the paper clips open a little bit, just to make the hooks a little more prominent.

Now the hooks easily slip right into the holes of the burlap and the monogram can be hung on the wreath in a snap.  The hooks can also easily be readjusted or removed if I want to decorate the wreath differently at some point, or if I want to use the monogram on another project….I love decor that you can get extra mileage out of!

Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple's Monogram


Hanging the Wreath

All that was left was to hang the wreath!  To do this, I raided my ribbon stash and pulled out some black ribbon with white polka dots….I thought that would coordinate nicely with the bright red and white.  I cut off a strip that was approximately 18-inches long, and then glued both ends on the back of the wreath form.

I first tried tying the ribbon to the wreath form, but it caused the ribbon to bunch up and look all wonky, so I decided to glue the strand flat instead.

Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple's Monogram


The Final Valentine’s Burlap Heart Wreath

And here it is!  This wreath took no time at all to make, and I just love how the white monogram pops off the red burlap.  It makes me smile seeing our matrimonial monogram, too…..ahhhh, it’s that time of year!  And personalization makes me a very happy lady….almost as much as chocolate….

Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple's Monogram

Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple's Monogram

Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple's Monogram

Valentine's Burlap Heart Wreath with Couple's Monogram

Here’s another shot of it on a light background:



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