Spring Easter Egg Wreath

Ahhhhh, it’s almost springtime again!  Our winters down here in Alabama are pretty mild, but I still am so excited for spring to arrive and send the cold(ish) weather packing!  Warmer temps, regrowth of all the greenery and blooming flowers, birds chirping away…..the arrival of spring is just good for the soul, don’t you think?

Spring Easter Egg Wreath | Where The Smiles Have Been


My {P}inspiration: A few years ago while perusing Pinterest, I spotted this gorgeous yarn egg wreath by The Sweet Survival and knew I wanted to make one for our home!

I decided to change things up a tad bit, however, by using five colors of yarn instead of four (I added purple in there with the blue, pink, green, and yellow), and also added some blades of grass as well to give it some extra texture and dimension, and a sparkly pink butterfly, because, why not!

{Oh, I started this wreath three years ago and finished it a year later (more on why below), so this was completed looooong before the thought of this blog ever crossed my mind.  I therefore don’t have step-by-step photos for this tutorial….sorry!  I’ll do my best to describe the process in detail though, and there’s lots of photos of the finished wreath!}


Spring Easter Egg Wreath


  • 12-inch styrofoam wreath form
  • LOTS of plastic Easter eggs (about 31 regular and 22 large)
  • Different colors of yarn (I used five)
  • Floral grass
  • Butterfly clip
  • Hot glue/gun and scissors
  • Ribbon for hanging


A Friendly Warning….

Now before I get into the full details, let me just warn you that this is not for the faint of heart….this ain’t no quick and easy project.

I’d made a yarn-wrapped wreath for my son’s nursery door, so I started this thinking I’d knock it out in one, maybe two weekends, tops.  Yeah….NO.  This yarn wrapping is no joke and takes a significant amount of time, plus there’s more surface area to cover on the wreath form than one might think.  Don’t let it fool you…..to put it bluntly, YARN WRAPPING SUCKS.  There, I said it.

I ended up getting so burnt out on wrapping egg after egg after egg that I packed up everything, only 2/3 the way finished with covering the wreath, because I had had enough.  I didn’t recharge and finish it until the NEXT spring.

Now, that being said, I love the way it turned out!  Would I make another one of these beauties?  Probably not for anything short of a million dollars (only slightly kidding).  However, I am very pleased with the end result, so the self-abuse was worth it in the end. ;)


The Process

I first grabbed several bags of the regular-sized plastic Easter eggs as well as several of the jumbo, large-sized ones.  I also picked up my five skeins of cheap yarn and a 12-inch styrofoam wreath form (I believe I bought everything from JoAnn’s during a sale).

Now that my supplies were acquired, I fired up my hot glue gun, picked up a plastic egg, and started wrapping the yarn….and wrapping and wrapping and wrapping.

I used two different wrapping methods: one was very orderly with the yarn spiraling up around the egg in perfect rows, and the other was crazy and haphazard, covering the egg almost like a bird’s nest (Ha, how appropriate, right?!  Eggs….bird’s nest….get it?).

Spring Easter Egg Wreath | Where The Smiles Have Been

The wrapping of the yarn itself isn’t the rough part.  The problem is these plastic eggs are quite slick and well, egg-shaped, so I needed a lot of hot glue dabs to secure the yarn in place.  This was especially the case for the orderly, yarn-spiraled eggs.

The process was a constant “Place a dab of glue, put glue gun down and grab yarn, place yarn and wait for glue to dry, carefully wrap a little of the yarn, grab glue gun again and place another dab of glue, put the glue gun down again, quickly grab the yarn and line it up perfectly then wait for glue to dry” and on and on…..that’s why it took forever!  Plus, it wore my poor right arm out with all the back-and-forth….I know, first-world problems.

I worked in small sections to cover the wreath form with the yarn-wrapped eggs.  I wrapped several eggs in their various colors of yarn, then glued them to the wreath form a few at a time, much like I do when I make my ornament wreaths.  Once the entire wreath form was covered in yarn-wrapped eggs (glory hallelujah!), I then started gluing strands of fake grass into some of the gaps.


The Final Spring Easter Egg Wreath!

After adding a strand of yellow ribbon for hanging, my wreath was finally complete!

My grandmother gave me a little pink butterfly clip on my Easter basket last year (yes, I’m almost 30 and she still gives me an Easter basket), so I decided to add it on here instead of a bow.  I think it looks quite springy, indeed!

Spring Easter Egg Wreath | Where The Smiles Have Been

Spring Easter Egg Wreath | Where The Smiles Have Been

Spring Easter Egg Wreath | Where The Smiles Have Been

Spring Easter Egg Wreath | Where The Smiles Have Been

Like I said, this was a doozy of a project, but I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out!  It’s so colorful and cheery, and definitely pulls our home out of the dreary winter blues.

It will be quite a while, however, before I undertake another yarn-wrapping project…. ;)


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  1. Mary Ellen Mandeville says:

    Christine, I like this Easter wreath so very much. I might like to try my hand at making one just like this to save for next Easter. I like your website a lot and all of your projects are absolutely amazing.

  2. So sweet and pretty! Pinned to my Easter board!

  3. I so wish I had the agile hands, time and patience to make this! Such a beautiful project and I so appreciate your honesty that the yarn wrapping was hard. I will have to find a simpler version :) , still I am featuring your post in our Small Victories Sunday linkup this weekend, cause I loved the project and your refreshing honesty that these Pinterest projects are hard!

    Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup. Pinning to our linkup board and hope you join us again this weekend.

    • Oh Tanya, thank you so very much for the feature! I’m so honored! Woot, woot! :) And yes, this project was much more of an undertaking than I anticipated going into it, but like I said, I am very happy with the results. I felt like I needed to warn others though that this is not a project that can quickly or easily be thrown together. ;) Thank you again for selecting this project to feature!

  4. Beautiful work. Featured. Linda @Crafts a la Mode

  5. I’m so glad you completed this project, it is gorgeous! I have a few UFOs (unfinished objects) that you have inspired me to finish.

    I’m featuring this project on my Friday Favorites this week, thank you for sharing this with us at the Spring Craft Blog Hop #SCBH2015

    • Oh Renee, thank you so very much for the feature! I’m so honored! And I love your term “UFO”…..I’m soooo going to steal it, because it fits me to a “T”! :)

  6. That is beautiful!! Looks like a lot of work, though! Perfect for those leftover scraps of yarn! :) #SCBH2015

    • Thank you, Jamie! Yes, it was a beast to complete, but I’m in love with the final result. So I guess it was worth the headaches and burnt fingers. :)

  7. This is lovely! It’s understandable that you needed to put it away and then come back to it. That’s a lot of work! But, the finished wreath looks as though it was very much worth all that work. I love the combination of colors you selected. Thanks so much for sharing this on the Spring Craft Blog Hop!

    • Thank you so much, Beverly! I love the colors too….it definitely pulls our home out of the winter blues (and is a great change of pace from all the beige we have!). ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Peggy Gooch says:

    Really pretty but think I will leave this to the less faint of heart!!! I am a Southern lady but a senior. Do not know where the years have gone. Christine, you are a lovely young lady.

    • Awwwww, Peggy, you are so very kind! And I think you just made me blush a little. ;) Yes, this ended up being a very daunting project, and like I mentioned, it’s one that I doubt I will ever try again. But that being said, I do love the final result. Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit my little site, and for such a sweet comment! :)


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