Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger: Perfect for Memorial Day and Fourth of July!

By now, y’all know how I love me some wreaths.  Just check out my Project Gallery to see all the ones I’ve made so far.  I seemed to already have ones for nearly every holiday or time of year (even for UK basketball season!)….except summer.  I know….crazy, indeed.

I’ve since rectified this decor dilemma with my newly created patriotic USA map wooden door hanger.  Now we can proudly display this American flag-esque beauty on our door from May through July….or possibly even year-round (I mean, I am married to an Army vet so we’re all about American pride in these parts)!

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been

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Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger



Adding White Spray Paint

I first gave the entire wooden map a couple coats of white spray paint, giving it a light sanding with some fine sand paper in between coats, just to make sure it stayed nice and smooth.

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been


Adding Painter’s Tape & Painting Red Stripes

Then it was time to paint the red stripes.  I first applied a few rows of painter’s tape where I wanted the white stripes to remain, making sure to cover the edges really well too.  Then I gave the whole map a couple light coats with the red paint.

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been


Removing Painter’s Tape

Once the paint was dry, I started to remove the painter’s tape.  And just like with my dual-sided Valentine’s Day door hanger and the bright and bold accent wall in my son’s room, I had nothing but crisp, clean lines!

Along the edges, there were a few spots where the red paint had blown onto the white stripe areas (I obviously didn’t cover them so well….whoops!) so I just sprayed some of the white paint onto a paper plate and did some minor touch-ups with a small craft brush.  No biggie.

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been


The Navy Vinyl Design

Now that my map was done in the red and white, I needed to add the blue!

The idea for this whole project started on Pinterest (of course) when I saw this gorgeous card kit by Julie Campbell with “The United States of America” in a wonderfully swirly script font….and since she’s offering it as a FREE cut file, I knew I had to create something with it!  I mean, it’s just too beautiful.  It’s also apparently based on a design by Jude Landry, and you can get it on a shirt from his site too.

I first took a screenshot of my map’s shape from the website where I purchased it so I could create a mockup that was to scale, then I opened it up in Silhouette Studio along with the cut file of the wording.  It also includes the outline of the US, but it’s a little more simplified and “cartoony” with the borders and coast line, so I deleted that part.

I then resized the text to fit my map and adjusted its proportions a tad so it would look right, then resized everything to the final dimensions before cutting it out.

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been


Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Cut Settings:

Now that my door hanger was painted and my design was finished, it was time to cut it out in vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo.  I flipped through my vinyl storage organizer until I spotted a 12″ x 24″ sheet of navy blue vinyl and pulled it out, along with my 12″ x 24″ cutting mat.

I used the default Vinyl cut settings but bumped the speed down a bit since this had some pretty intricate parts:

  • Speed: 5
  • Thickness: 9
  • Blade: 2
  • Cutting Mat: Checked

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been


Cutting The Vinyl

The sheet of navy vinyl was placed on the cutting mat and then loaded into my Silhouette Cameo.  Once I double-checked that my blade was set to a depth of 2, I went back to my computer and hit ‘Cut’….then watched the magic happen!

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been


Weeding The Vinyl

A few minutes later, I had a perfect vinyl design!  Wahoo!  I just love it when that happens.

Next, I grabbed my hook tool and started weeding (or removing) all the excess vinyl away until….

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been

….I had just the beautiful design left!

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been


Applying the Vinyl Design

To apply the design to my freshly-painted wooden map, I first added some transfer paper over top then used the fail-proof hinge method.  You can read more details about it here if you’d like….it is pretty amazing.

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been

All that remained was gluing a strand of twine to the back for hanging and this beauty was FINISHED!


The Completed Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger!

And here it is!  I just love how this USA door hanger turned out!  It makes me feel so incredibly patriotic, and it all came together really quickly too (those types of projects are the best!).  Now we can show off our American pride with this cute and unique decoration….it’s just perfect for summer!

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been

Patriotic USA Map Wooden Door Hanger | Where The Smiles Have Been


I also used this same cut file for an all-American shirt for my son!

Patriotic Hand-Scripted USA Shirt + Silhouette GIVEAWAY! | Where The Smiles Have Been


FREE Silhouette Cut Files!

Make sure you check out all the FREE Silhouette cut files I’ve shared so far….you just might find something you like!

FREE Silhouette Cut Files at!


More Patriotic Fun!

Here are some other All-American goodies I’ve shared!

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  1. Alicia Demmitt says:

    Obviously you are a fellow Kentucky girl, not that the UK wreath would give that away. When I first goty Silhouette your layering blog caught me eye. It’s very helpful BTW. I have to know where you got you USA wood map? I do realize it was last year’s post but hopefully I can find one…Thanks!

  2. Soooo love this!!! Great tutorial too! Holly

  3. this is so incredibly beautiful! i’ve included this post on one of my “favorite things” wreath edition posts. thank you for sharing your talent!

  4. Marjorie Otto says:

    Please sign me up for your newsletter so I don’t miss any of your exciting and wonderful projects. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  5. Desiree says:

    Hi! I was just wondering if you finish any of your paint/vinyl projects with a clear coat of some sort? Thanks!

    • Hi Desiree! Sometimes I use a sealant and sometimes I don’t. For instance, I used some on our family growth chart ruler (even though it remains indoors) so my toddler son can’t pick off the vinyl (curious little devil). Over a year later, it’s still holding up wonderfully. Other times I’ll use a clear coat if it’s something that will have lots of wear & tear, like my son’s Halloween bucket. I didn’t bother sealing this door hanger since we have a covered porch so this won’t be exposed to any rain. I’ve never had any issues with the vinyl bubbling or peeling when using sealant though. Hope this helps!

  6. Jessica says:

    Do you recall what size map you purchased?

  7. I love this idea so much I almost ran out to grab some cardboard out of my recycling trash bin which is currently out at the curb:). Looks great, pinning!!!

  8. Hi! I love this so much! It’s awesome. Someone said you were sharing the file but I can’t find it…?

    Also, I wanted to throw in another way to do the hinge method without the painter’s tape. If you make your transfer tape slightly bigger than your design then you can lay down your design, peel up your design with the transfer tape enough to remove the backing but still have the transfer tape stuck to your surface and then just fold it back down. Does that make sense?

    • I forgot to add that you lay down the design, stick the transfer tape over it making sure its also stuck to your surface and THEN peel it up with the design on it. It’s always hard to type these things out. haha. :)

    • Hey Amanda! I’m not sharing the file directly because I did not create it, however, I do have the link to where it can be downloaded for free. It’s all explained above where I talk about the navy design. Thanks for the tip, too!

  9. I just saw 3 of your posts on the Dream. Create. Inspire link party, wow you’ve got some serious crafting talent! This is just a great project, and I also loved the personalized t-shirt!

    • Yay, so glad you found your way over here, Ann! And thanks for all the kind words! This was a fun one to make….and much easier than my son’s birthday shirt! :)

  10. I love this and want to do it with my girlfriends as a craft night. Do you think it would work just as well to paint with brushes and acrylic paint? There will be about 8 women around a table in my house so spray paint isn’t an option. Thanks for the great idea!

    • Hey Jennie! I think that sounds like such a fun party, and yes, craft paint would work just fine! You may need to do several coats to make sure you don’t see any brush strokes (or maybe use some small rollers), but it should work out beautifully! Hope you ladies have a good time! :)

  11. This is so cool, beautiful work! It would really make any door POP! Thanks for joining the Link-It To Me Link Party! I hope you will party with us again next week!

  12. I’m a sucker for anything U.S.A. shaped or that includes a map. I love the font you used on this too! Thanks for sharing at Talented Tuesday!

  13. Hi there! Thank you so much for the awesome free project :) I was wondering if you would know how to open the font/words if I am using a cricut?

    • Hey Amanda! I *think* there is a way you can open it on a Cricut, but I’m not exactly sure how since I have no prior experience with a Cricut. You may need to use a program called Bullzip (?) and convert it that way? Or can you save a screenshot of a pic of it and trace it from a jpeg/png or convert it to a PDF? I’m not sure if you have that option like a Silhouette does. I’ll try and look into it and let you know if I find anything out!

  14. Kimberly Garcia says:

    What font did you use for the letters? Thank you!

    • Hey Kimberly! It’s not a font. It’s a hand-drawn design that was turned into a free cut file. There are links to both above. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Hey cute girl! Just stopping by to let you know that your sign was Jessica’s favorite from the last party! Woo Hoo! We will be featuring them tonight’s party at 7 pm. I hope to see you there! Lou Lou Girls

  16. It’s so clean and simple. I really like it. Where do I get a wooden cutout?

    Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me monday!

  17. Christine this is such a wonderful idea!! I am so jealous of your mad Silhouette skills. I so need to get on the bandwagon and get myself one!
    Just letting you know I’m sharing this amazing door hanger on My Favorite Things weekend roundup today! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Yes Amanda, the Silhouette is pretty amazing and I know you’d love having it in your crafting arsenal! And thanks so much for the feature! :)

  18. Great project! I just love my silhouette. It’s definitely in my top 3 must haves, if not #1. It’s probably #1, haha.

    • Haha, I know what you mean, Rachel! Now that I know about the wonderful world of Silhouette, I don’t think I could ever live without it! It’s changed my crafty life. :)

  19. Penny Leuenberger says:

    I already loved you and everything you do however finding out you are a UK fan makes me love you even more lol. Seriously I love your book and your blog. You are incredibly talented and full of knowledge. Thank you for the hinge method it is seriously life changing!! When I find myself trying something new or needing direction I always look to your blog or book first, you are my google when it comes to my cameo. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge :)

    • Thanks for all the kind words, Penny! I’m glad you enjoy what you find here! But I don’t have a book….are you referring to The Ultimate Silhouette Guide?? If so, that was written by Melissa over at Silhouette School. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  20. I’ve never even thought about a door hanger for these holidays – this is so patriotic and perfect! Pinning for 4th of July for sure.

    • I know, I used to only think of wreaths as being appropriate for Christmastime, but ever since I started making my own, I just keep wanting to have one for every time of year or occasion! Thanks for stopping by again, Joann! :)

  21. This is awesome! What thickness is the cutout that you purchased?

  22. This is gorgeous! Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned to the Bloggers Brags Broad.

  23. Erin pearce says:

    I love this! Any way to make it without the silhouette machine? Will you be selling these or the decals?

    • Hey Erin! You could always just paint the design on if you don’t have a machine to cut out the vinyl. And nope, unfortunately I won’t be able to sell these or the decals since I did not create the wording design….I don’t have commercial rights to it, so if you see a knock off of this being sold elsewhere, double check that they have a commercial license and can legally sell it!

  24. I love this!! I have been stressing lately trying to find my patriotic wreath from last year and I have no clue where it is. Maybe it’s time to make a new one.

    • Thanks so much, Sheena! This door hanger was super easy to make…you could totally knock it out in a day if you can’t find your other wreath! :)

  25. PLEASE tell me where, and if (fingers crossed), I can buy one of these. I adore it !! Thank you.

    • Thanks so much, Cece! I’m so happy to hear you like this! I’m still trying to figure some things out in terms of selling these beauties, so stay tuned! :)

  26. Miranda Hanna says:

    What size USA did you get? Love this!

  27. This is such an awesome project Christine! You have the best ideas and make them look easy. Pinning.

    • Awwww, thanks so much Kelly! Back at ya! ;) This was actually really easy….just a little spray paint and a vinyl decal can have quite the impact!


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