Monthly Baby Photos of The Cub

If you couldn’t tell already by some of my other posts, The Cub turned one this month. CRAZY!! I can’t believe how fast the baby stage goes by, and how fast development occurs.  Sometimes I swear he was a different baby in the morning than the one we put to sleep at night!  That’s why I’m so glad we took these monthly baby photos of him….it’s such a great way to look back and see how teeny tiny he was in the beginning, and how much he’s developed in just these first twelve months.  Plus, all the tidbits of info are already fun to read and reminisce over.

Monthly Baby Photos

This just makes me giggle….mainly because I think it looks like I’m doing some serious arm dancing! I can mash potatuh!


We started this project when The Cub was two weeks old.  Looking back now, I wish we would have snapped a pic of me holding him in front of me when he was brand new, either in the hospital or a day or two after we brought him home.  It would have been nice to have an official “beginning” photo, but I guess in the grand scheme of things, two weeks old is still considered the beginning.

Since The Cub’s birthday is June 2nd, near the beginning of each month, I would stand holding him in front of a plain wall while The Hubs snapped our photo.  I tried to make sure both of us had different clothes on for each month…..we just couldn’t have repeats, could we??  This proved challenging, however, for the last few months (I’m no fashionista), but we made it work.  Looking back now, Months 4, 5, & 6 were apparently a stripy phase for us!


Monthly Baby Photos Collage

Since his first year is history now, I compiled all the photos into a couple different collages….one includes all the tidbits and the other does not.  It’s so neat to look at them grouped together and see his growth.  And I just love the development of his facial expressions….and crazy hair!

Monthly Baby Photos

Yes, I know you can’t read the tidbits for each month here….don’t worry, there are larger photos below!


I edited the photos in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to make them relatively the same looking, then I transferred them to either my iPad or iPhone and used an app called Over to add the text.  I’m wishing now that I would have just done the text in Photoshop Elements to save the quality of the images….using the app obviously made the photos lose some of their crispness, but oh wells.  During the first few of these with a newborn, I was aiming for quick and easy, and using the app was both of those!  The collages and animated GIF were then created in Photoshop Elements.

For the tidbits of info, I made sure to include all of his official stats from each doctor’s checkup, as well as any distinctive physical characteristics and new milestones reached.  Other tidbits were just silliness (i.e. “Enjoys a good poop while at the dinner table”), but hey, that’s The Cub.

Monthly Baby PhotosMonthly Baby Photos Monthly Baby Photos


Another Collage Idea: Just Pics

Here’s the second collage I created, this one without all the tidbits.

Monthly Baby Photos


Another Monthly(ish) Baby Photo Idea

Aside from taking monthly photos, I also thought it would be fun to take a photo with The Cub wearing the same footie pajamas at longer intervals so we could really see his growth. So, when he was four weeks old, I dressed him in a set of super cute monkey pajamas from Carter’s…..they were size 9 months, so they were HUGE for this first shot.  Then at four months, eight months, and twelve months, I dressed him in the same jammies and took more photos.  As you can see, he started busting out of them in no time.  And gahh, I just love his budding faux hawk at four months old!  Little boys look so darn adorable with faux hawks, amiright?

Monthly Baby Photos

My baby is now officially a little boy…..*sniffle*


And just for the heck of it, here’s a couple animated GIFs of just The Cub’s faces. :)

Monthly Baby PhotosMonthly Baby Photos


While this little project got tedious at times (“Is it really time to take another one??” was a frequent question from The Hubs), I am so thrilled that we have these to look back on.  It fills my heart with happiness.  And we get to do it all over again when we have our next baby! :)

Have any of you made any cute and creative monthly photo collections of your little ones??

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