Some Exciting News To Share: WTSHB is Expanding! Sort of…. ;)

Hey, friends!  I know things have been rather sporadic in these parts lately.  My apologies!

It’s just that 2016 has been quite busy for our family, and unfortunately this ol’ blog has kinda taken a backseat for the time being.  First, we started moving into our new house on New Year’s Day, then two weeks later we got some even bigger news:


Yep, there’s another bun in this here oven, and soon there will be four of us.

This pregnancy has been quite different from my first one, let me tell ya.  With Rowan, I had about a smooth and pain-free pregnancy as any woman could hope for.  It was seriously, deceptively easy and simple.

This one….not so much.  There haven’t been any complications, thankfully, but man oh man, this all-day morning sickness is just awful!!  For all of February and the first half of March, I was completely miserable and almost unable to get off the couch most days (hence my almost non-existent presence online).  Luckily, I’m starting to get a little energy back as well as my appetite….and hopefully the crafting bug will bite me again!


Here’s what our new little one looked like back in early February….just a little blob, but we’re already in love!

Some Exciting News To Share: WTSHB is Expanding! Sort of.... ;) |


We waited until I reached the second trimester before announcing our exciting news to our friends and family, and of course we made the grand announcement via the one true communication platform: Facebook!  Rowan sure looks like a proud big brother already. :)

{Stay tuned for a post where I share all the details about how I made this digital chalkboard sign as part of my All Things Chalkboard series!}

Some Exciting News To Share: WTSHB is Expanding! Sort of.... ;) |


In just a couple weeks we’ll find out if we’re having a girl or a boy.  My guess is we’ll be seeing some pink in our lives, but my husband thinks it’s another little lad.  We shall see!  So needless to say, prepare for lots of baby-related posts….I foresee countless personalized onesies, baby products, and nursery posts coming up over the next several months! :)


Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. No waaaaaaay! I’m so excited for you guys! (And how fun that we get to overlap in our pregnancy journeys. Eek!) Boy or girl, I know this little one will be so loved and so celebrated with you and your sweet hubby as parents. And that pregnancy announcement with Rowan is TOO cute! (And so very you.) Sending a huge congratulatory hug your way!

  2. Congratulations!! I think it’s a girl :) I was sick for 14 weeks with my daughter and I’ve heard that you’re really not nauseous or sick with boys. Now, I don’t have any boys to compare it to, and perhaps I hope everybody that wants a girl experiences the joy I have with my mini-me, but my gut says girl!! Either way – how very exciting for you! Good luck!

    • Thanks so very much, Patsy! Yes, that’s what I’ve heard too….nausea usually means it’s a little lady already being dramatic. ;) I sure wasn’t sick at all with my son, so I hope the old wive’s tale holds true. We find out tomorrow! :)

  3. Mary (Hephzibah) Adelaja says:

    Congratulations! Tis great news

  4. Congrats!!! I’d say that the morning sickness is a sign of a girl, but I have delivered one girl and two boys and I puked the whole time with all of mine. But my bestie is preggo with #4 and we have our fingers crossed for another girl. She had two non-morning sickness pregnancies and they were both boys. Her third she puked everyday and had a girl. She has been puking a lot this time too. Your sign is too cute!! The quiet blog sounds like me. I have been so quiet lately at mine with homeschooling my four, scout leader stuff and my Etsy shop. But I am missing blogging. So I am reading some of my favorite blogs tonight. =) TTYL

    • Thanks, Sheena! Yeah, I’ve heard that more morning sickness means it’s a girl too….and I’m hoping that old wive’s tale is true! I didn’t have any issues when I was pregnant with my son, which is why I’m hoping this is signaling that this one’s a girl this time around. We shall see in just under two weeks! :) And I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s slowed down with blogging….it’s hard to stay on top of everything! You sound like you’re quite busy yourself!

  5. Belinda says:

    Congratulations on your good news !!

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