Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files

I think most people are probably bit by the organization bug around this time every year.  The new year is just the perfect time for a fresh start, a clean slate, a new path….ya know, all that optimistic feel-good, “Let’s get our life together!” stuff.

One of my biggest areas of opportunity for organization is my craft supplies.  Since I started this blog last summer, my collection has kinda gotten a little way out of control.  I unfortunately don’t have a craft room yet (#sadface, although I’m currently planning for my dream one!), so I’ve gradually taken over a corner of our dining room (much to my husband’s chagrin).  It’s not ideal, obviously, but that’s how I’m rolling….and I am in serious need of an organizational intervention, especially with supplies for my Silhouette Cameo.

Not only do I have a tutorial for you here showing you how I put together this easy solution for vinyl storage and organization, BUT I’m also providing you with both of the cut files I used for free (divider tab labels and a cute, witty decal for the front), AND it’s Silhouette Challenge time!  Yep, so that means you’ll also be introduced to 32 MORE awesome organizational projects that you can make with your Silhouette.  Keep reading for all the details!

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

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Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

Behind-The-Scenes at WTSHB

Well, I’m a little embarrassed to even show this behind-the-scenes shot, but there’s nothing glamorous in these parts!  No Pinterest-worthy, enviable, meticulously organized craft room here!

Instead, I’m keeping it real.  Yep, this is real middle-class suburbia, messy, stay-at-home-mom-of-a spunky-toddler life.  Here’s our coffee table that we moved out of our family room and into the corner of our dining room after my son became mobile.  As you can see, it is now covered in random craft goodies as well as nearly all of my Silhouette supplies, including rolls/sheets/scrap pieces of vinyl, transfer paper, cutting mats, tools, and the inanimate love of my crafty life, my Silhouette Cameo.

It’s an organized mess, for sure.

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

Hot mess, indeed!  And this doesn’t even show the bins and bins of my other non-Silhouette related craft supplies that are up in our loft!

Here’s another angle just so you can get a full appreciation for my disaster area of a craft “room” (please don’t think too much less of me!):

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

Not only is this disorganization a huge embarrassing, so-not-Pinterest eye-sore, but it causes extreme frustration because:

  1. It’s hard to find things when I need them.
  2. It’s hard to remember just what I currently have on hand, so I either think I have something then get grumpy when it turns out I don’t, or on the flip-side, I think I’m out of something so I end up ordering extra unnecessary supplies.
  3. It results in my precious vinyl getting damaged, which costs me money….and who likes wasting money?!

Can anyone relate to this?!?

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!


Vinyl Organization is on the Way!

My Easy Storage Solution for Vinyl (and More)!

I’m part of some groups on Facebook for Silhouette lovers, and a while ago a discussion popped up on one of them for advice on how to store sheets of vinyl.  Someone posted that they use an artist portfolio….I thought this was not only genius, but it would also be the perfect solution for my disaster area of (mostly) vinyl!  So whoever you are, thank you for sharing!

Since I usually buy my vinyl in 12″ x 24″ sheets (except for colors that I use all the time, like white and black, which I buy in bulk rolls), I snagged an 18″ x 24″ artist portfolio/display book.  It has 24 sleeves that are front and back, so a total of what they call 48 “views.”

It would easily fit all my vinyl sheets (with room to spare), and would keep them all organized and protected until I’m ready to use them….sounds ideal to me!

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

As you can see, it’s basically a giant photo album.

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!


My Stash of Supplies

Since my portfolio was on hand and ready to go, I needed to do an inventory of all my Silhouette supplies to see just what I could include.

I originally planned on using this portfolio to only store my vinyl sheets, but once I started pulling things out, I kept finding more things that would easily fit as well!

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

Here’s what I had in my stash:


Organizer Categories

Now that I had a complete inventory of everything that was going in the portfolio, here were my final categories:

  1. Oracal 651
  2. Oracal 631
  3. Silhouette brand vinyl
  4. Scraps
  5. HTV
  6. Printable HTV
  7. Printable vinyl
  8. Specialty papers
  9. Cutting mats

(Note: I use Oracal 651 the most and it’s going to be organized by color, but I won’t be making labels for each individual color….I’m not *that* OCD.)


Organizing the Portfolio Organizer

Making Divider Tab Labels for the Portfolio Organizer

Now that my stash of goodies was consolidated, I could move on to making the divider tab labels for the portfolio‘s pages.  Since I didn’t have any spare tabs laying around from my working or college days, I decided to put my Silhouette Cameo‘s print and cut function to good use!

I first used a dingbat font called KG Flavor and Frames Five and found a binder divider tab that was to my liking.  Then I duplicated it until I had nine tabs to match my nine final categories and filled them in with bright, cheery colors.  I then typed out each category’s name twice (one for the front and a flipped one for the back)….*BOOM!*  Instant labels!

{Psssst!  Keep reading for your free cut file of these labels!}

Since I was utilizing the print and cut function, I of course needed to add registration marks in order to tell my Silhouette where to cut.  Once they were turned on, I rearranged the tabs so they would fit within the boundaries.

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

I then went to my Cut menu to see where my cut lines were.  Only the outline of each tab was going to be cut, so I therefore needed to add my own cut lines in the middle of each tab in order to cleanly fold the tabs in half.

No problem!  I just used my Line tool and drew a small line across the center of each tab, went back to my Cut menu, and changed each line to Perforate….this would create a dotted cut line that would be perfect for folding.

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

Now that everything was set up, it was time to print!  I loaded up my inkjet printer with the same Target Up & Up-brand semi-glossy photo paper that I recently used for my photo magnets and ornament Christmas cards, then printed the tabs.

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

I once again had another perfect print job, so I loaded up the sheet onto my cutting mat and then into my Silhouette Cameo.  Then I changed the cut settings in Silhouette Studio and also adjusted my blade to match.  Next, I had my Silhouette detect the registration marks automatically in preparation for cutting.

For photo paper, I use the default Print Paper cut settings, but increase my blade to a #3….it works like a charm everytime!  (But make sure you do a test cut first!)

Glossy Photo Paper Cut Settings for Silhouette:

  • Speed: 10
  • Thickness: 15
  • Blade: 3
  • Cutting Mat: Checked

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

A few moments later, my tabs were cut out and perfectly perforated!

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

I then grabbed my trusty can of spray adhesive and finished putting the tabs together.  I just folded them in half, gave a quick blast of spray adhesive to the back, then folded the tab closed and gave it a good press.  So easy!

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!


FREE Divider Tab Labels for YOUR Vinyl Organizer!

Now the tabs are complete!  And like I mentioned, you can download the file I created and make your own set of labels for FREE!  The colors and/or descriptions on the labels can easily be changed out, too, in case you have different categories you’d like to use with your portfolio organizer (or if you want to use the labels for something else entirely!).

The cut file is FREE to download, although I’d really appreciate you following me on FacebookPinterest, or Instagram in exchange. {wink}

(The Fine Print: This cut file is free for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  No commercial use or redistribution is permitted.  Check out my policy information for more details.  Thanks!)

Click here to download your free Vinyl Organization Tab Labels .studio cut file!

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

[NOTE: If you want to change the color and/or the text of the tabs, no problem!  Just ungroup and make your desired changes.  Also, the font I used is KG Feeling 22, so if you want to change the text and keep this same font, you’ll need to download and install it on your computer.  I hope these directions work….I’m so not techy so please let me know if you have any issues. ;) Enjoy!]

***UPDATE!!: I’ve since created a miniature version of this organizer that is solely for scraps, and I have a new set of free labels that you are welcome to download too….there are several new categories, and I show a new way to attach them to the pages!


Adding the Tabs to the Organizer Pages

To add the tabs to the pages, I just used some double-sided tape and placed a strip on the bottom of each tab.  Then I stuck the tab to the backside of a page….so simple, indeed.

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

Granted, it’s not as secure as Fort Knox, but it works well enough to stay on while thumbing through the pages to find what I need.  Plus, the tabs can easily be removed and applied to another page if when I go on a shopping spree and need to add some more pages to a particular category.

If there’s one thing I like more than organization, it’s adjustable organization!



Beautifying the Front of the Organizer

Now that I had an organizer for my vinyl (and other supplies), I of course had to make a VINYL DECAL for it!  I mean, hellooooo!  I am obsessed with my Silhouette as well as vinyl, so any excuse to get my craft on is more than welcome.  Plus, a plain, black front of the organizer is just boring and blah….it was practically begging me to slap a cute, witty decal on the front!

So here’s what I came up with.  I made a slight adjustment to the Robert Palmer classic ….hey, replace “love” with “vinyl” and a lot of the lyrics can be applied to Silhouette-aholics!….and made a decal with the phrase “Might as well face it–I’m addicted to vinyl”.  I don’t know if truer words have ever been spoken….

Are you a vinyl addict too?!?  Then you can snag this cut file for FREE!

Click here to download your free “Might as well face it–I’m addicted to vinyl” .studio cut file!

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

(The Fine Print: Once again, this cut file is free for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  No commercial use or redistribution is permitted.  Check out my policy information for more details.  Thanks!)

Lots of people have wanted to know about the fonts and dingbats I used in the decal as well.  Here they are, and they’re all free!


Applying the Addicted to Vinyl Decal

To make this decal, I loaded up some mint Oracal 651 (which I also used for decals here and here) onto my cutting mat and then into my Silhouette.  Once it was cut out using the default Vinyl cut settings, I weeded away the excess vinyl and then applied some transfer paper to the top.

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

Next, I did a rough measurement to center it near the top of my organizer and then applied it using the hinge method, which I talk about here, here, and here if you’d like more details.

Man, I just love that mint vinyl and how it pops off the black cover!

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!


The Completed Easy Vinyl Storage Organization Solution!

Now that my tabs were applied and my decal was on the front, I just slid all my supplies into the pages of their respective categories.  Like I mentioned earlier, I organized the Oracal 651 by color (mostly Roy G. Biv-style, of course), but they each don’t have individual labels.

And here it is: my easy (and super cute) vinyl storage organization solution!  Now it’s so easy to quickly flip through and see what I have on hand.

  • Hmmmm, how much silver 651 do I have?….PLENTY!
  • Do I have any royal blue?….YOU BETCHA!
  • I just need a little white….I bet I have a scrap!….SURE DO!
  • Where’s my last sheet of printable vinyl?….RIGHT HERE!
  • There’s a sale going on now!  Should I stock up on anything?….THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS ‘YES’!

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

Everything couldn’t be easier to add to or remove from the pages….seriously.  And there are still plenty of pages left if when I get more supplies.

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!

Another thing I love about this organizer is that it doesn’t take up much space: it can easily be laid flat on a table or the floor, or slid behind a bookcase, shelf, or into a closet.

Once loaded with supplies, it is rather heavy, though, and I wish it had a closure of some sort as well as a carrying handle, but it’s not like I’m going to be lugging this thing across a college campus or anything.

It certainly serves its purpose and reduces the clutter while keeping my supplies damage-free….and providing me with some organizational sanity.

All in all I LOVE THIS ORGANIZER!!!  It has rocked my Silhouetting world. :)  Now I just need to organize the rest of my craft stuff….and house….and life….ha!

Easy Vinyl Storage Organization and TWO Free Cut Files!


The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps (and More)!

Like I mentioned, I’ve also created a miniature version of this organizer that is solely for SCRAPS!  You can check out all the details HERE, and also snag TWO new freebie cut files!

The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files! Whether you have a Silhouette, Cricut, Brother, or another die-cutter, this tool can help you get organized AND save you money! Via Where The Smiles Have Been


And here’s how I’m now storing my other Silhouette goodies, as well as the rest of my craft supplies!

Thinking of buying a WorkBox 3.0 to store all of your craft supplies? Here's what you need to know before adding one to your craft room! My WorkBox 3.0 Review: The Good, The Bad, & The WTF?! | Where The Smiles Have Been


The Silhouette Challenge

Last month I took part in my very first Silhouette Challenge with my red-nosed reindeer photo ornament Christmas cards, and I had so much fun being a part of it, I made it one of my blogging goals for 2015 to complete ALL TWELVE challenges this year!

And wouldn’t you know it that ORGANIZATION is the theme of January’s challenge….perfect!  Not only that, but this year we’re having little bonus challenges each month as well, and this month’s bonus challenge is….wait for it….VINYL!  Ha!  I think I nailed it with this project. ;)



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  1. Melissa in KY says:

    I wish the pages were a little sturdier. I feel like I am going to rip them out! Have you tried changing out the black paper inserts for something heavier?

  2. Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea, and your implementation is fabulous. I shopped for one of these and was flabbergasted… I’ve seen it some places $40-$70. Any tips on getting this cheaper? I’m not ready to bit the bullet and spend $40 on this. I don’t have that much vinyl…but maybe it would be more helpful when I do?

    • Hi Emilee! I think when I purchased it from Amazon it was around $32. Others have said they’ve seen similar portfolios at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, but I’ve never looked for them there personally. You might be able to use a coupon if you can find it at a craft store. Hope this helps!

  3. I love this idea you are a wonderful!! Thank you so much!!!! I don’t have the money to buy it right now but you can bet I put it on my wish list!! I have been going thought my house cleaning and organizing for a week now and this is the best idea I have found for vinyl.

  4. Sumguynobuddynoes says:

    I tried the “Pizza Box” idea but it takes up way too much room and you have to open each box to see what you have. This idea makes soooo much sense. Quite sharp and innovative. Thanks!

  5. Karen Parker says:

    I love your Face It and Vinyl font . . . what is it? I made my portfolios – they look awesome thanks to your graphics!!!

    • Wahoo, Karen! That’s so great! I’m glad you enjoyed this. :) The font you’re after is called Ostrich Sans Inline. It’s a great one! Enjoy your organizers! :)

  6. Karen Parker says:

    Your original pile of supplies looks like mine – I’m off to Hobby Lobby in the am for portfolios! GREAT idea and execution!

  7. What an awesome idea! I’m definitely going to do this one. I currently have most of my vinyl stored in an Iris plastic box thingy, but it’s starting to overflow that system. I really love your version. This could also be useful for oversized scrapbooking paper or art paper.



    • I’m glad you like this, Amanda! I’m not sure which letter you’re referring to, but you can find the font’s (Bergamot Ornament’s) character map online and see which one corresponds to the scroll you’re after.

  9. Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for this! I’ve been looking for a storing solution for my HTV for a long time and I think this is it! The freebies are awesome. Thanks again!

  10. Thanks so much for the downloads. I can absolutely relate to the dining room mess as mine looks the same and hubby is anxious to get it back to normal. I love this solution.

  11. I finally picked up one of these portfolios for my flat vinyl and I LOVE IT. Thanks so much for the idea!

  12. Heather says:


    I was just wondering about how many sheets can you store per page without it feeling like it would break? I have a lot of vinyl and just wondering on the durability because I think this is an awesome idea!! :)

    • Hey Heather! I’m not sure the exact number of sheets, but I know I store a lot in some of the pages. For my HTV page, I’m storing all my glitter HTV sheets on one side, and I probably have about 15 sheets in it (and glitter HTV is THICK and heavy). I store my portfolio upright behind a book shelf, then lay it completely flat and turn the pages one at a time, very carefully. It’s not heavy duty, but it’s certainly holding up well with my weekly use! Hope this helps! :)

  13. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the free cut files! I ordered my portfolio from Amazon, and I can not wait until it comes in tomorrow!

    I am having an issue opening the labels. I do not have a printer at home, so I have been trying to email them to myself to print elsewhere, but my computer will not recognize the file. Any suggestions on how to make this work?

    Thanks for your help! :))

    • Thanks, Alyssa! I hope you find your new organizer as helpful as I’ve found mine to be!

      The files are .studio format, so you should be able to open them in Silhouette Studio then save them as a PDF. Then you should be able to email them and open them on any computer or upload them for printing. Hopefully that works for you! :)

  14. I was searching on pinterest for a good way to store my vinyl and I came across this…great idea! Thanks for the idea :D

  15. CRYSTAL says:

    Where do you buy your rolls of vinyl? How wide are they? Thanks.

  16. Hey Sweetie Pie, where did you get your awesome black portfolio??? Would ya mind if I copied??

    Hey and Thank you for the free cut files!!! They are great ….especially the addicted to Vinyl.!!!!

    Good Job


    • Hey there, Jamielynne! I bought my portfolio from Amazon, and there’s links to it above. Go ahead and copy this idea! That’s why I shared it here. :) I’m so happy to hear you enjoy the cut files too!

  17. Hi Christine! I was wondering if the tabs could be transformed into an SVG file to use with my Cricut in Cricut Design Space? I love this idea and the cute tabs! If not, is there a way you know how to make them where I could make some to use with my Cricut?? Thank you!

  18. I love this idea! I saw this when you originally posted it, and I have been trying to find a portfolio that large. Neither Michaels or Hobby Lobby has them. Where did you get yours?

  19. Wow this turned out great! I need a Silhouette for sure. Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

    • Yes, Amanda, Silhouettes are pretty amazing! I’m so happy my husband surprised me with one for my birthday last year. :) Thank you so much for stopping by!

  20. Hi Christine – Thanks for the tip. We’re only a week in to my daughter starting a “tween monogram business” at school with her birthday Silhouette Cameo and have A LOT of colors of vinyl to store! This is a great idea – here’s my question though.

    The portfolio looks a little flexible in the photo. I’m wondering if the portfolio will stand up (I have space beside my desk) or it must be stored flat (horizontal storage that big in my office, not so much!) Thanks!

    • Hey Alexa! That sounds like such a fun business for your daughter! I’m sure she’ll get lots of orders….I remember my friends and I wanting EVERYTHING personalized when we were in school (and not much has changed, ha!).

      As for the portfolio, it is pretty flexible. I would say it’s a little sturdier than the flexible standard-size office binders (you know, the kind with the soft covers?), but not as solid as the binders with the firm cover (does that make sense?). I usually slide it behind a bookcase or prop it up with a basket against the wall. It doesn’t take much to keep it upright, but it won’t be able to stand up on its own. You could probably prop it next to your desk, and depending on what your supplies are/how much you have, you may or may not need something to support it on the floor.

      Hope this helps! Good luck to you and your daughter!! :)

  21. Hi Christine,
    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this post (and all of your others). I especially loved the way you gave us which fonts you were using in case we wanted to add or change them ourselves! I just hate the way you go to adapt something and then don’t know which font was used! You’re a genius and I thank you for saving me hours trolling through the Font Book! Best wishes, Michelle.

    • Hello Michelle! You are so very welcome! I agree with you….I always love when others let you know what a particular font is that was used, whether you want to use it in that same project, or if you just like the font and want to download it for something else. I’m so glad to hear you found this tutorial and my site helpful! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave your sweet message….it made my day! Thank you again! :)

  22. Did you have any longer pieces that needed to be folded and if so did it crease?

    • Hey Mandy! Yes, I did have some pieces that were longer than 24″, so I just rolled those back up and stuck them with the rest of my rolled vinyl. I’m certain they would crease really bad if folded and placed in the organizer, so I just left them out. Hope this helps! Thanks for visiting!

  23. Laney Smith says:

    This is awesome!! I was specifically looking for organization and I also use a ton of Oracle scheets so this is perfect! Thank you for sharing and I will definitely be following you!

  24. That’s the greatest idea for vinyl ever!… I did something similar for my cardstock using a Binder but have no idea how I didn’t think of doing it for vinyls like this too! Great inspiration!!! Thanks!


    • So glad you found this helpful, Camila! That’s a good idea for organizing cardstock in a binder…..mine is just jammed into a plastic organizer at the moment. Thanks for the next project! ;)

  25. What a great idea, thanks for this and for your clever cut files…….I’m also grateful for the link to the fonts you used.

    • Howdy, Sue! No problem at all! I also like finding out fonts used in a particular project….I’m a total font junkie. :) I’m so glad you found this post helpful!

  26. Kelly Culloty says:

    I am sooo happy to find your idea. I have been fighting with my vinyl storage/organization for years. For the last few, I have had the sheets hanging from skirt/pants hangers hanging from a door knob in my craft room. Needless to say, they get knocked off the door frequently by my, cats, kid, etc. I ordered what you use, and it arrives tomorrow. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  27. GREAT idea…I have been trying to find a good storage idea! and 12×24 is so hard to find! Looks like I know what I am working on this weekend!

    • Thanks so much, Suzanne! Like I said though, this isn’t my idea….I’m so glad someone shared this great info on Facebook that one day and I spotted it. So happy you found this helpful, too! Have fun organizing! :)

  28. Christine ~ Genius! Your idea to use an artist display book to keep everything flat is genius. I roll the extra back into the tube and then get to wrestle with it when I want to cut. No more wrestling for me!

    • Hey Michele! So glad you like this idea, but like I said, I can’t take credit for it. I used to wrestle with my stuffed vinyl and tubes too! Have fun getting organized! :)

  29. Christine,
    Gone are the days of nap time creating but time still tends to get away. I am currently organizing my first craft room. I am going to use your blog post as a resource to stash my flat vinyl. Wonderful idea. Enjoy the littles and nap time.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

    • Hey, Karen Marie! My little man is growing out of his afternoon naps, so now I’m lucky if I get an hour or so of crafting in the mornings….sniffle. I wish time would slow down just a wee bit….he’s growing up too fast!!

      Have fun organizing your craft room…..ahhh, I dream of the day I’ll be able to do that myself!

  30. Thank you so much! I love this idea. I downloaded the files, but I have a question. I downloaded the fonts you listed, but the swirls at the top and bottom as well as the center decoration do not come out right. It must be something I don’t have. Is it from another font? Thank you. I just added other flourishes so if it’s not something I can get that’s ok.

    • Hey Cheryl! The other elements are dingbat fonts that are free to download as well. The frame is from KG Flavor and Frames Five, and the center decoration along with the top and bottom swirls are from Bergamot Ornaments. Hope this helps, and thanks so much for stopping by!

  31. Judianne Graham says:

    PERFECT!!!! I was just talking to a friend about the best way to store vinyl and we were going to go with a large flat sweater storage container for under the bed. I have since changed my mind. Thank you for the perfect timing. Just ordered my portfolio.

    • Judianne, how serendipitous, huh? :) I like your idea of using a large flat sweater container for storing my rolls of vinyl….that might be pretty perfect for me. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks so much for stopping by (and the organizational tip)!

  32. Jennifer Pinasco says:

    Hey! Im trying to download them but it wont let me. Is there something different I need to do for a mac? Thanks!

    • Hey there Jennifer! Nope, it should work just fine on a Mac. That’s what I’m using too, and I just tried it again to double check that everything is working correctly. Just click on the links above, then it will take you to a Google Drive screen that will say “Apologies. There is no preview available” (since it’s a Studio file), so just click on the blue download button in the center. Then within seconds your download should show up in your Downloads list in the top right corner (the circle with the arrow pointing down) or in your Downloads folder. Hope this helps!

  33. This is pretty amazing. I love that it keeps all the vinyl flat too. A while back I rolled all my vinyl so it would fit in a tote I was storing it in and now when I try to lay it out for my machine it bubbles and cuts poorly. I am totally ordering a portfolio now! Thanks for the great idea!

    • I had that same problems with my rolls of vinyl too, Randi! Plus I’m pretty clumsy so they’d always end up with dings or folded-up edges and creases….boo! So glad you found this helpful!! :)

  34. Okay, this is just genius! Thanks so much for the great idea and the freebies!

  35. what is the font used in this project? I really like it! Is it available for download somewhere?

    • Hey there, Tammy! Which font are you referring to? The font used on the tab divider labels is called KG Feeling 22, and there’s a link under the free cut file image above. The two fonts used in the decal are KG Seven Sixteen and Ostrich Sans Inline. You can download all of them for free….just search for the font name. I’m so glad you like it! :)

  36. This is an awesome idea! It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like this. Thanks so much for the cut files.

    • Hey Glenna! Very happy to hear you like this! You’re so welcome for the cut files….they worked great for me so I figured I might as well share them for others to use and enjoy. ;) Thank you so much for visiting today!

  37. This is amazingly brilliant! I have so much vinyl just laying around getting bent and crushed; I’m going to get one of those organizers today!

    • Thanks, Jessi! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who struggles with vinyl organization! (Well, I guess I used to struggle, haha). ;) Hopefully your organizer will help you tame the vinyl beast as well!

  38. What a great idea….I love this! Although I have so much HTV and VINYL this may be scary HAHA

    • Haha, I know what you mean, Andrea! I’m worried that once I give HTV a try, my addiction will really take over….I may have to make a second organizer just for it! :) Thanks for stopping by!


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