DIY Sassy Moving Announcements + HUGE Font Giveaway!

Like I shared a couple days ago, we just bought a new house!  Woot!  That of course means we’ll have a lot of folks asking for our new address.  I decided to whip up a cute little moving announcement to send to our family and friends….complete with just the right amount of sass!  Because boring is, well, boring.

Here’s the complete tutorial on how I knocked these bad boys out in no time at all.  Now if only the move could be so easy….

Oh, and you’re also in luck because The Hungry JPEG is giving awaytheir latest monthly font & graphic bundle to one lucky reader!  Keep reading for your chance to enter!

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements | Where The Smiles Have Been

[This post contains affiliate links, and many thanks to the awesome folks at The Hungry JPEG for sponsoring today’s fun!]


DIY Sassy Moving Announcements



Designing the Announcements in Silhouette Studio

I love me some personalized creations of all types, and I seem to be especially fond of using states.  So far I’ve made a vinyl decal of my old Kentucky home, a cereal-box-turned-gold-monogrammed-sign for a burlap wreath, a few faux rusted metal ornaments, some Kentucky bourbon etched glasses, and a USA door hanger.  Yep, slight obsession.

For these moving announcements, I thought it would be especially appropriate to utilize the shape of Alabama.  Right?  Right.  So I used a favorite free dingbat font of mine called StateFace to easily get the shape into Silhouette Studio.  I just typed a B and voila!  There be Bama.

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements | Where The Smiles Have Been


In order to add a thin decorative line near the border, I just did a couple external offsets….

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements | Where The Smiles Have Been


….then filled the three elements with some color.

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements | Where The Smiles Have Been


Adding the Information

Now it was time to add the info….and the sassy saying.  This wasn’t going to be any plain ole boring announcement with just our address.  C’mon now!

{Oh, and don’t worry.  That’s not our real address.  Safety first….so stay away creepers!}

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements | Where The Smiles Have Been


The Fonts!

You all know how I love me some Hungry JPEG and their monthly bundles (my Project Gallery is filled with creations utilizing goodies from their previous deals), so I used two different fonts from their latest deal of awesomeness: the Jam Packed January Bundle (and keep reading for your chance to enter and win this bundle for FREE)!

The font I chose for the sassy saying and our address is called Delabasto.  It’s such a cute and fun handwritten font.

The Hungry JPEG's Jam Packed January Bundle: Delabasto Font

The Hungry JPEG's Jam Packed January Bundle: Delabasto Font


The other information is in the font called Betterfly, specifically the Narrow style (this one font comes with three different styles!).

The Hungry JPEG's Jam Packed January Bundle: Betterfly Font

The Hungry JPEG's Jam Packed January Bundle: Betterfly Font


Here is allllll the amazingness that you get with this January bundle.  It includes 36 premium fonts as well as 15 graphic packs….jam packed indeed!  It’s only available until the end of January though, so you better hurry and snatch it up!  And the best part is….

The Hungry JPEG's Jam Packed January Bundle!


….you can save 20% using the discount code Smiles20.  Wahoo!  Or even better, enter the giveaway below for a chance to win it for free!

The Hungry JPEG's Jam Packed January Bundle! Save 20% with code Smiles20!


Alrighty….back to the tutorial!


Adding the House Cutout

I really wanted to drive home (ha!) the fact that this is a moving announcement, and what better way to do that than with a house, amiright?

All I did was create a simple little house image using the rectangle and line tools and then welded the shapes together.  Then I positioned it over our new town’s location in the state.  Now hopefully our friends and family will stop asking if we’re close to the beach….sorry guys, no free Gulf Coast accommodations here.

Here’s the final mockup of the announcement:

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements | Where The Smiles Have Been


Designating Cut Lines

To ensure that the announcements were cut correctly by my Silhouette Cameo, I needed to designate cut lines.  I left the Cut Style as Cut for just the outside Alabama shape as well as the house (as you can see by the thick red outlines); everything else was set to No Cut.

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements | Where The Smiles Have Been


The Silhouette Cut Settings

Now that the design and cut lines were finalized, it was time to get ready for printing.  Since I’d be using the glorious Silhouette function known as Print & Cut, I needed to first add some registration marks.  These get printed on the page along with the design and tell my Silhouette exactly where it needs to cut.  Pretty nifty, indeed.

{For a full tutorial on how to print and cut, check this out!  That’s for Version 2, but it’s almost the exact same process if you’re using Version 3.  The only slight change is you no longer have to tell your Silhouette to detect the registration marks; it does it automatically after hitting Send to Silhouette.}

Since I’ve cut out glossy photo paper several times with my Silhouette in the past, including for my Instagram magnets and ornament Christmas cards, I used my go-to cut settings for this project.  They’re just the default Copy Paper settings, but I bump the blade up to a 3:

  • Blade: 3
  • Speed: 10
  • Thickness: 15

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements | Where The Smiles Have Been


All that was left was loading the printed page onto my cutting mat and into my Silhouette, then hitting Cut.  A few moments later, my moving announcements were ready!

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements | Where The Smiles Have Been


The Final Moving Announcements!

And here they are!  I think they’re so stinking cute.  And cool.  And with just the right amount of sass.  Hmmm, that sounds like a rather accurate description of myself. {wink}

This project was unbelievably quick and easy to knock out, too.  Within an hour, I had a set of completely customized, personalized, and unique moving announcements.  Now if only the actual move could be so painless!

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements | Where The Smiles Have Been

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements | Where The Smiles Have Been

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements | Where The Smiles Have Been


I’ll pop some of these in the mail to close family and friends so they can have a hardcopy, and send the digital file via email or Facebook to others who may like our new address as well.  I’m glad this is off my to-do list now!


The Hungry JPEG January Bundle Giveaway!

Like I mentioned, the awesome folks at The Hungry JPEG are graciously giving one lucky reader this Jam Packed January Bundle for FREE!  Just enter in the widget below for your chance to win.  Good luck and happy designing! :)

The Hungry JPEG's Jam Packed January Bundle GIVEAWAY at Where The Smiles Have Been!


{This giveaway runs from today through Thursday, January 14th at 11:59p eastern.  Winner will be randomly chosen and have 48 hours to respond to email or another winner will be selected.}

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  1. Hephzibah Adelaja says:

    Finally d announcement! Congrats Deidre… Better luck next time 2 me :)

  2. Hephzibah Adelaja says:

    Still waiting hopefully 4 d announcement… :D

  3. Melanie Y says:

    I love so many fonts in this bundle. I have a font addiction for sure… Your announcements are so cute – love the cutout

  4. Ahhhh…..LOVE this adorable moving announcement. So stinkin clever, and the sass is just perfect :) Your projects always inspire me to keep creating! And the chance to win a free font bundle is simply the icing on the cake. I think they are all quite fabulous, but I particularly really like the Vanilla Daisy pack or the Campfire Stories….they would work perfectly for some upcoming birthday and valentine gift baskets I plan to make. Because I’m obsessed with making gift baskets, I always need to whip up a cute tag to accompany and these fonts would work wonderfully! Thanks for sharing, Christine!

  5. I like vanilla daisy, too, but I’m not sure what I would use it for first!

  6. Oh my goodness! What an awesome give-a-way! I am a cricut newbie this would be fantastic for all my crafting! Thank you for putting this together!

  7. I would have to say that my favorite font would be ALL OF THEM! but I am a little bit more connected to the BRENDA font ..why?? because it is named after me.. lol!!
    I would finally use the fonts to help my sister decorate her make-up room and definitely some vinyl projects :)

  8. Rosa Vila says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! I love Hungryjpeg and your blog of course. It’s tough to pick just one favorite but I like the Spring Floral watercolor clipart and if I had to pick a font the one I would choose is Sweethart. I have a thing for calligraphy font. I would use these to design printables for my Etsy shop. Thanks again!

  9. angela griffis says:

    I love the Blue Garden font. It looks like one that I would use often.

  10. So happy I stumbled upon your blog :) keep getting your craft on girl!!

  11. Hephzibah Adelaja says:

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    My favourite font is the Kathya Script! I’ll love to use it to create Wedding Invites…

    Congrats on your new home <3

  12. I really LOVE Vanilla Daisy! I need a cool font for some iron on t-shirt designs, and I think that is the one I have been looking for!

  13. I’d like to use these fonts to make a new blog banner. :)

  14. What printer do you havever that prints so nicely?

  15. I like the Vanilla Daisy. I’ve been getting into fonts with pillow covers. Be a good one for a project.

  16. Congratulations on your new home! I was so happy to see a new post this morning. These announcements are adorable. The little house cutout was the perfect touch.

  17. It’s a busy time for you with a move … and you still take the time to get a post out to us!

    Love your blog!

    Love the Kathya, Annabella, and Vanilla Daisy fonts from HungryJPEG!

  18. Deidre Layne says:

    I’m absolutely in love with this font bundle!! I seen it on their website and want it so bad! It’s honestly impossible to pick just one favorite but I definitely love Shania, overture, worship, and adelecia.. But all the others too!! I’m redoing my daughters room and want to make prints and use vinyl for her walls and these fonts would be absolutely perfect!!

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