DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments

Ever since my husband and I started dating over a decade ago (yikes!….has it been that long already?!), we’ve been adding ornaments to our Christmas tree, and we make a point to add at least one new one each year.  We usually pick them up on vacations,  grab a cute Hallmark one for an important milestone or occasion, or recently, I’ve been making them (see this or this for proof).

Well, I felt like I needed some more glitter in my life (don’t we all!), so I decided this year I was also going to give making my own glittered variety a shot….and of course I would have to slap some personalization on there too to finish them off!  And you know what?  They could not be easier to make….promise!  Here I’ll walk you through how to make your very own DIY personalized glitter ornaments!

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been

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  • Clear plastic or glass ornament
  • Fine glitter
  • Polycrylic
  • Funnel(s)
  • Personalization of choice (not pictured below….whoops!)

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been


Ornaments: I chose some 3.75″ clear plastic disc (M&M-shaped) ornaments since my son and niece are in the Godzilla stage of toddlerhood, and I’d like for these ornaments to last longer than ten minutes on the tree.  Plus, since they’re disc-shaped and not completely round, personalizing them would be a breeze!

Glitter: Surprisingly, I didn’t have any glitter on hand before embarking on this project…even my husband was all “Say whaaat??  YOU don’t have any glitter in all your craft junk?!”  I know it, babe.  Surprised me too.  So, I purchased this colorful set of fine glitter since I wasn’t sure what my ornaments were going to look like just yet….I like having options, ya know?

I’m afraid this may have unleashed a monster in me though….Everything. Must. Be. Glittered!!

Glitter is my favorite color.

Polycrylic: The “glue” that I’d be using is none other than my trusty can of polycrylic!  I sure am getting some mileage out of this little can of wonder: I’ve used it on my family’s growth chart ruler, my niece’s Classic Alice in Wonderland first birthday chalkboard poster, and also her coordinating Alice growth chart ruler (look for a tutorial on that soon!).

{I’ve heard of people using a specific floor cleaner (really), water-based polyurethane, or a product called Glitter It, which is specifically designed for glittering ornaments like this, but since I already had this water-based polycrylic on hand, polycrylic it was!}

Mini Funnels: I also picked up a set of two mini funnels for dirt cheap.  And let me tell you what….these funnels are the bee’s knees, no joke!  I would consider them an almost must-have because they made this task a breeze and nearly mess-free…..waaay better than using a homemade sheet-of-paper-funnel for adding sand to an ornament like I did here!

Personalization: I’m using vinyl to personalize these ornaments with my son and niece’s names because I’m obsessed with my Silhouette Cameo, but you could also use scrapbook stickers or even paint markers instead of vinyl.  You can also add any additional embellishments with ribbon, tulle, rhinestones, etc.


Prep the Ornament

The first thing I did was prep my ornament by removing the hanging top and setting it aside.  Then, to make things easier to handle, I grabbed a little dipping bowl and a paper towel and set the ornament inside so it would stay propped upright….ahhh, if only I had more than two hands.

I like to live life dangerously (and I also have a lazy streak), so I didn’t bother with cleaning out the inside first with rubbing alcohol or anything…we’re winging it!  So I placed one of the mini funnels in the top in preparation for my glue.

Isn’t it so adorable??  Miniature things just make me smile….especially miniature ponies….and cupcakes….and baby sneakers.

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been


Add the Polycrylic

Now it was time to add my “glue”.  I first gave the can of polycrylic and little shake (but I might stir the can in the future….more on this below), popped the top off, then poured a small amount (maybe a couple tablespoons?) into the ornament.

It doesn’t really matter how much you add….you can always add more if you need some, and if you add too much, it’ll just get drained anyway.  No biggie.

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been


Coat the Inside in Polycrylic

Next up, I just started moving the ornament so the polycrylic swirled around and coated all areas of the inside, including the neck.

At first I was concerned about all those air bubbles you can see that came about from my shaking of the polycrylic can.  I thought “Oh no, did I just ruin this whole thing before starting?!”  However, most of the bubbles popped during the upcoming draining phase, and any that remained popped while being coated in glitter.  So crisis averted!

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been


Drain the Polycrylic

Once I had a nice, even coat of polycrylic over the entire inside surface, I drained most of the excess back into the can….

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been

….then stood the ornament upside down on a paper towel to drain the rest.  It only took a couple minutes to drain all the excess out.  I then prepped my bottle of glitter.

[NOTE: If you’re going to do this, I would recommend either folding your paper towel in half or using multiple ones or even a paper plate….the poly dries pretty quickly, and it starts to make a sticky mess on your table.  Yuck!  I should have known better but I was too excited to get my glitter on….luckily, though, it’s easy to clean.]

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been


Add the Glitter

Now that all the excess polycrylic was drained, it was time to add the glitter!  Wahoo!  This particular ornament is going to be for my niece, Elena (who I also affectionately call Lee Lee), so I chose a bright and beautiful shade of pink.

I popped the ornament back in my bowl-and-paper-towel stand and inserted the second of my mini funnels (the clean non-polycrylic-covered one).  Then I poured in some glitter.  Same thing goes here as with the poly….it doesn’t matter how much you add.  You can always add more if you need it and will just drain out and salvage any excess.

I ended up using about 1/3 of the bottle for this ornament.

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been


Coat the Inside in Glitter

Once again, I swirled the ornament around until the entire inner surface area was coated in glittery pink beautifulness….it’s looking so pretty already!

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been

To get a coating over the neck, I placed the ornament’s opening against my palm and gave it a nice shaking until everything was covered.

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been


Drain the Glitter

To drain out the excess glitter, I placed the tube in the glass bowl (to help contain any spillage), inserted the mini funnel, turned the ornament upside down above it, then gave it a few taps.

Once the ornament was fully drained, I set it aside, leaving the cap off so it could dry.  Luckily (and surprisingly) there wasn’t a strong odor left from the polycrylic….I was a tiny bit nervous beforehand about there being a scent, but it’s not noticeable at all.  Wahoo!

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been


Add Personalization

For my niece’s name, I chose the beautiful and elegant Samantha font…ahhhh, isn’t it just lovely with all those swirls?!  I then used my Silhouette Cameo to cut it out in some mint vinyl, which will pair nicely with the pink glitter.

I just love this shade of mint and have used it to make many decals, including my chevron initial and cute & feminine home state decals.  One sheet is sure getting a lot of mileage!

I then added some transfer paper and used the hinge method to apply it to my ornament.  Once again, the ornament being disc-shaped really allowed for an easy and smooth application!

[You can read more details about the hinge method herehere, here, or here.  It’s a sure-fire way to apply vinyl perfectly every time!]

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been


Replace the Top and Add a Loop for Hanging

A couple hours later, I carefully replaced the top on the ornament, paying special attention to not accidentally scrape off any of the newly-added glitter with the top’s wires….that would be utterly heart-breaking.

And since I can’t for the life of me make a decent-looking bow, I opted to create a simple loop out of some white tulle for hanging….it gets the job done and adds an extra feminine touch to it.  Plus I didn’t want anything too extravagant up top that would take attention away from the gorgeous glitter!


The Final DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments!

And here’s Elena’s final ornament!  The pictures really don’t do the glitter justice….it just sparkles and shines in the light!  Fine glitter is where it’s at.  I just adore this color combination too, and once again that Samantha font is too beautiful for words….

[Please pardon all the crazy reflections in these photos….it was hard finding an angle that didn’t have too much of a sun glare or me and my tripod!]

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been

Since Elena’s ornament turned out so perfectly (and was so incredibly quick and easy to make!), I decided to knock out one for my son as well.  I used some red and white vinyl to contrast nicely with the royal blue glitter…and how patriotic indeed!

His just got some white and silver ribbon for hanging….the tulle is just a little too pretty for a rambunctious boy.

Also, the font for his name is Mixtape Mike and the initial (and year on the backside….pic below) is Pharmacy.

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been

On the back of my son’s ornament, I just included the year, and Elena’s got my nickname for her.

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been

DIY Personalized Glitter Ornaments | Where The Smiles Have Been

I was truly amazed at how well the polycrylic acted as a glue and provided such a strong and even coating of glitter.  These ornaments are so easy to make and personalize (not to mention cheap when you can get them on sale).


Great Gift Idea!

Talk about an easy gift idea that everyone would love!  I envision lots of these ornaments being made in my future, especially when Rowan grows up and needs gifts for his friends, classmates, or teachers.  They can be made in any color and personalized in any way….perfect gifts for large groups, or even just one person!

I just made another one as a gift for my hair stylist!

Personalized Glitter Hair Stylist Ornament + Silhouette GIVEAWAY! | Where The Smiles Have Been


***Two-Year UPDATE!***

Here’s a little update on how the ornaments have held up: in a word, GREAT!  Yep, I just pulled out our Christmas decorations from storage and they look just the same as they did when I first packed them away a two years ago.  The polycrylic glue has held up wonderfully, even being stored in an open-air garage and through a hot and humid Alabamian summer. :)


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More Glittering Fun!

I’ve also used this method (and another one….it was an experiment!) to upcycle some dollar store vases into things of beauty.  Check out how to make glittered vases here!



Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. When I make mine, I use a bathroom paper cup (like for rinsing after brushing) and smoosh it oblong. Let the glue stuff drain into that paper cup! Super easy cleanup. I also tried the mini funnel. I loved it but ended up using another clean paper cup for the glitter process. No spills. I’ve done about two dozen. Definitely have the fever. :-)
    Yours are beautiful!!

  2. These are so pretty!!

  3. These ornaments look amazing Christine! I’d love to make some for my kids.

  4. These turned out wonderful! I love how they can be used for many years and will be special for each one of them!

    • Thank you so much, Pamela! I was really happy with how these turned out too. I was especially happy just a couple weeks ago when we pulled our Christmas decorations out again for this year….I was happily relieved to see that the polycrylic held up perfectly while in storage. Rowan’s ornament looked just like it did when I packed it away! :)

  5. Thanks so much! I got it! and I got the 10% off too!! I only bought the upright font. Did you buy the whole set?

  6. Thank you! I bought the upright font. Did you buy the whole set? I wasn’t sure whether to buy everything, or just the upright. And thanks for the advice on the discount! Got 10% off!!

  7. I absolutely love the ‘Samantha’ font and would like to purchase it. Your link takes me to a site called ‘Mighty Deals’ where I can get the upright font for $17. I have never purchased from this place – I was wondering if this is where you got the font, and what your experience was with the purchase? Is it complicated to download and install?

    Thanks for any advice. Have been gunshy about pulling the trigger on the purchase, but I really want this font!

    • Hey Tammy! Yep, that’s where I purchased the Samantha font from because they have such a great deal….it’s normally sold for $75. My purchase experience was great and I downloaded and installed it like any other font. No issues at all, so I would definitely recommend grabbing it!

      If you are going to purchase it, I would also check out to see if they have any coupon codes for it….I think I used one for 10% off. Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

      • I decided to get the whole set. How do you get the fancy scrolled letters like your ‘E’ in Elena, and the ‘a’ as well? Sorry for all the questions!

        • I am not seeing all the extra letter options and fancy swirls, or anything extra – just the basic upright font, and the italic font? what am I not doing?

          • Hey Tammy! No problem with the questions….I had them too! :) I have a Mac, so to get the super fancy letters with all the swirls, I need to open up my Font Book and find the Samantha font, pick the letter I want and copy it, then open up Silhouette Studio and paste the letter (which will show up as a tiny box), then click on the box to select it, and in the font list on the right, choose Samantha….that will change the box to the letter I’m after. I’m sure it sounds like a lot of steps but it’s actually really easy. ;)

            Silhouette School also has a tutorial on how to use this font too if you haven’t checked it out already. I’m not exactly sure how to do it if you have a Windows-based computer, but I think it’s detailed in that tutorial. Have fun playing around with it! :)


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