DIY First Day of School Chalkboard Sign Photo Prop

My son recently started preschool, so we of course had to do the requisite pics with him proudly holding a sign that signified it was his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  I mean, my Facebook feed is still being blown up with pics of cute kiddos of friends and family on their big days.  They make such cute keepsakes!

Since I’m also obsessed with making digital chalkboards, Rowan’s sign was undoubtedly going to be of the same variety.  It was so simple to make, and it made the most adorable little prop for our first back-to-school photo session!

DIY First Day of School Chalkboard Sign Photo Prop | Where The Smiles Have Been

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DIY First Day of School Chalkboard Sign Photo Prop


DIY First Day of School Chalkboard Sign Photo Prop | Where The Smiles Have Been


How I Created this First Day of School Chalkboard Sign

I created this chalkboard sign the exact same way I make my birthday chalkboard posters….and since there’s no sense in recreating that wheel, you can check out this tutorial for a complete how-to (it’s really easy!).

All it involves is firing up Photoshop Elements, opening a digital chalkboard background (check this out if you need help with where/how to find one), adding lots of text layers (I’ve compiled some of my favorite chalkboard fonts here and here), then jazzing the design up with some dingbats (and I’ve also shared some personal faves of these here and here).

Super simple!  No really, it is. :)  I knocked this sign out in under an hour the night before Rowan’s first day….nothing like the last minute!


Tidbits of Info I Included:

  • Rowan’s name (obvi)
  • Grade
  • Teachers’ names
  • Age
  • Classroom’s name (the Bumblebee Room….too adorable!)
  • School’s name (I’ve blurred it out in these photos because stay away creepers!)
  • Date of the first day of school

Since Rowan’s only two-years-old and it’s just a Mother’s Morning Out program and not real preschool, I only included the basics.  Once he gets a little older, it will be fun to include other tidbits that he can provide, like what he wants to be when he grows up, what his favorite subject is, sports he plays, and things like that.

I just love creating keepsakes for him (I mean, my Project Gallery is filled with them), especially ones that we can watch him grow throughout the years….ahhhhhh, memories. :)

DIY First Day of School Chalkboard Sign Photo Prop | Where The Smiles Have Been


Rowan’s First Day of School!

And just look at how stinking cute my little man was on the morning of his FIRST first day of school!  That smile….those shades….that bow tie….his first backpack and matching lunch box…. {sigh}

DIY First Day of School Chalkboard Sign Photo Prop | Where The Smiles Have Been


Rowan was also just as adorable walking into school while holding Daddy’s hand. :)

DIY First Day of School Chalkboard Sign Photo Prop | Where The Smiles Have Been


More Back-to-School Ideas!

Here are a couple other back-to-school craft projects I made in honor of Rowan entering his schooling years!

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All Things Chalkboard Series

Make sure you check out my All Things Chalkboard series for lots of info on creating digital chalkboards for any occasion!

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  1. Hey, Christine ~ Oh. my. gosh. This is so adorable! And, uh, your little munchkin is such a cutie! He wasn’t at all excited about “school,” was he? :0) And how are you enjoying your mom’s time out?

    • Thanks so much, Tiffany! Yeah, I know, you can’t tell he’s a fan of school, huh? He LOVES going!! Like totally excited every morning when we tell him it’s a school day. It’s so cute! And Momma here is really enjoying those school days too! I mean I miss him, but it’s nice to have some quite time and be able to catch up on some other things I need to take care of….like more crafty creations! ;)

  2. This is so awesome Christine! My facebook has also been blowing up with the same things….some people actually sell these (not sure if you’ve considered that). This turned out great, I love all the great things you made for Rowan :)

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