Take a Tour of Our Navy & Orange Modern Woodland Nursery!

Well, it’s finally finished, folks!  My second son, Brayden, was born last October, and I’m finally getting around to sharing all the details about his navy and orange modern woodland nursery….only nine months late! :)

What can I say….life with a baby and three-year-old leaves me with precious little computer time.  But better late than never!

Take a tour of Brayden’s adorable-but-not-too-baby nursery.  I hope you like it! [Read more…]

Gorgeous Hand-Scripted Chalkboard Fonts

You all know I’m a BIG fan of making digital chalkboard posters, as well as some real ones here and there (just check out my All Things Chalkboard series for proof).

It’s been a while since I’ve added to the series, so I figured, what the hell….let’s do another font round-up!  Font addicts unite.

Today, I’m back with a collection of my favorite hand-scripted chalkboard fonts.  They are oh so swirly, twirly, lovely, and full of just the right amount of chalky goodness.  [Read more…]

My WorkBox 3.0 Review: The Good, The Bad, & The WTF?!

Last year, we moved into our new home….and we finally have space for a craft room!  My husband keeps saying it’s our office, but we all know the truth. *wink*

You have no idea how excited this made me.  The craft room of my dreams was finally going to become a reality!  Part of those dreams was having all of my supplies ORGANIZED and EASILY ACCESSIBLE, and having a WORK TABLE where I could get my craft on.  A creative space that was all. my. own.

I was thinking we’d have to have a custom [Read more…]

DIY Black & White Striped State Sign with Colorful Paper Flowers

If you’ve been following along, you’re probably well aware that I am currently knee-deep in my craft room makeover….and I’m having a blast!  It’s been a hoot creating a fun, playful, and colorful space that is all my own where I can get my craft on.

One of the big projects I’m focusing on now is a gallery wall.  It’s a pretty big space, so I’m going to need a lot of inspiring pieces to fill it, and signs have been the name of the game!  Last month, I shared a colorful ‘Creativity Takes Courage’ sign, and today I’m back with another sign that’s a tribute to my beloved home state.  I may live in Alabama now, but my heart will always [Read more…]

Colorful ‘Creativity Takes Courage’ Sign + FREE Cut File!

So I’m currently in the process of designing the craft room of my dreams.  Yes, it’s finally happening! Part of the fun of that (besides getting organized and having my own creative space) is decorating the room ANY WAY I WANT.

Yep, while the rest of our house has a more formal, neutral, farmhouse vibe, my craft room is going to be the opposite.  Think modern.  Playful.  Colorful.  FUN!

As such, I’m going to need sources of inspiration, especially on a soon-to-be-completed gallery wall [Read more…]

Rustic Farmhouse-Inspired Family Birthday Sign

Y’all know how I love me some personalized decor.  You also might remember that we moved into a new house last year, and I’m still trying to make it ours.  Being pregnant and having a newborn plus a feisty three-year-old really puts a damper on your interior decorating time.

Now that I’m no longer suffering from all-day morning sickness and our newest little man is out of the super needy newborn phase, I finally have some time and energy to get my craft on again! [Read more…]

Tips for Creating the Perfect Baby Photo Book

[There are affiliate links in this post, and many thanks to Blurb for sponsoring today’s fun!]

If you’ve been following along, you’re probably aware that I gave birth to my second son last fall.  Yep, Mr. Brayden Patrick arrived in October, and we of course had professional newborn photos taken to capture all of his tiny cuteness.

While we’ve printed out several of our favorite photos and have them framed in our home, what about the rest??  I mean, there are just so many adorable shots of our newest little man, his older brother, and some great family ones too. [Read more…]

The Super Easy Way to Add Legs to an IKEA Kallax Shelf

My son’s nursery is decently sized for a kid’s room, but we’re rather limited on wall space, and therefore, storage space.  Bummer.  The large wall is reserved for the crib and houses the room’s doorway, then there’s a bathroom door on the second wall, two (yes, two) closet doors on the third, and a large window in the center of the fourth.  That means we needed to get a little creative with our storage.

Enter an IKEA Kallax shelf….with legs!  Adding the legs couldn’t have been easier, and now the shelf adds the perfect amount of storage, play space, and decor to Brayden’s modern woodland nursery. [Read more…]

How to Make Rustic Woodland Signs

Last fall, I gave birth to my second son, Mr. Brayden.  That meant I was lucky enough to also get to design his nursery (!!!), and we decided to go with a modern woodland theme.  One of these days I’ll get around to finishing the blog post with the big reveal….ahhhh, never enough time….or energy. #momlife

While the majority of the room was going to have a modern flair, I did want to add some rustic touches as well.  Enter these DIY signs!  They were so inexpensive and easy to make, and having them flank both sides of the window adds such a nice element to the room. [Read more…]

Personalized Newborn Baby Door Hanger for Hospital & Home

Back in October, I gave birth to my newest little man!  Yep, Mr. Brayden Patrick arrived right on schedule, joining his older brother, Rowan, and completing our family.

Since I’m a crafty gal who is obsessed with all things DIY, especially making my own wreaths and door hangers (see my Project Gallery for proof), I of course just had to make something to adorn the door of Brayden’s room.  However, I also wanted it to hang on our hospital room door while we recovered AND display all of the important birth stats from Brayden’s big day. [Read more…]

Personalized Glitter Hair Stylist Ornament + Silhouette GIVEAWAY!

Few things in life make me feel alive like a trip to the salon.  Man oh man, how a little highlighting and snip-snipping can make a gal feel like a million bucks.  And oh!  Let’s not forget to mention the glorious scalp massage/shampooing….heaven!

I’ve been going to my hair stylist for about three years now.  When we moved to AL from KY five years ago, it took me a while to find someone that I loved and trusted with my golden locks, and Sarah is it!  She now also cuts my husband’s and three-year-old’s hair….and anyone who can wrangle a threenager for a hair cut is a miracle worker. [Read more…]

‘We Need a Little Christmas’ Sign + Font & Graphic Bundle GIVEAWAY!

I love color.  Always have, always will.  This is something my super traditional (a.k.a. boring) husband has finally come to accept after being together for almost 13 years now.

While this fascination with all things bright and bold has only somewhat carried over into our everyday decor (ahem, my son’s former accent wall), holiday decorations are a different story!  Colorful and non-traditional are fair game, like my teal and pink shabby chic pumpkin door hanger.  Nope, no orange gourds for me!  [Read more…]

DIY Disney-Inspired Wood Slice Sign + Vacation GIVEAWAY!

I live in the country now, I have a gallery wall that has been a work in progress for months ever since we moved in, I love a good quote, and I’m obsessed with vinyl.  You know that that means: another farmhouse-esque sign!

For this one, I borrowed some wise words from Mr. Winnie the Pooh himself and used some pretty fancy shmancy vinyl to create a unique and darling wood slice sign.  Keep reading for the tutorial!

Oh, and this post also has a couple other awesome surprises.  For starters, my sign is part of [Read more…]

Family Growth Chart Ruler Updated with Yearly Photos!

My son just turned three and I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.  Where has the time gone??  I’m sure that’s how every momma feels about their growing little one, but geesh.  Slow down, will ya!

One of my favorite things that I’ve ever created (besides my growing-too-fast little man, of course), is the family growth chart ruler that I made right before his first birthday.  And since he just celebrated another birthday, it was time to update it with his current height AND picture!  [Read more…]

DIY Farmhouse Sign: Personalized Love & Shenanigans + Font Giveaway!

If you’re a crafty gal who just moved into a new house that’s out in the country, and one of your favorite shows just happens to be Fixer Upper, what are you supposed to do??  If you answered create your own DIY farmhouse sign, you’d be correct!

Cover the house with shiplap would also be an acceptable answer, but unfortunately, this gal doesn’t have the time, energy, or wallet size for that just yet….but there’s always tomorrow!

Yep, I recently made a farmhouse sign to adorn our mantel, and it’s two things I love: [Read more…]

Colorful Grandkids Make Life Grand Wood Sign Photo Display

I always struggle with getting gifts for my parents and grandma.  They have everything, and whenever you ask them what they’d like, they always respond with “Nothing.”  Gee guys, thanks for the help. </sarcasm>

One of the many good things I’ve noticed though since becoming a mom is that personalized gifts from/about their grandkids are always a winner!  How convenient too since I am, ya know, kinda crafty. *wink*

That’s why I created this colorful Grandkids [Read more…]

Inspiring Crafty Window Clings with Transparent Glitter Vinyl + GIVEAWAY!

If you’ve been following along, you know that we just moved, and I’m a lucky gal because our new home has enough space for me to have my very own craft room!!  Ahhhh, I’ve been waiting for this my entire life.  I’m still figuring out paint colors and our next IKEA trip for shelving and storage and peg board possibilities, but I went ahead and decided to jazz up one area of my craft room: the window!

Yep, my big, beautiful window got a few custom, colorful, glittery, and inspiring window clings that just make my crafty heart sing.  Curtains will come later. [Read more…]

Spring Bunny Door Hanger + Another HUGE Font Giveaway!

Spring has sprung, folks!  Well, maybe not officially on the calendar yet, but these mid-70 temps sure make it feel so….and I’m certainly not complaining!

One of my favorite things about this time of year, besides the flip flop weather, is all the COLOR!  I already have a super colorful Easter egg wreath (slight obsession here with wreaths and door hangers….check out my Project Gallery for proof), so I wanted something that could last beyond Easter itself since it’s a little early this year. [Read more…]

New Year….New House!

Hey there, friends, and Happy New Year!  Here’s my first post of 2016 (woot!).  It’s a BIG behind-the-scenes update, too.  I’ll be back shortly with more fun and crafty creations, but I’m so excited to share this exciting news with you guys! [Read more…]

The Top Ten Posts of 2015 Here at WTSHB!

Well, 2015 is (almost) officially in the books now!  Cray, cray, I know.  They say time goes by more quickly as you get older, and I definitely believe it….it’s almost going by at warp speed now, so I must be getting really old! :)

It’s always fun to look back and reminisce over the year that was, and since this was my first full year blogging, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and find out what the top posts for this year have been.  I did a mid-year check, and while those reader faves appear below too (naturally), I was a little surprised by the results. [Read more…]