Gorgeous Hand-Scripted Chalkboard Fonts

You all know I’m a BIG fan of making digital chalkboard posters, as well as some real ones here and there (just check out my All Things Chalkboard series for proof).

It’s been a while since I’ve added to the series, so I figured, what the hell….let’s do another font round-up!  Font addicts unite.

Today, I’m back with a collection of my favorite hand-scripted chalkboard fonts.  They are oh so swirly, twirly, lovely, and full of just the right amount of chalky goodness.  [Read more…]

All About My Daddy Interview with FREE Printable!

It’s almost Father’s Day again!  Shout out to all the daddios out there!

This time last year, my oldest son, Rowan, was about to turn three and was therefore getting more verbal and able to hold a pretty decent conversation.  Since kids say the darndest things, I decided it would be fun to start a tradition for my husband on Father’s Day and have Rowan complete a little interview answering questions all about his daddy….and his answers didn’t disappoint! :) [Read more…]

Tips for Creating the Perfect Baby Photo Book

[There are affiliate links in this post, and many thanks to Blurb for sponsoring today’s fun!]

If you’ve been following along, you’re probably aware that I gave birth to my second son last fall.  Yep, Mr. Brayden Patrick arrived in October, and we of course had professional newborn photos taken to capture all of his tiny cuteness.

While we’ve printed out several of our favorite photos and have them framed in our home, what about the rest??  I mean, there are just so many adorable shots of our newest little man, his older brother, and some great family ones too. [Read more…]

Sunglasses Valentine’s Day Cards with FREE Printable & Cut File

Well, looky here!  I’m actually sharing a new post! :)  I know it’s been a while, but hey.  Life with a baby and toddler is rather hectic, ya know.  Mommy first, blogger second.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so kiddos all over will be having festive parties at school (I loved them as a kid!).  That of course means cute Valentine’s Day cards will be passed out to all their classmates.  Here’s a fun non-candy idea that my son will be passing out to all his friends! [Read more…]

Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Chalkboard Sign

So, like I shared a few months ago, WTSHB is expanding!  Well, in a way at least….I’m having another baby! :)

Yep, come October, we’ll be adding a newborn to our family.  I’m so excited, but still a wee bit nervous because this time around, I’ll also have a three-year-old who has so. much. energy.  More long nights and no sleep are in my future….hopefully I’ll be able to throw a blog post together now and again! *wink*

Anyway, here’s how we announced our second pregnancy to all our friends and family, [Read more…]

How to Fill an Image or Word with a Picture in Photoshop

Have you ever wondered (and I just know you have) how all those bloggers, graphic designers, Etsy shop owners, and others create printables or graphics with images or words that are filled with a cute picture?  I mean, not just a word that’s colorful, but one that is filled in with an actual picture, like glitter, wood grain, a watercolor doodle, or some other cool design?

Well, you’re in luck because I’m sharing all the details on how to quickly and easily create this effect using one of Photoshop’s most powerful but often overlooked tools: the clipping mask! [Read more…]

How To Use the Text Tool in Silhouette Studio

Howdy!  You all know I’m completely obsessed with my Silhouette Cameo.  100% in love.  In the words of every 90’s Valley Girl, like totally, for sure.  I think I need a manicure…. (anyone else remember that jingle?)

I mean, my Cameo is involved in nearly all my crafty creations.  It’s just so darn powerful and easy to use!

One of the things that I love about it is how user-friendly its software, Silhouette Studio, is.  And the Text [Read more…]

Race Car Valentine’s Day Cards with Free Printable

My son had his very first school Valentine’s Day party yesterday, and Momma here was definitely way more excited about it than he was!  I mean, he’s only two, so he doesn’t get too excited about anything other than Blaze & the Monster Machines, M&M’s, garbage trucks, and puppy dogs.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t WAIT to make the little Valentine cards for him to pass out to his classmates and teachers!  Just another excuse to get my craft on.

Since Rowan is all boy and totally [Read more…]

DIY Sassy Moving Announcements + HUGE Font Giveaway!

Like I shared a couple days ago, we just bought a new house!  Woot!  That of course means we’ll have a lot of folks asking for our new address.  I decided to whip up a cute little moving announcement to send to our family and friends….complete with just the right amount of sass!  Because boring is, well, boring.

Here’s the complete tutorial on how I knocked these bad boys out in no time at all.  Now if only the move could be so easy….

Oh, and you’re also in luck because The Hungry JPEG is giving awaytheir latest monthly font & graphic bundle [Read more…]

Hilariously Perfect Christmas Card for a Toddler!

They say that time moves faster as you get older, and boy, I’m truly starting to believe it!  The holidays totally snuck up on me this year, way more than usual too.  I feel like I was just rushing to finish my son’s Halloween costume….how is Christmas only a few weeks away?!? [Read more…]

Zoo-Themed Birthday Chalkboard Poster

My little niece just turned TWO!  I can’t believe how fast she and my son are growing….time slow down!  I love dabbling in Photoshop and creating digital designs, especially chalkboard posters (that’s why I started my All Things Chalkboard series).  So just like with her and my son’s first birthdays, I created this zoo-themed birthday chalkboard poster to help celebrate the occasion.

These posters also act as the sweetest keepsakes to help remember all the little things from these years….and keepsakes also hold a special place in my crafty heart (I’ve got lots of them in my Project Gallery). [Read more…]

Cute Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Faces Shirt that’s Perfect for the Pumpkin Patch!

We always go to the pumpkin patch every October, and this year our window of available dates was dramatically reduced thanks to a prolonged work trip of my husband’s.  He’d be traveling to Japan for several weeks, so we only had a few days where we could squeeze in a trip to the farm….and wouldn’t you know it that that’s when a heat wave has to roll on through. #thanksglobalwarming

My mom had already purchased my son a cute little jack-o-lantern shirt that I was planning on having him wear, however, it was long-sleeved and would be much too hot.

Sooooo, on the day of our annual outing, I whipped [Read more…]

Sugar Skull Makeup Bag: Drop Dead Gorgeous!

I’ve always been a fan of the bright and colorful sugar skulls that are used as part of the Day of the Dead celebrations every fall.  Hey, I like color, and these cutesy skulls just do it for me (year-round, too!).  They’re a little edgy, but still cheery and cute (as opposed to the typical evil and scary skulls), and they come in all different styles and doodles and variations….they’re just plain fun!

I’ve also had a black and white makeup bag that was just begging for some color, so I decided to personalize it with a customized sugar skull graphic….one that resembles yours truly!  Yep, I created a skull version of myself [Read more…]

The BEST Way to Organize Vinyl Scraps Plus FREE Cut Files!

Here are several interesting facts about me: I’m obsessed with my Silhouette Cameo, few things in life make me happier than some good organization, I have a *slight* hoarding streak, and I looooove saving money.  So, what do you get when you combine all of these things??  This very scraptacular organizer!

Now, I realize it’s a little presumptuous to declare this method as being the absolute BEST, however……it is for me!  Yep, just like with my original vinyl organizer for my large sheets of vinyl and other Silhouette supplies, [Read more…]

DIY Erin Condren Snap-In Meal Planner/To-Do List & FREE Printable!

Sometimes in my crafty pursuits, I make something I really love, but I don’t get that much use from it.  A holiday decoration is a good example of this….I’m a fan of a good wreath or keepsake, but in my day-to-day life, they’re not something that have much impact.

What I’m sharing today, however, is just the opposite.  Yep, the snap-in meal planner/to-do list that I created and am now using with my Erin Condren life planner has truly transformed my life.  Ok, maybe it’s not a total transformation (I do have a flair for the dramatics), but it certainly has brought a HUGE amount of organization to our family and given me an [Read more…]

Home Sweet Home Sign with FREE Cut File!

We’re currently in full-fledge house hunting mode.  So far we’ve visited about a dozen properties in person and have viewed no less than a bazillion online (only slightly exaggerating).  Just a few days ago we actually made an offer on one!  Wahoo!  It’s a short-sale so who knows how long it’ll take the bank to get back to us, but our fingers are crossed!

I’ve been dreaming of the day where we finally move out of our tiny little house and into one more suitable for our growing family, and of course that means thinking of ways to decorate it and really make [Read more…]

DIY First Day of School Chalkboard Sign Photo Prop

My son recently started preschool, so we of course had to do the requisite pics with him proudly holding a sign that signified it was his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  I mean, my Facebook feed is still being blown up with pics of cute kiddos of friends and family on their big days.  They make such cute keepsakes!

Since I’m also obsessed with making digital chalkboards, Rowan’s sign was undoubtedly going to be of the same variety.  It was so simple to make, and it made the most adorable little prop for our first back-to-school photo session! [Read more…]

Where to Find the Best FREE Digital Resources: Fonts, SVGs, Clip Art, & MORE!

I love playing around in Photoshop and with my Silhouette Cameo.  Oh, and I also have a blog….just in case you couldn’t tell. ;)  That means I’m always on the hunt for great digital resources, and few things make me happier than scoring an awesome find for FREE!  Double points if it can be used commercially as well.

I decided to compile a roundup of all my favorite online joints that offer freebies because I know lots of you are like me: creative folks who enjoy quality free goodies, some of which you’ll be able to sell or use on your blog if you so decide. [Read more…]

The BEST Free Fonts for Birthday Chalkboard Posters!

I’m continuing my All Things Chalkboard series with today’s post.  Here I’ll be sharing what I think are the BEST free fonts for birthday chalkboard posters….woot woot!

Soooo many people have reached out to me asking for specifics about particular elements on the birthday posters I’ve shared here for my son’s and niece’s first birthdays.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked where I found the tooth dingbat, or the dotted line divider, or the birthday banner….I figured I might as well write up a post with all the info since so many people are interested! [Read more…]

WTSHB’s Top 5 Posts from the First Half of 2015!

Since the first half of 2015 is now behind us (how is that possible?!?), I decided to take a little stroll down memory lane here at WTSHB.  It was fun seeing what posts from this year have been the most popular, and I thought I’d share them with you all!

And yes, I realize it’s a little silly doing a Half-Year in Review, but hey, why not?? ;)  [Read more…]