Bright and Bold Accent Wall!

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One of the things I was most looking forward to after learning I was pregnant (besides of course meeting my little one) was fixing up the nursery!  I scoured Pinterest like a maniac and added pin after pin to my ‘For the Future Babies’ board, and after we found out we were having a boy, I couldn’t wait to start polishing a room that was modern, hip, and filled with bright colors.

Since I was still working full-time and dealing with all the other craziness that comes with first-time mommyhood, we created a nursery that was pretty cute….but not all the way cute like I had envisioned.  Well, that all changed recently when I finally added the WOW factor that my son’s room had been missing….a BRIGHT and BOLD accent wall!

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been


Bright and Bold Accent Wall



The Before Wall

So here’s how Rowan’s room looked when standing in his doorway before this little project (you can check this out for all the details on his entire room).  Like I mentioned, it’s not bad, but that BIG wall with the window was just dying to be jazzed up.  Plus, all that gray with only one window keeps the room looking rather dark.  Boo to that.

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been

Please pardon the lopsided curtain tiebacks. Rowan here likes to always yank on the right one, and I’ve gotten tired of always retying it, so lopsided they remain…..and it could also be that I completely forgot to fix them before snapping all these pictures!


My Mockup

I knew I wanted to transform it into an accent wall of some sort, but I had a hard time deciding just what I wanted to do.  I thought about horizontal stripes, but all that math and precise measuring didn’t thrill me (I wanted this project to not only look cute, but also be relatively quick and easy!).

Next were ideas in vinyl that I could cut out with my Silhouette Cameo….maybe polka dots, or dinosaurs, or his name in giant letters.  But those would still leave the majority of the wall that same shade of gray, and I was looking for some real color here.

Then it hit me….RANDOM COLORED SHAPES.  It would be super fun for a little boy’s room, and we’d just have to throw some tape up there without any measuring then fill in the newly-created shapes with some paint.  Perfect!

Since I’m both OCD and a very visual person, I created a (very rough) mockup of the accent wall I had envisioned in Photoshop Elements.

This also made it easy for my husband to understand what I was talking about….I guess my explanation of “We’re just going to put up random, haphazard lines with the tape then paint each shape a different color” wasn’t quite clear enough.  *I* thought it made total sense.

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been

This picture was taken before Rowan was even born….which is why it’s so nice and tidy….and why the curtain tiebacks are even!


Purchasing the Paint

We then headed on over to our local Home Depot to purchase our paints.  I was pretty proud of myself for remembering to bring along one of the guard rail covers off Rowan’s crib so we could coordinate the colors. {*pats self on back*}

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been


Applying the FrogTape Lines

I was generously provided with some rolls of FrogTape® brand painter’s tape (thanks guys!).  They included two of their top-of-the-line painter’s tapes:

FrogTape® Multi-Surface is a medium adhesion painter’s tape that will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 21 days (seven days in direct sunlight) and is designed for use on:

  • Cured Painted Walls
  • Wood Trim
  • Glass
  • Metal

FrogTape® Delicate Surface is a low adhesion painter’s tape that will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 60 days and is designed for use on:

  • Freshly painted surfaces (24 hours old)
  • Faux Finishes
  • Primed Wallboard
  • Wallpaper

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been

Since these walls were painted their current light gray a couple years ago in preparation for Rowan’s arrival, I used the (green) FrogTape Multi-Surface since it’s specifically for use on cured walls.

And apparently the FrogTape containers make for hilarious toys, too! :)

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been

Once all the pictures were removed from the wall and the window was cleared of the blinds and curtains, it was time to apply the FrogTape!

I started applying the tape along the baseboards (my husband is terrified of messes, so even though we’d be using a drop cloth on the floor, he also insisted that I place a row of tape along the carpet’s edge as well….*sigh…*).  As I worked my way around the wall’s edges, The Hubs removed all the outlet covers.

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been

It was then time to slap the lines on the wall!  This was a two-person job, especially for the long strips of tape that went from edge to edge.  Since I’m short, my husband did most of this task, but I helped to keep the tape taut and also instructed him where the lines should be by continually referring to my mockup….it was a definite time-saver having the mockup tell us where to put the tape instead of trying to do it on the fly.

A short time and about 2/3 of a roll later, the wall was taped and just waiting to be colorfied!

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been


Time to Get My Paint On!

I then prepped my painting supplies.  And isn’t it cute how the disposable bowls I used also matched the paint colors??  Ahhhh, it’s the little things in life, I tell ya…..

Oh even though the can of blue paint is open in this pic….

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been

….I actually painted all the green areas first!  I decided to switch last minute because that’s what I do.  This color along with the other two required two coats to get nice, even coverage.

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been

Then I painted all the blue areas.

The Hubs also came upstairs to check on my progress (he and Rowan stayed downstairs and out of Mommy’s way during Operation Accent Wall), so I could finally get an action shot of me painting.

And please disregard my #crazypineapplehair….that seems to be my go-to style when undertaking a painting project.

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been

BOOM!  It’s coming together nicely, huh?

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been

Last but not least was of course the orange paint.

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been


Removing the FrogTape

All of the painting was easily completed in one day.  It could have even been a half-day project if I didn’t have to interrupt my work for a grumpy toddler’s nap time followed by a tornado warning after dinner…..gotta love springtime in Alabama.

So, the next morning, we went upstairs and started removing the FrogTape….and I held my breath as I pulled back that first strip.  This was my first time using FrogTape on a wall project (their Chevron Shape Tape worked great on my dual-sided Valentine’s Day door hanger though!), so I was a little unsure of what to expect.

But my anxiety proved pointless because the lines were SHARP.  And CRISP.  And CLEAN.  Yep, that PaintBlock® Technology is nothing short of amazing!  “Keeps Paint Out.  Keeps Lines Sharp” is the TRUTH.

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been

Seriously, I was very anxious to see just how well the lines would turn out, especially since we didn’t do a coat of gray over the tape, which is what is usually done to help prevent paint bleeding.  But that would have been a huge waste of time, because the FrogTape didn’t need a safety net.

Another awesome finding: the FrogTape never tore while I was removing it!  Yep, I pulled each line off as a single piece (some even at the same time if they intersected), so this process took no time at all.  Hooray for no scraping tiny little tape pieces off!

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been

More tape was removed, and more crisp lines were revealed.  This was looking like the makings of a very successful project….I just love those.

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been


The Completed Bright & Bold Accent Wall!

And it was a success!!  I just LOVE how this accent wall turned out!  It really brightens up the whole room and gives the space such a playful, cheery vibe.

{You can click on the images below and they will open up to full-size in a new window!}

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been
Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been

It truly is a WOW factor now, and the second you walk through Rowan’s door, you’re greeted by this super fun accent wall….it’s just perfect for a little boy’s room.

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been


Here’s a little time-lapse video showing the transformation….complete with technical difficulties. ;) Hey, this was my first time trying to film a project, so cut me some slack!


I also could not believe how quick and easy this project was!!  For real.  This was my first time ever undertaking an accent wall, and I have to tell you….I’m hooked!  We (well mainly *I*) knocked it out in just over a day, and it’s made such a dramatic difference to the feel of Rowan’s room.  Now NO walls are safe in my house!

Bright and Bold Accent Wall! | Where The Smiles Have Been


FrogTape’s Earn Your Stripes Contest

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Sadly, I’m not allowed to enter this project (or else I totally would!), but it would be incredible for a WTSHB reader to win!

Here are all the contest deets:

  • Re-do a room with the help of FrogTape and submit your Before, During, & After photos to the Earn Your Stripes Room Makeover Contest site.
  • Contest ends July 1st.
  • Each approved entry will receive a FREE roll of FrogTape Multi-Surface.
  • The AWESOME Prizes include:
    • 1st Place: $5,000
    • 2nd Place: $2,500
    • 3rd Place: $1,000

Not too shabby, eh?  So go get your paint on!

{Make sure you check out all the official contest details, and you can also find out more about FrogTape products by visiting and following their TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Pinterest pages!}


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  1. FrogTape is awesome! Love that stuff :) And I also love how your accent wall turned out! What a fun idea for your son’s room!

  2. Wow! The accent wall looks amazing! All our walls are solid but I might need to rethink that when we do our great room redecorating. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Glad to hear you liked this, Kelly! It really is amazing how much of a difference this wall has made in my son’s room….it gives the whole space such a fun and playful vibe now. I’m so happy we went BOLD! :)

  3. Cool accent wall. It would fun to do some thing like that in our playroom. Thanks for sharing on Small Victories Sunday link up.

  4. I love the colors it really makes the room pop. Little ones love those bright colors and patterns I know he is loving it. Frog tape is definitely worth the time saved not having to go back and touch up the paint leaks. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  5. Grace Wong says:

    This is so wonderful! A job well done! Your son is very lucky to have such creative mom! I am sure he will be very happy in his room. I hope I will do something like that for my daughter in the near future!

    • Awww, thanks so much Grace for the sweet words! It was actually really quick and easy to do, so you shouldn’t have any trouble completing a similar project in your daughter’s room….good luck! :) And if you do do something similar, I would absolutely *love* to see the results! :D

  6. This looks amazing! My daughter wants to paint a wall in her bedroom like this and you made it look easy.

    • Thanks so much, Keri! It really was easy and only took a day! I was quite surprised by how fast the whole project was too. I’m sure your daughter would love having a wall like this in her room…..and helping you paint it! :)

  7. WOW and WOW again! It’s great! I’d love to have one in my bedroom too!

    • Thanks Zografia! I love how this turned out too….but my husband said my son’s room was the only place in the house that we could paint something so crazy! Ha! :)

  8. That looks INCREDIBLE! I’m so impressed with how clean those lines are too. Great job! Love the color choices. :)

    • Thank you so much, Cyndi! I’m very happy with how this wall turned out. Yep, the color choices are great for his room….I wouldn’t want them anywhere else in my house, but they work well in a little boy’s room for sure. :) Thanks for stopping by and the kind words!


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