About Me

Hello and welcome!

Howdy!  I’m Christine and this is my little slice of the web.  I started this blog in May of 2014 (but didn’t go public with it until July 2014) as a way for me to document my creative pursuits and also to connect with other like-minded, creative, Pinterest-obsessed, DIY wannabes.

I’m also a new mom, one of the stay-at-home variety.  Yay!  That means this blog is also an avenue for me to let my creative juices flow and have something to do for myself….because let’s face it, changing diapers, cutting up chicken nuggets, and singing “The Wheels On The Bus” gets pretty old after a while!  I hope this blog leads to further inspiration for us all.  Let’s swap ideas and share stories, everything from crafts and decor to babies and advice.

Where The Smiles Have Been

See how glad I am you’re here?! Even underwater, I can’t control my excitement!


Wanna know some more about me?

Ahhhh, where to begin….  I have a Bachelor’s degree as well as two Master’s degrees in Psychology (yes, two Master’s….I was a permanent student there for a while)….but please don’t ask me for some couch time!  I’m no Freud.  I sort of fell into a career in management at a Fortune 500 company where I worked up until last year when my son was born.  Now I’m super lucky because I’m able to be a SAHM to an adorable, spunky, curious one-year-old boy, and I spend my son’s nap times getting my craft on.

I’ve always loved creating things….I was the kid who had to have every Crayola set growing up and took every art class in school….no joke.   Now thanks to the age of Pinterest, I’ve become even more inspired in all things DIY….home decor, gifts, baby goodies, etc.  I’m not an expert in anything, but I love giving new things a try….sometimes it’s an epic fail, other times I strike gold!  Such is life.

Where The Smiles Have Been

My little family. :)


So, what’s with the name?

Where The Smiles Have Been??  What’s up with that?  Well, it’s from a favorite quote of mine by a certain gentleman named Mark Twain:

“Wrinkles would merely indicate where the smiles have been.”

That same sentiment is also eloquently sung by one of my favorite musicians, Jimmy Buffett, in his song Barefoot Children (if you haven’t ever heard this Buffett song, it’s definitely worth a listen!):

“Wrinkles only go where the smiles have been.”

These words speak to me because they remind me to look on the bright side of things….focus on the positive instead of dwelling on the less than perfect.  I can either choose to see the “wrinkles” in my life (both literal and figurative) as blemishes, or I can choose to put on my rose-colored glasses and remember why they’re in my life…..because that’s where my smiles have been.

Why am I tired?  Because I have a beautiful little boy who needed me in the middle of night.  Why is my house a mess?  Because I spent the afternoon at the park with my family enjoying a gorgeous afternoon instead of cleaning.  See what I mean?  Life is all about perspective, and I’m consciously choosing a cheery outlook…..or doing my best to at least.  Life is good after all!

You can’t have wrinkles without first having smiles (and lots of them)….well, maybe you can if you don’t use a good daily moisturizer with an SPF, but remember….think POSITIVE! :)

Where The Smiles Have Been

I was six weeks pregnant here and enjoying life in Rome!


My biggest inspiration….The Cub!

Where The Smiles Have Been

This little guy, aka The Cub, is my biggest inspiration….and finest creation!


I’m the luckiest woman in the world because this little man chose me to be his mom.  Sorry ladies, but I hit the jackpot with this little guy.  This is my Rowan, also affectionately known as The Cub.  He inspires me everyday to pursue my passions and get the most this life has to offer.

Where The Smiles Have Been

How cute was his budding 4-month-old mohawk?!


I want what all parents want for their children….for him to be happy, healthy, and most importantly, fulfilled in his life. Therefore, I need to pursue the same for myself, and that means to let my creative juices flow freely and enjoy the process!  Instead of asking “Can *I* really make that?”, I now banish my inner Negative Nancy (Critical Christine?) and proclaim “I CAN make that!”…..even if the results look like a kindergarten art project, at least I can chalk it up as a learning experience and do better next time.

Yes, my new mantra is a little hokey, I know.  But it helps me to step back and see the bigger picture instead of focusing on the minor details.  It’s amazing what a new perspective can do for a girl!

Where The Smiles Have Been

He melts my heart.


My biggest supporter….The Hubs!

And how could I forget my biggest supporter in this life, my wonderfully handsome, charmingly hilarious, adventurously silly, and (only slightly) annoying husband Matt, aka The Hubs.  We’ve been together for over a decade now (crazy!), and he still drives me totally crazy, but in a good way.

Where The Smiles Have Been

Love this dude to bits.


It’s hard to believe that when we met through an adopt-a-solider organization at the onset of the Iraq war….he was a lonely soldier in the desert fighting for our freedom and I was a doe-eyed college freshman just trying to do my patriotic part….that fate would wave her magic wand and bring us together.  Ahhh, maybe I’ll write a blog post about our story….some day.  He’s the best father to our little boy and I’m so lucky to have him.  Plus he opens jars of pickles for me and changes the oil in my car.  He completes me.

Where The Smiles Have Been

Our happy reunion after his second deployment to Iraq at the end of 2006….we look like kids here!


Where The Smiles Have Been

Our 08.08.08 wedding in beautiful and sunny Jamaica!


Random facts about me!

  • I have two Master’s degrees in Psychology, and they’re actually quite handy when dealing with a grumpy toddler.
  • The Hubs once told me to stop singing aloud in the car because I was causing him to become physically ill. (“You’re making my stomach hurt!”)
  • You can serve a potato in any manner and I will eat it.
  • I can’t ever keep John Mellencamp and all his aliases straight (Johnny Cougar?  John Cougar Mellencamp? John Mellencamp?), so I just combine them all and call him John Mellencoug.  Much easier.
  • HUGE University of Kentucky basketball fan.  Like, crazy fanatical.  BBN!
  • I’m developing a strong love of washi tape….the hard part is finding projects to use it in!
  • Ice cream is my vice.  Especially cookies’n’cream ice cream.  I GOT. TO. HAVE IT.
  • Continuously trying to improve my photography skills….someday I will master manual mode!
  • I would love to learn how to sew one day.
  • Most HBO shows hold a special place in my heart. (Deadwood, why did they cancel you?!)
  • Self-taught Photoshop dabbler.
  • I drink roughly the equivalent of a kiddie pool’s contents in green tea each week.
  • Few things make me happier than a trip to the hair salon.
  • I like using parentheses (a lot) as well as….ellipses.  Hey, it’s my writing style.
  • Slightly (some *cough, The Hubs, cough* might say severely) obsessed with wreaths.
  • I usually have roughly a dozen or so projects in progress at any given time that I bounce back and forth between….it’s a good day when one reaches completion!
  • My Silhouette Cameo is my favorite toy!  I think we were meant to be.
  • Bright colors make me happy.
  • Plain nails make me sad.
  • I’ve never been to Waffle House.
  • Thanks to my Irish & French genes, I am so pale that I’m almost transparent.  And I’m learning to love it.
  • Nearly everything I see online or at a store, I always think to myself “Can I make that??”, or “Can I add vinyl to that??”  It’s really a sickness.


Where The Smiles Have Been

Me circa nineteen-eighty-something….no more swimsuit pics after this, promise!


Let’s connect!


And there you have it….me in a nutshell.  Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better!